Saturday, October 20, 2012

Glorious morning sky.

The morning skies of fall sing glorious praises of a kind and loving God.

Blue, gold and warm colors harmonize, reflect the love, peace and joy.

I share with Him in silence gracious prayer my thanksgiving for this humble life.

For love boundless and beyond measure.

For my companion and the joy and warmth I feel at her side.

For children that light the candle of hope for future ties that intertwine the hearts of men.

For eyes to see the living soul of our world.

For perception to realize beauty of a given moment.

For such miracles as these to see how small the feats of men.

My heart overflows with unfettered gratitude for every breath and tear.

For every cut and kiss.

For every sadness and laugh.

To see the glow of love and the feel the warmth of human touch.

I am bound to love our Creator and his works for he has given me the greatest gift.

To be a participant in the grandest parade of them all, Life.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Accepting the day.

   Accepting the day into your heart is the first step in becoming a co-creator with life.  There is no map, no predetermined outcome to this day.  A wise man once said that the only thing you have control over in life is how you choose to perceive and react to what is.  Only then do you have some control over the elements around you by first mastering the inner elements.

   Lao Tzu (The Tao Te Ching) tells us that the man that has mastered his inner world is the only one that really has mastered anything.  Even the greatest of skills and talents mean nothing if you cannot apply them in a constructive manner.

   I would suggest that the ultimate calling of man is to leave things better than he finds them.  Our lives are short, yet the impact of our actions can last for millennia.  What enduring impact do we chose to leave behind?

   Men do not have the privilege of seeing how much they really do impact the young lives gifted us as a mother does.  We do not see the reality of how our actions shape the future even beyond our lifespan.  My wife has explained to me over and over again how important it is to build a family that wants to be together so that beyond our days, they will still desire to be together.

   Did you realize that you can effect the quality of life for other individuals you will never know?  Your legacy, even if they do not know your name, will be felt long into the future depending on the choices you make now.

   Our world is on the brink of great and terrible things.  Powerful men, some with good intentions and many with poor intentions will decide the fate of millions if we as individuals do not keep the foundations in good order.  The foundation of any nation is the family, the homes where the character of the people are shaped and formed.

   Can you see it any other way?  Would you have it any other way?

   What can you do in your everyday relationships and interactions that will create more positive energy for our world?

   I hope and pray for those we have elected to lead.  I hope and pray that the people of every nation will chose wisely the ones they follow.

   Peace to you and those around you.  Compared to joy, happiness is a pretty shallow thing.  Joy comes to those who live at peace with the world in which they are a part of.

Billy B

Monday, September 24, 2012


    I life, there are a lot of things that seem like they need to be dealt with.  The need to correct a child perhaps, that is not exact in their wording or understanding of a situation when in reality they may be far a head of their peers in even grasping a basic concept.  When constructive criticism is coming our way and not all of the facts are correct yet the overall message in on point or in the right direction.  The temptation exists to correct when nothing good will come of it.

   Eating crow can be a hard thing to take at times and we may grasp at small truths to shield our pride from injury or reality.

   Troubled skies can intimidate us into defense mode when letting go and listening could in fact be our savior.  A particular book I have referred to in the past brings so much to the table here.

“Don't take anything Personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering” Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements.

   I guess it's safe to say one thing that really get's me is when I make mistakes because I am worrying about making mistakes.

   Here is the challenge I give you.  Can you take one day and in simple joy participate and separate yourself from making it personal?  In other words, be a participant without blaming yourself?  Can you participate without blaming others?  Can you participate without blaming?  Personal investment without making or taking things personal is a real challenge and yet that is what separates the "Enlightened Masters" from the masses.

   My instincts tell me that there is war brewing and soon the world will be embroiled in another one that is bigger than the regional or cultural wars we see all over the news.  The only way that war will end for our race and species is when we no longer tolerate those who must make themselves more important than the lives and peace of others or who feel they must exercise dominion over others.  Yet with what is going on in the world today, it seems like we are so far off from that goal.  The only way we stand a chance of success is first to realize the change within us.  We must first be the change we want to see in others.

   I pray for the well being of our world and our race.  I wish for peace for you and those around you.  I pray that peace will become the cornerstone of humanity and that love will become the law and not the exception.

With my whole soul,  I pray for you.

Billy B.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sometimes you have to look to see the rainbow.

   It can be so easy to get caught up in life and the many duties and necessities of daily life.  Sometime there are amazing blessings or even miracles going on around us and we don't even notice them.

   I was taking a couple of pictures (it's turning fall and fall skies always draw me in) and noticed only when I paused to see which direction might have the best view, there had been a rainbow faintly showing right in front of me.

   I learned a new word recently, phone-ography, the other day.  We, meaning my wife and kids and I, where walking through a gallery in Trolley Square and saw this little sign that talked about the creative works of people who where using cell phones for artistic images. Funny, I used mine just because that's all I could really carry with me.  There were images of amazing beauty and grace that hung there.  Talent has a way of showing through no matter what the medium.

   What do you think is probably going on around you that you may not have noticed?  Or, what did you notice only after a while that drew you in and centered you just a little?  Can taking just a minute to appreciate beauty, no matter it's form serve a good purpose in your life?  If so, how can you share that with others?


