Friday, March 30, 2012

Vulnerability and the need to be creative.

   In the life of every human there is a creative streak that must get out or be expressed.  I believe that we, being Godseed for the lack of any better term, must exercise the creative juices and forces from which we came.

   I have recently taken a strong liking and affection for  There is so much here that seems to meet the needs of our modern day world.

  It response to one of the talks on video there, I wrote the following.

"The creative process is this fragile connection to the eternal and all of it's mystery.  A glimpse of it's power and majesty for just the briefest of moments.  Being exposed to it gives us such amazing gifts for a brief period of time.  Every time we are exposed to it makes us more vulnerable to the arrows of the human psyche that cannot understand it or grasp it and so without realizing, it tries to dis-effectuate what it cannot come to terms with.  Thus the creative soul will always, in and effort to return to the source of these gifts, render themselves even more vulnerable.  It's like an addiction or being an addict almost.  I wouldn't change a thing about it as this also weakens the power of the ego and the human psyche that so often afflicts our race with violence and that need to be right over the more noble parts of being the selfsame children of creation."

   Here is the video and I would recommend to anyone with a creative lean.  Particularly those who feel the need to express themselves through the written word.  I hope you enjoy it.

   Tell me your thoughts.  Do you agree?  Do you see it differently?  I would love to hear your point of view.

Billy B

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


  Here is a link that you should watch.  It's fun, it's true and it's only 3 minutes!

  It's from and I highly recommend that you check it out and sign up.  You will get to listen to the most amazing people currently live today!  Those who are difference makers and see what is possible for our race.  Let me know what your feelings are once you listen to a few.

 There is always something that we could say is holding us back.  They are usually excuses or paradigms that we have yet to be willing to get rid of for one reason or another.  Imagine your life with you out of the way!

 Isn't the art of motivation to help people get out of their own way?

Billy B

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A worthwhile ramble.

   Controlling the urges, wants and fascinations of our lives can, for some, be the greatest challenge of them all.  I am ADD and can be OCD.  This means that I can become transfixed by and idea and obsess over that idea until it gives up it's secrets.  This by the way is what makes our scientists in large part so good at what they do.  They fall in love with ideas or questions or topics or whatever and obsess over them until those things start to give up their secrets.  By so doing, they give us the benefits of their efforts and passion to know or to understand.  This is not the outlet that I am talking about.

   About twenty years ago, I had a job where there was a certain amount of time whenever the weather got bad that we had to ourselves.  My friend that worked there and I would create paper airplanes and see who could get them to fly the farthest or fastest, etc.  With very little time, we had paper airplanes that far exceeded what we could have imagined.  We probably could have competed on a collegiate level should such a competition been available to us.  Not that this really benefited us.

   What if the fascination was with something or someone and in an unhealthy or unproductive area.  Because of the growing numbers of ADD (not enough room here or appropriate to go into the why's here) I can see how so many stalkers are appearing.  I have however had moments that my curiosity was peeked and I would take off on a mission to understand or learn about something that had no potential gains or usefulness in my life.  Like the time I wanted to learn how to make foam cutters.  This was inspired by a hobby I had with radio controlled gliders at the time.  Never used what I learned more than a couple of times, never will again, probably.  Useful, no.  Interesting, yeah, kind of.  50+ hours wasted, maybe.  However, what if I could apply the efforts of my curiosity towards my mission, my purpose, the cause that I now understand to be so much a part of my life?  (Hindsight, I know.)  Where would I be now?  How much good could I do if I got started and moved forward as I had in other instances now?  Of course, life can be a bit complicated as you get older.  Family and responsibilities can limit what can be done now versus youth and the energy I had then. Yet, I wonder.  Am I really limited where as to where I can't?  Is my belief in my mission and purpose strong enough to cast off the shackles of fear of failure to make the foray?  I wander if the wisdom of age isn't more of a rational fear?

