Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In this moment.

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   Hello Folks!  I hope that you are having a most fabulous spring!  Not to hot. Not to cold and definitely filled with potential!  I love this time of year and appreciate the promise of renewed life appearing all around us.

   Work has kept me very busy and I hope that this is the promise of a great year for business.  I will be gone until early next week doing some training with the company that I work for.  Please excuse my absence. ;D

   I was honored this week with a very special award from LettersFromLaunna.  The Versatile Blogger Award! I really need to take some time and do my due diligence here for her.  Sadly, it must wait so that I can complete the studying I must do for the up and coming training.

   I promise to provide you with a great blog entry and follow through on this  early next week when I can show it the due respect and time it deserves.

   For today, I will leave you with a few poetic words.  Stay happy! Stay joyful and appreciate the many blessings that you have!  May you see the immense importance and grace that you bring to this world.

Here stands the soul of one who loves.
Here resides a heart filled with purpose.

In the very moment you notice, you are born.
In the instant you become distracted you pass on.

Here in this minute you are a god able to participate in creation.
Here and now you are the one who knows what peace is.

In love you were brought to be.
In presence you become the fulfillment of creation.

Peace be unto you!
Billy B


  1. I love the poem, I have some studying to do for my CPA course... good luck with your training. I will be ready to read your next new blog entry. Have an awesome day:)

  2. I canceled my twitter account, but I will keep in touch through your blog. Blessings!!

  3. Thank you everyone for visiting and your kind words! ;D