   In the adventure known as life, there are many experiences I have failed to appreciate and just as many that could use more than what I have given them.  I know this, there is only one day each month you can truly appreciate life, today.  I hope that you will take advantage of this marvelous day and show some love for the beauty and joy around you and within you.

   To you and those around you I give the gift appreciation.  Your presence here this day is a blessing.  The best kind of blessing that creation can offer.  You are the miracle that is today.

Billy B.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


   I enjoyed a fabulous Labor Day with my wife and two youngest and I hope you enjoyed an incredible day with the ones you love!

   We really didn't do anything in particular other than to spend time together.  Whether it's walking around a local farmers market looking at the wares or sitting around a table playing games,  It's good to just spend some time with those that matter most.

   The seasons have started to change and the Praying Mantis are laying their eggs in preparation for the up and coming cold.  The wasps are starting move slowly in the mornings and there is appreciation for more savory and comfort foods.

   There always seems to be some need to give a message, a challenge, some sort of purpose to posting a new entry.  If there is one today, it's to appreciate the ones you love.  Even when they get under your skin and quarrel with you.  Those with whom you share your life, your successes and failures are the greatest gift outside of the peace within you.  They are your sanity when nothing else will do.  They are your salve when the sting of reality comes calling.  They are the stuff that stirs you up when you need a push to get out of your comfort zone.

   Make sure that you let the ones you love know that you do love them.  Help them realize that the "ties that bind" are strong indeed and that they are important to you.

   May you feel the power of connection today.  May you always appreciate the gift that others are to you.

Peace friends.  Peace to you and to yours.

Billy B.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A great day for GRATITUDE!

   One of the best ways ever discovered to assist with the quality of life, the moment or just about anytime is the act and expression of gratitude.

   All the effort of a lifetime is worth it every time I see a marvelous sunrise or sunset,  or to see love in my wife's eyes.  Everything I could ever endure is worth seeing and feeling how the whole world lights up when there is a smile in her eyes or to experience a quiet still morning when all is still at peace.

   Every conflict is resolved when sitting at rest, letting the mind be, feeling the pulse of life as it circulated through the body.  All the world is right when peace and stillness reigns for those few brief moments of meditation or quietude.

   Have you ever just sat and observed the world as it is early before everything is up and moving?  Just listening, feeling and watching?

   Was there anything that was not exactly as it was?  No "should be", no "right" or "wrong".  No need for judgement, labels or narration? 

   I imagine a day when it is possible to go the whole day in just such a state of marvel and gratitude. No need for judgment and no place for "right" or "wrong".  How much courage does it take to live that way?  One must be willing to let go completely of expectations or excepted "known"s.

   My prayer is for a moment just such as the morn above for the world. Where every kingdom, clan and soul could sit in marvel.  Being filled with gratitude for the glory of this world and the life granted them.  Perhaps a feeling of being small for just a moment could help us all.  Perhaps our leaders and those who claim to serve the people could do with a dose of being small in a vast world for a few minutes.

   Peace, my friends. It is the only real gift I can offer you.  I hope that in some way, it is enough.

Billy B.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Peace unto others.

   It is my sincerest desire that you are having a fabulous day!  When the time comes that you will retire for rest, that will breathe deeply and know, you have lived well this day.

   Should you feel that will not be the case, pause and breathe for just a moment. Feel completely the miracle that is you and your life.  Know that you are just as whole and just a potent as the sun that sets.  Tomorrow you rise to a whole new day and life.

   Peace be yours and through you, peace unto others.

Billy B.

Monday, August 13, 2012


   This weekend, there was granted me a grand opportunity to eat some humble pie.  As a young man and teenager, I dealt with some very serious self esteem issues.  I doubt anyone even knows the exact reasons for it.  What I do know is that it's been about three decades of focus and effort in overcoming it and learning to look at things from a completely difference perspective.  The perspective of someone who understands that the gift of life we have is proof of the self evident nature within us all.

   We had a family reunion this weekend.  As we showed up it was as if all of the progress and self confidence that had been developed over the years was checked at the door just like you would an old coat.  For some reason, I reverted to the old very "I" oriented perspective or role.  Someone who needed to prove something, a deep seated desire to make myself important or justify and prop up who I thought I should be.

   I am embarrassed to acknowledge that many of those around me gave hints and made efforts to help me realize what was happening, yet it took until close to the end of evening for the situation to dawn on me.  It was a dramatic shift from who I had become versus who I was years ago. Through this marvelous self induced challenge, the moment had given me the grand opportunity to learn all over again the ideas and perspectives I share with you here on my blog.

   My poor relatives got to find out that being human can also mean dealing with the weaknesses and short comings that each one of must face in more than one segment or our lifespans.

   How to learn the most I can from this?  How do I make the most of it without taking the relapse as failure?  How do you find the strength to move on when you find you have fallen back into old ways and habits without feeling like you have to start all over again (which can be a very daunting feeling)?

   I love a little quote that I came across the other day.  "Today you are given a new chance to start over for today is a new day."  Perhaps the highest quality of human kind is our ability if we apply ourselves, to learn from the past without living in the past.   To prepare for the future without living in the future.

   What are your thoughts and feelings?  Is there moments that you find yourself wondering  "Did I really just do that?"  What do you do to move beyond these moments and to keep the faith of living a good life?

