Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Awards are comin' down the pipeline.

Emily Moir on her blog Rantings of a Writer was so nice as to give my blog an award!  The Liebster Blog award is about spreading the love. Check out her blog, she has a fun sarcastic "poke fun at the world" blog.

 "Liebster" is a German word meaning dearest and the award is given to up and coming bloggers.

Here is how it works,

   First you link back to the person who gave you the award.
   Second you pick five people that you feel deserve the award and notify them on on their blog.
   lastly, you post the award on your blog and Spread the love!

Here are my choices.

1.  Musings and Reflections by Enigmatic Soul.  Mostly poetry and some fiction.  She has a graceful touch and some interesting insights into this world we live in.

2.  Gene Pool Diva has some real fun words and short stories that will make you smile, laugh and cringe for the victims within their circle of love.

3. Far Away Eyes.

4. Em Dashes and Ice Cream.

5. Skipping Stones Memories.

The last three are very oriented towards family life and quality of life.

I hope that you love them as much as I do. ;D

Billy B

Saturday, January 28, 2012

   There are mornings that everything in creation is right and ripe for celebration! There are mornings you feel there is a grievance looking for a cause and then there are days that just are.  They exist and flow, uninterrupted without challenge or fanfare. For some reason these particular days are the ones that bring the greatest form of peace. Some tangible serenity that hold the moment is cradled arms.  It's as if there is no struggle and no need for strife.

   I would love to find the key to constructing such days.  Much more of what needs to be done seems to get done and should it not be completed there is no grief.  It just is as it is.

   Carrying such energy and flow, giving it momentum to perpetuate into the next day seems the biggest challenge.  I have found myself at the end of such days pondering and marveling at the glory of things, the beauty of life, the universe and everything, yet knowing that tomorrow will somehow return to the typical.  Feeling as if I should be sorrowful that it will not be the same the next morn.  And still, no sadness because of the peace of this day.

  To live life as an integral functioning part of the whole.  Co-creator and co-participant without struggle and no sense of separateness.  No individual against the world, no world against me.  The day in all of it's glory.  The glory of what is.

  Do you know such days?  How do they impact the quality of life as a whole?  Does it require being still on an internal level?  Is it more a state of being or a state of affairs?  Do you relish such days or do you sit in awe of what has happened wondering why or how?

  Peace be yours.  Your companion, your guide, your follower.  May you be the one to introduce this fine fellow to others today.

Source : FixedGearGallery.com

Billy B


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tactile Presence

Moments hang and pause
Time moves as if expressing it's own will
Ignoring any man-made notions or expectations

Moving as to mete some distant changing metronome
Knowing only that this moment has some definable weight and carry
Following a course only seen by the currents of fate

Immerse yourself and bath in the denseness of it all
Breath the very ether of it's air and taste the many changes
Smile and feel it tingle the surface of your skin

Can you sense the stirrings of your soul
Does it move you and separate your states
Is it this the goal to seek or just a step

Moments move and have viscous tension
Pulling and tugging at your core
When presence is applied like careful polish

Attention given here and tactile senses brought to bare
Allowing each grain and texture to feel on surface and below
Showing in all it's marvel the very moment that you are

Billy B

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Joy and beauty unbound.


There is a fruit that will give immense joy hidden with in.
It will reward the one who finds it and shares with those around.

To find the fruit you must not search, you must not seek.
It will find you when you have let quiet reign in realms within.

The day is yours should you choose to listen.
The day is bearing fruits of joy and peace when voices still.

No comments, observations or narration to interlude.
Only a willing heart and joyful soul are given.

The fruit reveals when no grasp is taken.
A moment and stillness offered.

Joy, gratitude and beauty unbound.
This fruit is yours.

Peace be unto you.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Letting Go.

   "I have always had a dread of becoming a passenger in life."
Princess Margaret

   Living is the miracle that happens when you let go of what should or shouldn't be.

   As I woke up this morning there was present this overall sense of gratitude, of living.  Before going to bed, I took time to go through one of my meditations where I let go of things.  I let go of being the judge or jury to my life.  By taking time to let go of any concepts of what should or shouldn't be.  Once you take on the role of judge or jury for your life, you let go of the reins and become a passenger.