   What would you set out to do if you knew you could not fail?  Would it be noble?  More to ask myself than others.  What would I do, now in my mid 40's, if I knew I could not fail?

   What is your dream?  What does the wisdom of age keep you from doing?  What fear do you have that keeps you from going after life changing or world changing goals?

   I will suggest that you are worthy of such causes and efforts.  Did you know that there is greater honor in trying and falling short than never daring?  "Tis far greater to aim for the stars and land on the mountain tops than to aim for a dung heap and hit your mark."  True Chinese proverb.

   Vision, purpose and passion to you.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my ramblings.

Billy B

Friday, March 23, 2012

Space within.

   Here is a picture looking over the Great Salt Lake from Salt Air towards Stansbury Island.  It looks like a scene from John Carter or similar to me. It's genuine and unaltered taken with my cell phone even though it looks like a digital image. I loved it and felt the need to share it with you.

   The ability of nature to create such fleeting beauty, beauty so amazing as to leave me speechless oft'times, has always amazed me and as I get older and gain perspective I feel the need to pay more attention to it so that I can remember it is not about me.  It's like being on a small boat way out in the ocean.  How can you not feel small and not be impressed by the shear beauty and power of nature?

   As I listened to one of the many CD's I have on my drive home last night (I recommend using your drive time as educational time, the rolling university, as some would say.), John C Maxwell was talking about how priorities put things in perspective.  How they allow you to sort through the minutia of daily life to know what should be given attention and what should be let go by the way side.  In this way, we can stay focused on the activities and endeavors that give us the highest return on our time, attention and effort.  To restate it, living our lives not the lives that others dictate for us.  We will still have the "required of us" and then the "on purpose" activities and then finally the "reward" activities. Balance must be had and when we stay focused on these simple guidelines, it can simplify life immensely.  Having the discipline to do it takes time and conscious effort to develop but rewards us and the ones we love ten fold over living in the proverbial fast lane.
   Another picture from only 5 minutes early than the first looking in a different direction.

   One of the priorities I have set in my life, one that could use a little more focus on, is remembering to create space.  To just pay attention to the quiet stillness within each day and allow that space to have presence.

   By giving this space presence and influence in daily life, the task of sorting through the demands of each day to know which ones should get attention and which ones shouldn't seems to be much easier and with much less conflict or confusion.  It grants perspective that would otherwise be hard to bring to bare.

   What simple activity allows you to find space and perspective in your life?  Does it allow you to focus on priorities?  Have you clearly defined your priorities?  If not, I suggest you take time and create some space within to ponder and consider what is most important and what gives you and your loved ones the biggest and best returns of your efforts and attention.

   My wish is that you have a marvelous day!  Filled with joy and presence.  That this presence creates joy for others.  

Peace, space within and marvelous moments to you this fine, beautiful day!

Billy B

Thursday, March 22, 2012

With or without hope.

   There is a distinct need for hope in life.  We as humans, mechanically run on the same things that all mammals run on.  However, we also have a spiritual or mental function that has far greater and reaching impact on our ability to function than any other mammal that I am aware of.  I could be wrong here as I am no animal psychology specialist.  I can only speak from my experience and understanding and I have found that even with the correct food and environment, we as humans will atrophy and die without certain mental/spiritual environmental requirements.

   There is no more dangerous human and no greater waste of human life than a soul without hope.  This is probably why future has such a strong pull emotionally for us.

   One of the reasons that I enjoy and do my best everyday to watch sun up is because it is the physical representation of hope.  The promise of a new day.  Beauty and power beyond that of my mortal body that promises no matter what, there are always new beginnings, new opportunities.  In life, yes there are mulligans to a certain extent.  No matter who I was the day before, I have the privilege and position of a new day.  So do you.