   I believe in the power of creating the positive, recognizing the positive and being a realist without being defeatist.  I believe in you and in the power to learn from our errors.  Our birthright after all is to become more Godlike if we so chose and if we will apply ourselves to the task of overcoming bad thoughts, actions and habits.  Many of the greatest members of humanity were those who oftentimes overcame much worse errors and grievances then our own.

   Peace is yours if you will accept it.  Love is yours if you will share it.  Presence is yours if you will let got of  errors.  Purpose can be had in moving from self to selfless.

Billy B.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Challenge is the Way.

    I recently came across a poster that read "The Challenge is the Way."  as a Zen proverb.  It struck me more truly than many quotes do.  As many of you have noticed, I have not been around much lately.  I have been hiding in the background attending to important details.  There is so much going on and most of it is pretty good.

    My efforts to grow as a speaker are creating some reaction.  I sincerely hope to create some real positive impact for humanity and individuals a like.

    The conflict we all run into during our brief stay among humanity is the difference between intentions and perceptions.  I believe that most of the challenges that we run into in creating what we want and believe in is the process of changing our perceptions so that we have made room for our intention.  Being co-creators means that the changes that must be made are most often within.

    What limiting perspective or belief system is preventing your intentions from coming true?

    Is there anything you can do that will help others to achieve true intention?

    How can you become a conducting rod for positive change and realization?

Peace, love and the power of belief is yours today.

Billy B.



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One of those kinds of day.

   It's one of those kinds of day.  One where I am at peace, at ease and most of all just glad to be here.  It is my sincere hope and joy that you may feel the same way.

   As the days go by, I have noticed a trend.  The more one becomes less attached, emotionally, to what is going on, the more one can enjoy the beauty, the joy and the moment itself as they are less distracted by or less likely to make it personal.  It seems like it would be quite the opposite yet, standing back a pace, on the inside, makes participation easier and more enjoyable.  Most of all, there is less "mind stuff" going on so that real immersion is much more complete.

   Life is not personal, it just feels that way.  It is beauty, even amongst destruction.  It is creation in the midst of dissolution.  It is a moment that was created and you have the privilege of being here to experience it first hand.  Like watching the great masters create their works only, you get to participate.

   Peace, joy and a marvelous time be yours this fine day.  I hope that you to can be the brush by which a great master piece is created.

Billy B

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fearing nothing at all.

   The simple and pure joy of being content with your own life and owning the life that is yours is one of the greatest rewards any of us can ever receive.  It comes from acceptance.  From being wherever you are.

   Here is where it get's complicated.  Most people fear the simplicity or contentment with simplicity.  They fear that they will lose who they think they are or have become by letting go of mental constructs, titles and accomplishment versus just being who they are!

   "Happiness is not having much and being content with little."  Marguarite Gardiner

   I feel that many people cannot accept that living in such a way is a lifestyle choice.  It does not mean living in squalor or poverty, although poverty is open to interpretation.  We're talking about simplicity by choice and not poverty by oppression or circumstance.  I can say however, that I have lived among people who were very poor, economically yet, were very happy and joyful in life as they did not see their economic standing as a burden or oppression.  To them it is as it is.  They do not fight against it, instead they live the life they have they best they can!

   Is that so very hard?  For many of us, yes.  In the west, here we are raised believing that we have to have "more".  More stuff, more accomplishment, more than our ancestors, more house, more money and always be working towards "more".  Instead we could teach that the ultimate goal would be to live "well".  Meaning that living to fullest our situation, our life versus accumulating more than we need or will ever be able to use effectively.

   Here is my challenge today.  Look at the day and what it offers to the humble and simple.  Do you need more than that?  Can you take just a moment to sit back, breathe deeply and feel at ease.  Does stuff make a difference in such a moment?  How can you simplify and by so doing, slow down and live better?

   Peace, simplicity and joy be yours.  May you find greater life in living.

Billy B


Saturday, July 14, 2012

   Thank you everyone for your patience while I was absent dealing with all the commotion going on lately!


   There has been a lot going on and a lot holding in the wings to get their chance at making a showing of their own.  I have been working furiously to be ready for somethings that are coming and hopefully, some brand new adventures to have.  As most of you know if you follow my ramblings, I am very passionate about bringing value to others.  I believe with my whole heart that there is more that I can do that will have an enduring positive impact on the lives of others and more especially, humanity.  We as a race and species have some growing up to do, some evolving to work out and some real love to share.

   With holding love is the one way to ensure it's demise. Love and Hate share a very similar fate and character.  They are the only things that will grow only by sharing them.  When you share love it grows, same with hate.  What kind of a world do we want to live in?  Which will have a positive effect on our lives and the lives of those around us?

   When we hold on to love and refuse to share it, it will dwindle, fade and eventually sleep until something happens (usually someone sharing love with us) to awaken it.

   Here is my challenge to you.  Who can you share love with today that desperately needs it?  Who's very life could be changed by a little bit of care or concern?  The world is in your hands and it is up to you to make sure that the rainbows are seen, the birds are heard and that presence is brought to the table.  Are you up to the task?

   I have no doubts that you are.  May the power of your presence be your constant companion today.

With love, light and laughter.
Billy B

Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's own reward.

   This is from an entry I made on facebook, it felt relevant to what this blog was all about.