   "I don't want to be a passenger in my own life."
Diane Ackerman

   When you let go, let go of mental constructs, opinions on, ideas and ideals of what life should be your are fee to be a participant.  Free to live.  Living is that thing that happens by accepting, loving, making friends with what is, yourself as you are and all people things and events that make up today.  I am not depreciating that people can act in ways that have not merit or constructive purpose.  I am saying that true critical thinking is the ability to be part of life in all of it's gore and glory!  

   When you participate without making it about yourself, anyone or anything you free your energies and faculties to be a totally immersed participant.  

   How marvelous life is!!!  How am I such a lucky man to be able to wake up next to someone who loves me and accepts me in all of my eccentricities?  Life is not fair, I could never repay the blessings I have received.  I have the most glorious opportunity each day I wake!  To have wonderful relations with each one of my children.  To know and love so many!  Be they friends, strangers or family.  I realize now that fear comes because I expect things to be a certain way and have not let go of outcomes.  I have not let go of personal investment in what should or should not be.  

   I let go.  I let go of expectation.  I let go of any need to find me in any of it.  I accept life as it is.  I accept that I am and I am whole.  No one or anything can complete me or make me more or less than I am.  Only this way can I be fully immersed in the joy and adventure that is!!!  Only then can I truly experience gratitude on such a grande scale.  I am thankful for being allowed to be part of it. For being here, now and for having the right to experience joy, sadness, love, anger and to be allowed to grow tired of the frustration of not finding me in any of it because I already am here.  No need to look for me.  By looking I overlook what is.

   Have you ever had moments when life becomes so clear that the true miracle of it all overwhelms you?  Has love, the immensity of it, every brought you to your knees?  Have you ever been truly speechless by gratitude?

   May the glory of this day bring you to your knees.  May you show unabashed love for those around you today.  May fear fall away from you as you become the greatest, loudest and most involved participant in your life!  May you give this feeling, this presence you have the lasting power to hold you in such glory and joy throughout the rest of your days!  By so doing, there will be no greater legacy that anyone could pass on than a life well lived.

Peace, love and gratitude to you and yours.

Billy B.
"I confess I've never felt like a passenger."
Roger Waters

Friday, January 20, 2012

Overwhelmed and under inspired.

   I have to acknowledge that work has been hectic and life has made a certain number of demands lately and so I have felt quite overwhelmed and under inspired.

   I will bring things full circle and correct that for the coming weekend.  There is something on my mind that I should put some preparation into and share with everyone. I believe it's an important thought.

   Everyone have a GREAT day!

Peace be yours and love to those who share that peace with you.


Saturday, January 14, 2012


I let go of the prejudgments, preconceptions and opinions of who I should be.

I accept me as I am.  I allow me to be where I am and who I am.
In all my my gore and glory.
I am thankful for each of my strengths and weaknesses.
I appreciate every gift and blind spot that I have.

I love and accept me.
I am.

I let go of any prejudgments, preconceptions and opinions of who you should be.

I accept you as who you are.  I allow you to be where you are and who you are.
In all of your gore and glory.
I am thankful for each of your strengths and weaknesses.
I appreciate every gifts and blind spot you have.

I love and accept you.
You are.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Space Inside.

  A couple of pics from the drive in this morning.

   I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did.

   It's time to put a little fiction out there for your reading pleasure.  I have so far with held due to a feeling that I was just to rusty, however I feel very confident that I can communicate the spirit of my intentions through fiction as well as my blabberings.... ;D

The space inside.

   Marta was smiling and had a deep look of satisfaction on her face.  The other kids in the room didn't seem to notice or even care.  This was not all that uncommon or unusual for them to take no notice of her.  However, things were different today.  At least for Marta.

   When she got up this morning, she could feel the difference.  There was a distinct lull in the background noise levels.  Not the hustle and bustle of her four siblings. It was the noises that seems to fill up all the spaces inside her.  Now, instead, there was....  quiet.  It was different and at first, almost disturbing yet nothing to be off quilter about.

