Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The challenge of 3.

   The Gene Pool Diva has passed along a challenge to me...  The challenge of 3!

   It is now up to me to keep this mighty ball rolling... so here it is.

1.  Her blog makes me laugh and all to often I must admit that her little ditties about rural culture (shall we say... Rednecks) strikes way to close to home for me. ;D

2.  My dogs own the couch and we must move them should we need to sit down.  (miniature Dachshund and a Scottie )  They are pretty much our smallest children and in some aspects are usually better behaved than the real ones.  I'm not sure about what kind of social sin it is to have your dogs own the couch or even to use it as they wish however, it appears to be the primary topic of the challenge of 3!

3.  In my humble opinion, life is worth at least one really good laugh each day!  Whether at yourself or something else  (or someone else), you should take time to laugh every day!  Even if it is at someone's blog ;D or even your own.

I must divulge 3 things about me... and then chose 3 people to pass this epic quest on to....  who shall be my victims?

1.  I grew up a long the east coast, mostly on the Chesapeake and in Florida.  Love seafood and really would love to have a sailboat moored somewhere that I could just climb on and get away on occasion.

2.  I am a die hard romantic and love a good romantic comedy.  My 3 favorite movies are  1. Much ado about nothing. 2. Love Actually 3. As you like  (notice 2 of them are Shakespeare).

So ....  for my victims... Tee hee!

1. Clueless Eve.  Fun blog, fun content and good wordplay.

2. A more recent following of mine...  When Mac and Cheese Attack.

3. From the Writers Desk.  A very good blog about writing and getting published.  She has several books out in her writing niche.

  Here is my valiant efforts at passing this fun challenge and interesting affliction on to others.  I hope that you have a grande day and a fabulous time!

Peace and joy.

Billy B


  1. Um, Dude, (And yes, I said, dude. In my head I call everyone "Dude". I figure it's my prerogative. Great, now I have Bobby Brown stuck in my head.) you only divulged three things about yourself. Mathematically speaking, does this mean I only have to divulge two things about myself?

  2. Martha, You are so right. Considering my serious attempt to break my addiction to that narcotic sleep lately, it figures.... ;D

  3. i must say that i adore the way you write your weblog articles. they maintain me wanting to come back for far more

  4. That sailboat thing (you have mentioned before) should have been a clue, but I had you pegged as a'lifelong westerner". Just goes to show what I know.

  5. Hi Billy, congrat on your challenge 3 award. Like your no 2 answer..;)
    Enjoy reading all your posting, you are a good writer.
    Have a nice day.

  6. I figured you were a romantic. Love Shakespeare and all my top favorite movies are romantic movies too; It's a Wonderful Life, An Affair to Remember, and The Quiet Man (What can I say, I love the oldies).

  7. Bea, yes all good ones.. I just have to admit I adore the banter of Shakespeare. He has a marvelous way with words. ;D