   "Love is the greatest motivator in life. You will spend most of your life either looking for it, protecting and defending it, building it, running from it or destroying it. In every relationship, there will be days that you will not like the person you love. The real test of anyone's character is whether you will listen to the shouts of dislike or do you listen to the whisper of love ever present in the background.
   Love is the one thing in life that will only grow when shared and exposed to the risks of rejection, misunderstanding and indifference but, it also rewards those who are patience, long suffering and willing to put love out there and face the risks. Love rewards those who share it fearlessly. Love, in the end, is it's own reward." 

   My challenge to you is to decide for yourself, which is more important to you, defending and protecting who you imagine yourself to be or do you risk you self image to find out who you can become?

   Peace, friends.  May a life filled with love be your ultimate reward.

Billy B

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A large project.


   Hello everyone!  I have been absent lately as a large project has been taking a lot of time to address lately.  I will have a great new entry very soon and hopefully, the time it takes to start posting 3+ times a week again here withing in the next little while.

   Great things are happening in the world currently.  There is a beautiful day all around you and the only ingredient that you need supply for it to become the most incredible day you could ever imagine is your presence!

   Wishing you the very best participation in today and the many, many blessings that will come from it!  Hold fast to your dreams.  Should they be of good intent and in alignment with your purpose, there is no one and nothing in creation that can deny you if you will just apply your presence, your patience and your passion to it.

   You are cradled in the love of creation. Peace be unto you and great joy to those who feel your presence.

Billy B

Sunday, June 10, 2012

   Today.  A place in your life that will never cease to exist.  The one time and place where everything happens. Do we appreciate Today for what it is?  I know that in my life there are many different things that will attempt to grab my attention and draw me away.  Is Today anything more or less than the one opportunity we have?  Just as someone once said.  "No one can steal your peace. Only you can give it away."  It is the same with Today.

  Do you dare immerse yourself so completely in Today that you become an integral part of the day?

   I know that it may sound extreme, I believe that stressing over something you have no control or effect over in the moment is more extreme and a lot less sane.

   I know this.  Today is a marvelous gift that is given to you and me. Let's go and participate!

   I wish you all the most incredible of days.  One that at the end of, you can say "It was a good day to be alive."

   Have fun!

Billy B

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Overlooking forests to argue about trees.

   Something that has been on my mind lately is remembering to be grateful for what we have.  Here in the west, there is this cultural belief that we must always be seeking more, creating something newer, better, bigger and that somehow our happiness should be tied to it.

   Eckhart Tolle said that "Happiness seems quite shallow in comparison to joy."

   As I listen to the debates of the up and coming Presidential Election, there is this tenancy to hear people in great discussion and even arguments about various topics, that to me, seem like they have chosen to overlook forests to argue about individual trees.  Our current administration has this overall behavior that seems to say "Spend and acquire debt without retribution.  Spend how I want, damn the consequences." This would seem to me to be a fundamental issue that demands to be addressed, a forest if you will.  Yet many people feel quite content to overlook this and debate or argue about specific policies and points of view that feel much more like individual trees.

   I am not saying that some of these topics may not matter, I am saying and suggesting that they do not matter near so much as the basics that determine the overall well being of our country and it's people.  Do we have the right to argue about whether people who love each other should be allowed to marry or not when we cannot even feed our country's children?  Or is it acceptable to argue about whether the government should provide healthcare to the masses when more families than ever are homeless?

   I know that there are many people that read my blog and not all are from America, I'm sure that the same issues face them as they consider who should represent their people in their lands as well.  On a scale that may matter even more, do we ignore the bigger issues in our own lives to battle over details and specific ideas?

   I have discovered that whenever there is disquiet in my heart about my life, it usually is because I have forgotten to be thankful and grateful for the many blessings, liberties and joys that currently make up my life.  I could complain if I wanted to about not earning what I used to.  It is by my own choices that I do not make what I used to.  There is something to be said about quality of life versus the quantity of time spend earning.

   Yes, I would rather be out speaking and writing to the masses about how passionate I am about the value of individual lives and souls.  Yes I would rather be out heading or furthering some cause that effects humanity as a whole and  yes, one could call many of my life's activities mundane.  That does not mean that there is not great cause, reward or joy in the mundane, in the everyday, in the life of a simple family that get's to spend time together.

   I am grateful for life! for love! for family and for our basic freedoms!  I am thankful for you and the time you take to read my banter about life and living.  Most of all, I am grateful.  Grateful to be here, now experiencing life with all of it's joy and pain, all of it's ups and downs and with everyone of you.

   Do you take time to be grateful?  Do you find joy in the mundane? Can you, look within your heart and say that there is purpose in each day lived?

   I challenge you to be grateful.  To thank someone today for being who they are and most of all, for being part of your life.

   I wish each one of you great joy, great love and great challenges to overcome. May we do this together.


Billy B

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day.

To all who have served and do serve. From me and my family and from our hearts, Thank you! Freedom from oppression and tyranny by those who would exercise dominion over others is the greatest gift than anyone can can give another. Thank you. You have our respect, our love and our thanksgiving. God bless and peace be yours.

May American never forget those who have served, those who have sacrificed and those who do.  May those who lead us remember that they have their current positions are in a role of service to those whom our armed forced have fought and died for.  Should they not serve the people well, the blood of those who died and are maimed and scared in the service of others will be held against them.  God bless those who serve us, in any capacity, that justice, honor and the freedoms of their people will ring true in their hearts and in their souls.

It is my prayer that all men will be free, that all men might know love, freedom, a home and family of their own and most of all, that they may know that they are loved and appreciated, their lives have purpose.