   What had changed?  She didn't normally feel this way, yet somehow everything had changed and there seems to be no need to be any different. She had noticed that the other members of her class were not pointing out the fact that she was taller and much, much darker than anyone else in the room.  "How long had that been going on?" She asked herself.

   Marta and her family were from the Reunion Islands and had moved to this city in Idaho because of her dad's job.  Being almost a head taller than anyone else in the class and having very dark skin compared to everyone around her created a lot of attention when they first arrived.  It had gotten under her skin the way a bad mood does they looked at her and even when they asked what was different about her family and where they came from.  Why had it bothered her so much?  Why didn't it now?  It wasn't like this in La Reunion.

   Normally, she thought, she would be complaining about the cold.  There was no snow or winter in the Reunions.  There wasn't smog or real traffic that she remembered. This part of Idaho didn't have active volcanoes or much in the way of tropical plant life either. Of course, she still missed the ocean but, even that did not seem to be attached to any emotion.  She wondered, why the sudden change and did it really have anything to do with her and her dad's conversation last night.

   "Marta, dere is no need to be upset wid udders when dey speak about differences."  His strong Creole accent is very soothing to listen to. Kind of like the way pudding is thick, his voice carried weight and was still pleasant to hear.  "Marta, you are an island beauty and dey are curious about what makes you so striking!  Your peace is wid in you.  Only you can give it away.  Dey cannot take it from you." His words made her feel like the winter outside the house didn't really exist.  "You will find dat dey are probably more curious den dey are mean.  Do not take it personal.  You will find dat dey will like you if you like you."

   "Yes, Papa." She offered.

   "Besides, you might find dat what you tink is happening is not what dey mean.  Listen wid your heart and not your worries."  His wide smile was like a fresh coconut when you open it.  Full of good things that you had been waiting for.

   "There isn't anything that feels wrong about me."

   "Did you say something?" Mrs. Admonson asked.

   "No. M'am." Marta said with a smile.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fallen from noise.

   This morning was unusually peaceful as the power was out and I was the first one up to notice.  I guess that there were close to 30,000 people without power this morning and they power company did not say when it would be back on. It was nice just wandering around the house and not hearing the electronic items buzzing, No artificial lights to interlude.

Fallen from noise and clatter.
Noticing everything
And all is at rest.
     Peace and stillness.

Rising above soil and men.
Light slowly breaks
The day breaks forth.
     Sun and clarity.

   What a beautiful day to keep a bit of stillness within.  To hold with grace a small amount of peace that can only be had by communing with nature.  By simply being there with God's creation.  One on one, no interference from technology or obsessing over the dramas of men.

   May you keep the peace a new day brings.  May you find stillness that cannot be fabricated.  May you be in your life and not in your mind.

Peace and grace of being, love and stillness to all.

Billy B

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


   I will acknowledge that the last couple of weeks have been very trying from an emotional perspective.  I have let things get to me.  It is in my nature to want to do well at whatever I do, commit to or are responsible for.  Over the last month there has been challenges at work I simple have not been able to figure out how to address them, solve them or move beyond them.  Letting go and letting things find their own solutions has not really been an option (after all, I'm only one branch from the top of the tree) and passing it along to the top  has not netted much results either.

  So, why do I feel rested and ready to go today? Good question.  No real answers other than maybe, I feel like the end of the current challenges are in sight.  A good night's rest didn't hurt me either way.  I can say this, as I read daily in the Tao Te Ching ( I read daily from several sources),  I keep thinking of one passage.

"When people are born they are gentle and soft.
At death they are hard and stiff...
Therefore the followers of death are hard and stiff.
The gentle and soft are the followers of life."

   I find that the more I struggle against life, the more challenging it becomes and the more I enjoy, roll with the punches and participate instead of resist life's events and happenings the more I have fun and appreciation for what is.

   Christ said "Do not kick against the pricks"  If it hurts and is a struggle, maybe you shouldn't be doing it.