   Do you realize that being successful in life is simply the process of being the best you can more than being less than you can over a certain number of days?  Meaning, do not mistake the rewards of being successful over time with being successful for just one day or just one week.  Each day, you can decide for your self, do you step up or step out?  Step up enough over a given period of time and the consequences are different (usually in a pleasant way) than the consequences of stepping out consistently.  You get to decide which consequences you would rather have.  It is the hope of positive consequences that keeps us, as human beings, going.

   If there was no hope, why do you get out of bed each day?  Unlike an animal who's instinct is to get up and attend to basic functions, we are not so simple.  What do you hope for?  How does it effect your everyday actions, motivations and relationships?  If you could change the outcome of your everyday actions, which is easier to start your change with, your hopes and expectations or your habits.  Can you really change your habits without duress and not change the expected outcome first?

   What is your motivating factor to everyday life?  Do you have a plan or do you just get up to address feed, function and sleep each day?

   For me, there is always the hope that I can make a difference, in my own life and in the lives of others.  That it is all not for naught,  There is this underlying belief that there is purpose and in the end, the hope that the purpose is worthy of the effort and whatever outcome I can manage with my efforts and energies.

   My wish for you is that you will see when others are loosing hope and be able to transfer a little bit of your hope to them.  That your hope will burn so brightly in your life as to make the lives of others better.  My hope is that you will find your purpose and live life to it's fullest!

Peace, love and sincere meaningful hope to you and yours.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Empowered Souls

One empowered soul can change the course of fate.
Can move mountains and heal continents.

One empowered soul can heal broken hearts and hands.
Is capable of turning sadness to joy.

What cause is worth it all?
What purpose would you do anything for?
If it cost your whole soul and body, what would be worth it?

One broken home healed.
Souls found no longer needing.

One broken home made whole.
Families found in glorious peaceful joy.

How many lives blessed is worth a little of your pain?
How can one person’s willingness make all the difference?
If it meant not seeking your own ends, what joy could be found?

One life well lived is art unbound.
Life served upon ivory plate with seasons full.

One life well lived is purpose exposed.
Experienced in full glory not lacking in love or cause.

Can you be right here, now and not feel it all?
Can you be immersed in the moment and not be filled?
Being present and open, doesn’t gratitude fill all voids?

Have and awesome day! ;D


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Passion for Purpose.

   This morning I got creative with breakfast. Made a goodly sized pot of quinoa.  Took a large can of peaches in a sauce pan on the stove, red wine vinegar, brown sugar and some spices (cinnamon, coriander and a pinch of all-spice)  reduced it down.  Put a little bit of cream in the quinoa and stirred it all up.  Mmmmm...  pretty good if I must say so.  Everyone in the house liked it too!

   I should have taken a picture or two... didn't think about it until now. ;D

   The skies have been marvelous to watch the last couple of days.  Meditation has had some real gems come to the surface a long with a few that seemed more like school work.  My lovely bride and I celebrated 22 years of marriage this last week!  What a fabulous woman! I truly do not deserve such blessings.

   It's a genuine pleasure to have a muse.

   What inspires you?  Is there someone that, even when not there seems to be the reason why you get up and get going?  Do you find that there are people in your life that, if not there, whether we like it or not, we would not be as good of people as we are?  Is this really bad, in the long run?  I can't imagine how having people that we want to serve and be there for could be anything but good in the bigger picture.

   I pray that those around you appreciate you and your sincere efforts to be all you can for them.  I pray that you will not let go of the faith they have in you.  Even more, I have faith in you.  There is purpose in you being here and I know that you will create great value in your daily living.

Peace, tranquility and passion be yours.

Billy B

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Waking up is hard to do.... la lala la...

Wow! Somedays it is just harder than others to wake up....  For some reason there is this link in my brain and everytime I have one of these groggy mornings I think of a song from Niel Sedaka.  Watch the video below and see if you can make the connection to "Waking up is hard to do."

Just thought I would share a fun little thought that teases me on the "can't wake up to save my life" days.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The worth of a soul.