May all men recognize the value and worth of all souls.

Peace and love to all men.

Billy B

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A couple of photos.

   If you have been following my little blog for a while, you will know that I love a good storm. Stormy skies are so much more interesting and exciting than clear skies.  Maybe it't the romantic in me or just the fact that I know that life is messy and I do my best to find the beauty in life as it is.  I believe that there is greater adventure in the messy than the calm.

   I hope that you enjoy these couple of photos I took this morning and that you can find some joy and something to celebrate in the messiness that comes up in your life.

   Peace to you amidst your adventure.

Billy B

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Human Touch

the world spins in orderly fashion around a system of numbers and odds

there is purpose, cause and effect

to my simple perspective i know it

yet my eyes and heart cannot see it

pausing each day to ponder, consider and wonder on all that is my life

there seems to be magic all around

most seems to be much more than the sum of it's parts

as I see it here are the seven marvels  of mankind
the human voice able to move and stir the soul
the human heart that can fuel unquenchable love
the hand that can paint and draw that which has never been seen
the human spirit that will not yield 
the human touch that can heal heart, hearth and bone
the human eye to see beauty in the mundane 
the human soul to connect us all

in distant mountains red and yellow clad men

talk of interconnectedness and one whole

I appreciate you and your role in my life

as it plays out on the grand screen of creation

be good, be noble, be you

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


   I had a good look into your eyes today.  There was hope, passion and a glorious little fire.  I could smell the embers as they keep alive the purpose for which you were born.  Isn't it amazing that you let the noise of this world distract you so that you forget about that fire.

   You should feed this fire with effort, energy and your passion.  It will create momentum and force that will forever change the lives of those that you are meant to influence.  There are some, whose hearts are failing them.  Who cannot any longer feel the love that emanates from creation for them.  You can open their hearts, eyes and ears to all the beauty that lies around them.

   They are part of the great canvas that makes up your life.  Don't you want their colors to shine through?  Don't you want others to stand at the great bar of God and testify of the worth of your soul, your influence and your worth to the souls of men?

   Is the love that you have within you doing any good to your fellow brothers and sisters if when it is unnoticed or un-shared?

   No more glorious a day has ever broken upon God's great earth as this day!  The sun has cast forth it's light to warm the souls of men!  Now it is time for you to share your light.  Cast it forth that others might partake of it's grace, it's warmth and glory.  For this purpose, to bless the souls of others were you created.

   I am here to support you in this purpose, task and calling.  I am here to sing praises to the glory of your life well lived!  Go! Live!  Be part of the whole of creation and be not afraid of sadness or sullen days, they have not the power to crush your soul.  You are Godseed!

  Be all that you can be and know that for this reason you are!

Peace, good will and a great life to you.

Billy B

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In this moment.


   Hello Folks!  I hope that you are having a most fabulous spring!  Not to hot. Not to cold and definitely filled with potential!  I love this time of year and appreciate the promise of renewed life appearing all around us.

   Work has kept me very busy and I hope that this is the promise of a great year for business.  I will be gone until early next week doing some training with the company that I work for.  Please excuse my absence. ;D

   I was honored this week with a very special award from LettersFromLaunna.  The Versatile Blogger Award! I really need to take some time and do my due diligence here for her.  Sadly, it must wait so that I can complete the studying I must do for the up and coming training.

   I promise to provide you with a great blog entry and follow through on this  early next week when I can show it the due respect and time it deserves.

   For today, I will leave you with a few poetic words.  Stay happy! Stay joyful and appreciate the many blessings that you have!  May you see the immense importance and grace that you bring to this world.

Here stands the soul of one who loves.
Here resides a heart filled with purpose.

In the very moment you notice, you are born.
In the instant you become distracted you pass on.

Here in this minute you are a god able to participate in creation.
Here and now you are the one who knows what peace is.

In love you were brought to be.
In presence you become the fulfillment of creation.

Peace be unto you!
Billy B

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo haiku

Gace fills heart and soul
Space renewed
The gap comes full turn

Just a photo haiku for you. ;D

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stop and Smell.

    There is joy in the very moment that you forget thought and immerse yourself in the moment.  I feel that something would be missing in my life if I did not have access to nature in some way.  It grounds me and gives me moments to reflect and just be where the world is without man's constructs.  Be it mental or physical.

    I have discovered that in my own life, there is benefit gained in connecting with nature, with creation that is not part of the human mind.  Feeling the wind, hearing the birds, smelling the earth in all of it's wonder and diversity.

    Do you take time to "stop and smell"?  I wonder what would happen in the world if we could get 75% of the world's population to get out of their head and into nature just once a week?

    Is there a place that has some magic to it that pulls you out of your world and into the moment everytime you visit?

    This is a short entry.  I challenge you to take just a couple moments to get out of your head and into being present wherever you are for just 5 minutes this weekend.  Share the joy that shines through with someone else.

    Have a great weekend and be at peace with who you are.

Billy B

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Morning!

   Good morning!  I hope that all of your are having a great and marvelous day!  The picture above is from yesterday and has nothing to do with the weather outside today.  For if I did include a picture of today's weather you would think that I had moved to Seattle or someplace similar.

   Never the less, in my heart it is a beautiful kind of day!  There is joy, color, taste, texture and smell that all lead to one conclusion and one conclusion only, It is a marvelous day!