"These three treasure I hold and cherish.
The first is compassion.
The second is frugality.
The third is not daring to put my self a head of everybody."

   Having compassion puts you in others shoes.  Being frugal keeps you from trying to find self in things and not putting yourself a head of others is humility.

   Wise words indeed.

   What do you do to recharge when life wears on you?  How do you clear a way the minutia of daily challenge?  Does struggle help or hinder?  Is there grace in accepting and living with? Is there also time when you realize that change, not struggle is necessary?

Peace, love and compassion to you and yours.

Billy B

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inspirational Blog Award.

  Sometimes it really is just about being there.  I hope the picture above helps to explain why I love the drive in on most mornings.

  I want to say a BIG Thank You! to my friend over on the Blog Amelia's De-ssert.  She has real love for life and is very appreciative of the many blessings that come in the form of simple things.  Her blog is something I try to read regularly and recommend it to all who love good food and good times with family and friends.

   She has given me and award called the "Inspirational Blog Award".
   Along with this award I need to answer some questions about myself.

1.  What makes you laugh, smile or giggle?

I have a funny sense of humor.  I like life a bit raw and not to filtered.  I enjoy seeing how we will try and make life something that it is not just to fit our sensibilities.  For me, there is great grace and joy in life just as it is and having appreciation for it makes me smile!

2.  What are your dreams for the future?

I really want to find a way to focus on my life purpose, helping others find the inherent value in their own lives so that they might find purpose in creating value for others.  I want to do this and still be able to provide for my family.  In a perfect world, I would get out of the auto industry so that I can attend more to things that have greater meaning and purpose according to my perspective.

3.  If you were going on a cruise where would it be and why?

I would love to take a cruise to Greece and Turkey with my wife and kids.  There are some great resorts there where we can enjoy sailing and I can show off some the "Olde World" to them. Besides, I have never been to that part of Europe and would love to!  ;D

4.  Who would you spend your vacation with and why?

My family, of course.  See above.

5.  If given a life, what life would you chose and why?  Past or future?

I really have no misgivings about the life I have.  I would love the opportunity to do a couple of things differently, however I did not discover my life purpose until later in life so it would be hard to make changes based on that.  Funny how it works that way.  I love the life God has granted me.  I have the best possible companion that I could ever imagine.  She is wonderful and I adore our children.  I would not take from them anything that they are.  I hope that when it is all said and done, I have lived the life I have well.

If I had to chose a different one to live, I would love to be a builder of beautiful wooden sailboats having the opportunity to sail the world some and enjoy the many cultures and such that there are in this marvelous world.

   I enjoy the blogs I find online.  There are so many great people out there with so much to share that can enrich our lives that it is hard to chose between them for making recommendations.

I cannot say enough good things about Josh and his Blog on how to Diagnose Your Characters.  He puts a lot of thought into helping writers understand the characters they create and I believe this can be very helpful in everyday life as it allows them to better understand their own motivations and characters. ;D

Ellen over at In Retrospect - A Journey has some real insights into what brings quality of life.

Skipping Stone Memories is one that I also visit regularly for the message of joy, family and hope.  She does so with grace and beauty.  Truly a beautiful blog.

Em Dashes and Ice Cream is another one of worth, check it out!

Far Away Eyes is another one of note!

This is another one for the writers.  I Take the Pen.  She is always sharing good details and ideas on how to improve your writing skills and have fun doing it

Lastly,  Just because she is such and inspiration. Ramblings of a Peacock by Michelle My Belle is one that everyone should at least check out.

Thank you everyone!  I hope that life is everything that you can find to appreciate and love!  Peace and marvelous adventure to you and those around you.

Billy B

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Power to swell the hearts of men.

   I have to admit that I enjoy the rather long drive I have to work each morning and the drive home has it'same advantages.  I like the peace and the one on one me time.  I use it to prepare for the day or to wind down from the day so that I don't bring my work home with me.  It is necessary more often than I may succeed.