   Many of you by now are aware that I have a preference for stormy or troubled skies.  They are just much more exciting and romantic than a clear blue sky.  Not that clear skies do not have their place, they simply do not inspire me or hold my attention much.  Life is messy and messy skies mirror that belief.  There is great art, power and experience in messy skies.

   Most of you are also aware that I have a deep conviction about the worth of souls.  The inherent value of life, of the lives of men.  The intrinsic value of being alive for me is irrefutable proof of the need for you to be right here right now.  This value is greater than any one of us and this value translates into something sacred that deserves respect and consideration.  I would suggest that one of the greatest way to not respect the life that we have been given is to do nothing with it.

   I have no qualms about anyone living quietly or not being dramatic or adventurous.  There are souls who's very purpose and who most completely fulfill their lives by being who they are, where they are without the need or desire for grandiosity or visible struggle.  We might say the silent strong types who hold the fabric of families and society together from behind the scenes or at least outside of common observation.

  There are some who are created to be bigger than life, there are some who are influencers and some who are creators, some who are healers and some who are anchors and rocks for those around them.  There is a unique path and purpose for each and everyone of us. Those of us here and those of us to follow.

   One thing I do know is that Jesus was much more specific about how we should treat others.  The Golden Rule and his statement "I am no respecter of persons." go hand in hand for me.  Meaning, every one is an equal and get's treated as and equal.  Sadly, we as a society create through preferential reasoning and habits a hierarchy within society itself.  Those who are born in certain conditions are given better opportunities and options than those who are not. Then we wonder why so many more of those with options and opportunities do so much more in most cases.  Do we really understand that the reason so many people are products of their environment is because we let them?  Every man must chose for himself whether he will make use of his opportunities, yes.  However, how many people grow up believing that they are not worthy of opportunity because of the subversive casting that we have created within the very fabric of society?

   Perhaps a different question is in order.  Do we have the right to stand by and not attempt to change things that we know are not fair and justified for our fellow men when our basic needs are not only met, they are exceeded?  We can complain about what travesties we feel have been done to us when our homes have food in them, we have climate controlled housing, and reasonably good education available to us for free or within very reasonable means?

   I challenge you to take a look at the blessings of your own life and then consider the many individuals within our own communities that are lacking many of the basics we take for granted.  How many people do you know that are struggling despite their best efforts?  Have you ever gone down to the homeless shelter for teens and adolescents and helped out?  How many of them deserve being homeless or unaccepted by their families?

   Let's assume for just a minute that you made in your youth some lifestyle choices that did not line up with your parents perspectives and belief systems.  Would you have deserved to be put out in the streets?  Let's say your were in a family of bankers and wanted to be an artist?  Perhaps a member of an Orthodox Jewish family and decided you wanted to be a Christian or had different life role expectations, sexual alignments or anything?  Do any of these things make you any less of a human being or of any less valuable to creation or society?  The answer is, of course "No."  Even if we are not comfortable with whatever the subject upon which the difference is made.  Their life is no less sacred or valued by God or Creation than yours.  The title does not matter, the name by which you call the powers that be is not the point here. It's the worth of a soul.  The soul of a human being.

  I also challenge you to find just one more way that you can make a difference in the lives of others.  Just one more way that perhaps you can stand up and help right injustice, no matter what the topic or who the victim.  When considering the freedoms we have in this great country of ours, do we have the right to let those selfsame freedoms be denied to any one within our boundaries or influence?

  No not everyone will make the right decisions about their freedoms.  Some will chose to do things that will harm others.  Some will just be selfish and self centered no matter what.  Their actions do not negate your life purpose, your blessings or your rights.  Their actions do not prevent or justify any of us from doing what we can do to make sure that every citizen of this country, this life and this race, our race have every opportunity to find and live their purpose for being.

   Peace, love and a well lived life to you. And because of you may these blessing come to those around you.

Billy B.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Test given results still undetermined.