   Although there is a certain tendency some rainy days to go into zombie mode, that just isn't the case today.  In fact there is an invigorating energy going on deep down and moving towards the surface with some tenacity.  I hope you can feel it too!  It's just to good not to share.

      I wish you each a fabulous day that starts from somewhere inside the best parts of you, gaining momentum until it breaks forth into the light of day bringing a smile and deep abiding joy to you and those within the circle of your glow.

Peace, joy and may your cup runneth over. ;D

Billy B


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your Birthright.

   Wow! What a crazy week.  It's been hectic, it's been full to the brim and loaded with adventure.  The amazingly peaceful drive in the rain coming to work this morning was just a gem!  So glad for the beautiful scenery that greets me each day on my passage to and from work.

   I didn't even take pictures today, I just enjoyed the glorious views and listened to Bizet.  There are times that no music other than classical will do.

   Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday's drive in.

   This is looking west of our neigbhorhood as I leave for work.

   Here is the road that I leave our little town on each day as I head towards the freeway.

   Life is so beautiful.  Even in the midst of great trails and tribulation, the stunning power of nature to maintain beauty and to silence the fears in our hearts is only a glimpse away.  You need only calm your heart and mind.  Then take a minute to look, to see with open eyes, no judging and not carrying any baggage from the issues that challenge and test us for just the briefest of moments.  In that brief moment, weight will be lifted and you will be better able to apply perspective to the travails of the day.

   What marvelous scenes do you get to see?  I would love to see the world as you see it during these kinds of moments.

   Taking the personal out of the heart breaking situations and challenges, meaning that you get take a step back, a mile high perspective of "the" (not your) situation can add peace and a certain knowledge that it will work out and it will be OK.  No matter what the outcome, be persistent in doing what you can, accepting what you can't and being grateful for the life that IS you.

   Peace unto you.  The trials given you are for your ultimate good.  Do not let them weigh you down, take peace in the fact that you are a miracle of creation, Godseed with all the potential of the universe within you.  You are a perfect example of creation itself and without the life that is you, this very moment would not exist.  Immerse yourself in it! Revel in life itself!  Be all you can be and be joyful.  It's your birthright to be able to do so.

Billy B

Monday, April 9, 2012


   I hope you all had a marvelous Easter Weekend!  We had a house full of visitors and the BBQ going most of the day!  There was great deserts and fabulous foods!  Most of all, there was great communication and no less then four generations present most of the day.

   Although there may always be challenges and miscommunications, there is a great importance to family.   Family is the make it or break it point of society for any culture, it's what made Rome great and what caused Rome's fall.  Few people can function to their fullest capacity without meaningful relationships.  It's the mortar that holds our lives together and forms our intentions and purposes in life.  The saddest and poorest of men, are those who have lost the ability to connect with other human beings on a personal level.  They are the ones we, as a whole, regret and fear.

   Can you imagine not having anyone you feel the need to protect, make proud or to stay connected with?  Could you imagine wanting to spend much time with anyone who had no need for connection with anyone?  It's the social nature of humans that in large part makes us great.  It's the same social nature and skills that can make our efforts truly worth pursuing.

   In a world that is very quickly outgrowing self centered living, it is altruism that will save us as a species and maybe even our planet.  Only by becoming non-ego centric can we hope to reverse the momentum of humanities self destructive habits and behaviors.

   What do you see as being the catalyst to creating real positive change in our world?  Does it happen on the outside or the inside?  Does it change the goals of humanity or does it change the reasons for humanity?

   I wish each one of you great times with the ones you love and even greater vision and purpose to your days.

Billy B

Friday, April 6, 2012

Stewardship and Karma

In long even sun's shadows hidden from careful inspection
a glorious and simply thing

All the beauty, all the stirrings, noise, contrast, silence
and unseen details

What has gone on long before us certain facts

"Nothing is personal"
Whispers gently through the floral life around

In the midst of roaring falls
or in the wrinkles of heat deformed vision

With imagination and power to act
comes stewardship and karma

Without over manipulation can we craft great living

Is it possible to create and live full
and still be keepers of it all

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Canvas and Paint.

Ghosts past gently by
Time and hours
A lifetime it seems

   In the aftermath created by the challenges of a day not seen as it should be, Patience silently sat in humble attire gently putting pieces of herself back together.  Just like assembling a puzzle that was familiar and yet having only half of the picture on the box cover, there was some exploring and excitement to see what it would become.  There is this possibility that once assembled, it might be different than before the day that upset and tumbled the neatness of what was.  
   The old recipe seemed gone now so a new one must be forged just as it seemed pertinent to keep up appearances and maintain some flavor of it's root.  Patience wondered if there wasn't some good in being disheveled.

   The little work above came to me last night.  It woke me from my sleep and demanded some attention so I quickly wrote it down.  I hope you liked it now that I could put the pieces in order and make it flow.  I have rarely shared these gems that come to me in the least of hours.  Usually I have not bothered to write them down, I just work them through in my head until they feel good and sleep as it something that needed grooming had come up and then been happily dealt with.  Perhaps I should write them down from now on.  I have recently made the effort to keep pen and paper beside my bed.

   Do you have moments of inspiration that demand attention?  Do they feel urgent or critical or do they appear more as whispers or feelings?  Do you find that listening to them makes a difference?