   I work with the public for a living. It's a basic because of my skills and personality type.  I would gladly devote my life to people who need encouragement to believe in themselves.  This, in and of it'self can be quite challenging yet I believe the rewards, meaning improving the selfworth of those who need it, would be reward enough.  One of the natural parts of working with people for a living is, of course, stress.  People are like repairing cars for a living.  No matter what you do, sometimes they will not do what you want or need them to do.

   I also find that the drive to work allows me to connect with nature to a certain extent by viewing the marvelous sunrises and sunsets should my timing be good.  There are few sights that stir me more than seeing the day begin or come to an end in such a beauty filled display.  I would suggest there is great joy in greeting the day as the sun rises.

   What do you do to ground your senses and sort the day's noise from your mind?  Do you find that there is solace in a moment of personal reflection and space?  How does it effect your interactions with others?  What can you incorporate into your daily routine to improve upon this?

   I love being a positive influence in the lives of others.  Are you a motivator or a squeaky wheel?

Peace, power to swell the hearts and courage of men be yours.

Billy B

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weds. morning Haiku

Sample morn's sunshine
Lifting others up with smiles
Dance along the way

Can you feel the change
Night turns soft in early rays
Great is the new day

Peace and Joy my friends.

Billy B

Monday, January 2, 2012

Good morning!

   Hello and Good Morning! I have been so tied up with work, the Holidays and such that I have not had time to be around very much and I have missed the engagement I get from all of my blogger friends.

   Life is grande!  The picture up above was from the drive into work on Friday last week.  I did get the chance, this weekend, to sit and ponder, to meditate over the activities, the happenings and the cumulative total experience called 2011.

   Wow! What a year. As I sat and considered the whole of the year,  I wondered "What have I learned that will assist me in greater presence and capacity this new year?"  Many things came to mind, however somethings struck me with more significance than others.

   One.  I feel that it is very important that I develop a schedule that will allow me to be online and attend to my blog entries consistently.  It has become important to me and I feel that I have let those of you who follow it down over the last month.  Also, that it is important to read many of the blogs that I now follow for the insights they grant me.

   Two.  I realized that one of my greatest limiting factors is still with me and it is time to move beyond it.  As a young person, my interpersonal skills and people skills in general were very weak at best.  I had a vocabulary, reading and comprehension levels that were ahead of the curve for my age however, I just could not mingle with others very well.  I have gotten better.  I communicate well, I make friends easily.  I do care without exception for the well being of humanity.  I still and always will have my short comings when it comes to working with the people I encounter.  Yet, I have overcome my basic inability to make real connections.  Time to let the insecurity of past experiences go.  It needs no more credence in my self image.

   Three.  I go around saying it, I put it up on Twitter and on Facebook, I write about it in my blog "The best opportunity you have it today."  Time to simply live it as if there is no other reality.  By being present as much as I possibly can be this new and fabulous year, there will be no time to have regrets or misgivings about what is or was accomplished, overlooked or even misunderstood.  Presence is the greatest way to interact with life, the world and others around you. ;D

   Lastly, I have made great friends through the world of blogging and enjoy the insights I get from them and their writings.  The opportunity to see things from their perspective and to enjoy the great fiction, the view points and experience the emotions that they invest into their communications thrill me and give me hope to live just a little bit more each and every day!

   Life is about living.  It's about living as much as you can with the time and relationships that you have.  I am excited about this new year.  I believe with my whole heart that great and marvelous things are coming for all of us.  That this year will test the metal of mankind and try the souls of those who will not consider that life is not all about them.

   Have you made a commitment to living life?  What is the greatest limiting factor in your belief system that prevents you from getting out and really living?  Does this limiting belief prevent you from enjoying what already is? Is there anything in your beliefs that you would change? Why does it hold you back?  Can you live without fear if you don't?

   The greatest gift that we are giving is free will.  This gift allows us to change not just our minds, also our mindset, our beliefs and our perspectives.  We can chose to have filters that alter reality to what we want to believe or we can experience it all if well will let go of limiting beliefs.  It's our choice and no one else can do it for us.  Only we can.

   Peace, love, friendship and marvelous interaction to you all!  I wish grace, joy and greater horizons to your souls, your perspectives and your relationships.

Billy B