   I hope that you find a muse this beautiful day.  My wish is that this muse will have a very positive impact on the day and the experience that is yours.  May colors, tastes and sound be an inspiration and may life flow like a great play that inspires and helps you feel so many glorious colors for your canvas called today!

Peace, love and life!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Rebel Within.

This that disturbance that throws me off center.
The one that disturbs the heart and gut.

It is the angst the is there and ready to pounce.
It hides just around the corner and snickers at efforts to be calm.

This is the why behind my troubles.
The one reason I do not just smile and wait with patience.

Behind the locked door of my conscious thoughts lurks
   A part of me that won't be quiet.

There is something inside of me that wants to duke it out
   Just to prove it can.

I breathe and create space for it to have it's tantrum,
   Knowing it will just take time.

Time to let the struggle work it's way out.
Time to let the pent up frustrations deal in their own way.

In the end all with be as it should.
In due time the storm will calm.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Vulnerability and the need to be creative.

   In the life of every human there is a creative streak that must get out or be expressed.  I believe that we, being Godseed for the lack of any better term, must exercise the creative juices and forces from which we came.

   I have recently taken a strong liking and affection for  There is so much here that seems to meet the needs of our modern day world.

  It response to one of the talks on video there, I wrote the following.

"The creative process is this fragile connection to the eternal and all of it's mystery.  A glimpse of it's power and majesty for just the briefest of moments.  Being exposed to it gives us such amazing gifts for a brief period of time.  Every time we are exposed to it makes us more vulnerable to the arrows of the human psyche that cannot understand it or grasp it and so without realizing, it tries to dis-effectuate what it cannot come to terms with.  Thus the creative soul will always, in and effort to return to the source of these gifts, render themselves even more vulnerable.  It's like an addiction or being an addict almost.  I wouldn't change a thing about it as this also weakens the power of the ego and the human psyche that so often afflicts our race with violence and that need to be right over the more noble parts of being the selfsame children of creation."

   Here is the video and I would recommend to anyone with a creative lean.  Particularly those who feel the need to express themselves through the written word.  I hope you enjoy it.

   Tell me your thoughts.  Do you agree?  Do you see it differently?  I would love to hear your point of view.

Billy B

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


  Here is a link that you should watch.  It's fun, it's true and it's only 3 minutes!

  It's from and I highly recommend that you check it out and sign up.  You will get to listen to the most amazing people currently live today!  Those who are difference makers and see what is possible for our race.  Let me know what your feelings are once you listen to a few.

 There is always something that we could say is holding us back.  They are usually excuses or paradigms that we have yet to be willing to get rid of for one reason or another.  Imagine your life with you out of the way!

 Isn't the art of motivation to help people get out of their own way?

Billy B

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A worthwhile ramble.

   Controlling the urges, wants and fascinations of our lives can, for some, be the greatest challenge of them all.  I am ADD and can be OCD.  This means that I can become transfixed by and idea and obsess over that idea until it gives up it's secrets.  This by the way is what makes our scientists in large part so good at what they do.  They fall in love with ideas or questions or topics or whatever and obsess over them until those things start to give up their secrets.  By so doing, they give us the benefits of their efforts and passion to know or to understand.  This is not the outlet that I am talking about.

   About twenty years ago, I had a job where there was a certain amount of time whenever the weather got bad that we had to ourselves.  My friend that worked there and I would create paper airplanes and see who could get them to fly the farthest or fastest, etc.  With very little time, we had paper airplanes that far exceeded what we could have imagined.  We probably could have competed on a collegiate level should such a competition been available to us.  Not that this really benefited us.

   What if the fascination was with something or someone and in an unhealthy or unproductive area.  Because of the growing numbers of ADD (not enough room here or appropriate to go into the why's here) I can see how so many stalkers are appearing.  I have however had moments that my curiosity was peeked and I would take off on a mission to understand or learn about something that had no potential gains or usefulness in my life.  Like the time I wanted to learn how to make foam cutters.  This was inspired by a hobby I had with radio controlled gliders at the time.  Never used what I learned more than a couple of times, never will again, probably.  Useful, no.  Interesting, yeah, kind of.  50+ hours wasted, maybe.  However, what if I could apply the efforts of my curiosity towards my mission, my purpose, the cause that I now understand to be so much a part of my life?  (Hindsight, I know.)  Where would I be now?  How much good could I do if I got started and moved forward as I had in other instances now?  Of course, life can be a bit complicated as you get older.  Family and responsibilities can limit what can be done now versus youth and the energy I had then. Yet, I wonder.  Am I really limited where as to where I can't?  Is my belief in my mission and purpose strong enough to cast off the shackles of fear of failure to make the foray?  I wander if the wisdom of age isn't more of a rational fear?

   What would you set out to do if you knew you could not fail?  Would it be noble?  More to ask myself than others.  What would I do, now in my mid 40's, if I knew I could not fail?

   What is your dream?  What does the wisdom of age keep you from doing?  What fear do you have that keeps you from going after life changing or world changing goals?

   I will suggest that you are worthy of such causes and efforts.  Did you know that there is greater honor in trying and falling short than never daring?  "Tis far greater to aim for the stars and land on the mountain tops than to aim for a dung heap and hit your mark."  True Chinese proverb.

   Vision, purpose and passion to you.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my ramblings.

Billy B

Friday, March 23, 2012

Space within.

   Here is a picture looking over the Great Salt Lake from Salt Air towards Stansbury Island.  It looks like a scene from John Carter or similar to me. It's genuine and unaltered taken with my cell phone even though it looks like a digital image. I loved it and felt the need to share it with you.

   The ability of nature to create such fleeting beauty, beauty so amazing as to leave me speechless oft'times, has always amazed me and as I get older and gain perspective I feel the need to pay more attention to it so that I can remember it is not about me.  It's like being on a small boat way out in the ocean.  How can you not feel small and not be impressed by the shear beauty and power of nature?

   As I listened to one of the many CD's I have on my drive home last night (I recommend using your drive time as educational time, the rolling university, as some would say.), John C Maxwell was talking about how priorities put things in perspective.  How they allow you to sort through the minutia of daily life to know what should be given attention and what should be let go by the way side.  In this way, we can stay focused on the activities and endeavors that give us the highest return on our time, attention and effort.  To restate it, living our lives not the lives that others dictate for us.  We will still have the "required of us" and then the "on purpose" activities and then finally the "reward" activities. Balance must be had and when we stay focused on these simple guidelines, it can simplify life immensely.  Having the discipline to do it takes time and conscious effort to develop but rewards us and the ones we love ten fold over living in the proverbial fast lane.
   Another picture from only 5 minutes early than the first looking in a different direction.

   One of the priorities I have set in my life, one that could use a little more focus on, is remembering to create space.  To just pay attention to the quiet stillness within each day and allow that space to have presence.

   By giving this space presence and influence in daily life, the task of sorting through the demands of each day to know which ones should get attention and which ones shouldn't seems to be much easier and with much less conflict or confusion.  It grants perspective that would otherwise be hard to bring to bare.

   What simple activity allows you to find space and perspective in your life?  Does it allow you to focus on priorities?  Have you clearly defined your priorities?  If not, I suggest you take time and create some space within to ponder and consider what is most important and what gives you and your loved ones the biggest and best returns of your efforts and attention.

   My wish is that you have a marvelous day!  Filled with joy and presence.  That this presence creates joy for others.  

Peace, space within and marvelous moments to you this fine, beautiful day!

Billy B

Thursday, March 22, 2012

With or without hope.

   There is a distinct need for hope in life.  We as humans, mechanically run on the same things that all mammals run on.  However, we also have a spiritual or mental function that has far greater and reaching impact on our ability to function than any other mammal that I am aware of.  I could be wrong here as I am no animal psychology specialist.  I can only speak from my experience and understanding and I have found that even with the correct food and environment, we as humans will atrophy and die without certain mental/spiritual environmental requirements.

   There is no more dangerous human and no greater waste of human life than a soul without hope.  This is probably why future has such a strong pull emotionally for us.

   One of the reasons that I enjoy and do my best everyday to watch sun up is because it is the physical representation of hope.  The promise of a new day.  Beauty and power beyond that of my mortal body that promises no matter what, there are always new beginnings, new opportunities.  In life, yes there are mulligans to a certain extent.  No matter who I was the day before, I have the privilege and position of a new day.  So do you.

   Do you realize that being successful in life is simply the process of being the best you can more than being less than you can over a certain number of days?  Meaning, do not mistake the rewards of being successful over time with being successful for just one day or just one week.  Each day, you can decide for your self, do you step up or step out?  Step up enough over a given period of time and the consequences are different (usually in a pleasant way) than the consequences of stepping out consistently.  You get to decide which consequences you would rather have.  It is the hope of positive consequences that keeps us, as human beings, going.

   If there was no hope, why do you get out of bed each day?  Unlike an animal who's instinct is to get up and attend to basic functions, we are not so simple.  What do you hope for?  How does it effect your everyday actions, motivations and relationships?  If you could change the outcome of your everyday actions, which is easier to start your change with, your hopes and expectations or your habits.  Can you really change your habits without duress and not change the expected outcome first?

   What is your motivating factor to everyday life?  Do you have a plan or do you just get up to address feed, function and sleep each day?

   For me, there is always the hope that I can make a difference, in my own life and in the lives of others.  That it is all not for naught,  There is this underlying belief that there is purpose and in the end, the hope that the purpose is worthy of the effort and whatever outcome I can manage with my efforts and energies.

   My wish for you is that you will see when others are loosing hope and be able to transfer a little bit of your hope to them.  That your hope will burn so brightly in your life as to make the lives of others better.  My hope is that you will find your purpose and live life to it's fullest!

Peace, love and sincere meaningful hope to you and yours.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Empowered Souls

One empowered soul can change the course of fate.
Can move mountains and heal continents.

One empowered soul can heal broken hearts and hands.
Is capable of turning sadness to joy.

What cause is worth it all?
What purpose would you do anything for?
If it cost your whole soul and body, what would be worth it?

One broken home healed.
Souls found no longer needing.

One broken home made whole.
Families found in glorious peaceful joy.

How many lives blessed is worth a little of your pain?
How can one person’s willingness make all the difference?
If it meant not seeking your own ends, what joy could be found?

One life well lived is art unbound.
Life served upon ivory plate with seasons full.

One life well lived is purpose exposed.
Experienced in full glory not lacking in love or cause.

Can you be right here, now and not feel it all?
Can you be immersed in the moment and not be filled?
Being present and open, doesn’t gratitude fill all voids?

Have and awesome day! ;D