   Today started out marvelous and beautiful.  The weather and my heart is warming up to the nearly spring weather.  I still expect a little snow for this year however, it feels temporary and that in and of itself is hopeful and promising.
   There are always opportunities to learn. Yesterday was one for me.  I have been focusing on being able to move freely among all men (meaning people, no sexist remark intended) and communicate in a pleasing and amiable fashion.  Building my ability to inspire, motivate or communicative important subjects passionately and with conviction.  Being able to turn conversations around to be involving and interesting to others.  In essence, being non ego-centric in my personal conversations.

   Of course, to test this, I had one remarkable individual who seemed to have just the right chemistry of character to push it all to the limits.  Of course, test given, the results are still pending.  I did not loose my cool.  Very good.  Still mulling over what I can learn from the test that was given.


   I've always heard that it's the journey, not the destination. I agree.  Sometimes it is the very act that is it's own reward.  Perhaps it's the strength earned and given from the exercise and not always some deeper meaning or lesson that is the reward.

   I will chalk this one up to experience gained and do my best to listen to any epiphanies that come along.

   My prayer is peace unto you, a life rich with experience and wisdom to listen to recognize and listen to good lessons when they come your way.

Billy B

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here is gone.

   What is observed changes everything.

   Once you take time to pay attention to the details of your daily life, you will realize that what you think has been going on, is not what you have really been doing.  Do you have the courage to track what you do and how much time you spend on each activity in a day?  What do you think you will learn about what is important to you versus what you believe is important to you?

   Do you spend time on validating the critical relationships in your life or do you just rely on them and lean on those relationships for comfort and security?  Do you give time to effective action or do you give your time to mundane action?  Is "comfort zone" a crippling affliction or do you willingly push yourself to do what is hardest to do each day early on so that you do not have to hide in the minutia of daily activity or habits?

   Tough questions I know.  I am asking these of myself right now and realizing that perhaps the lack of growth I have experienced in certain areas of my life over the last 6 months might very well be completely self inflicted.


    I thought I would share this video with you you.  I like to believe that to become such a master of anything, there has to be an elimination of internal resistance.  I cannot imagine that Andy McKee would ever have learned to play like this if he was concerned with what was or wasn't possible.

    The ultimate goal of every individual who wishes to get to the next level of living or of being in their own life is to move beyond the internal conflict that comes from trying to define, mentally, who we are.  The meaning of life is to live! Right?  A more defined answer would be: The meaning of life is to live life well.

    Can you live life well if your actions are self motivated all the time?  Or can you experience more when helping others to have a life that meets their needs as well as creating greater meaning?  For some this could be through creative arts such as music, video, art or action.  I cannot say that I don't live vicariously through many thrill seekers that fill youtubes annals with entertainment.

   For others this value can be created through the skills they have developed or mastered in life such as teaching, leading, accounting or even just living in a certain way no matter what their vocation.

   Truly we are only limited by our beliefs and our imaginations. I know why I am where I am in my career because the responsibilities I have accepted in providing for my family.  I also now realize that perhaps I also have restricted creation and life from providing perhaps other avenues to provide for my family and still create value on a different scale.  Was it fear of failure and consequences of failure or was it limiting beliefs?  Was it a combination of both?

   Many of you that visit my little corner of electronic ether space are writers.  Writers with immense talents and gifts that have much to share with the world.  Do any of your beliefs restrict or limit your influence or our potential to grow your published and read works?  Do you have any fears that could stymie actions or efforts that could put you out there before the world?  Is the power and belief in your message strong enough that you are willing to overlook rejection and put it in front of the entire world in hopes that it will be of benefit to those who will receive it?

   May each one of you find the courage to face your own inner conflicts.  The courage to look more closely at who your actions and devotions say you are so that you can become who you would believe yourself to be or should be.  The only thing that prevents you from being more than what currently you are is you and your perceptions, your compromises within your own believe systems.

   Today is an amazing gift that will repay you an hundred fold if you will just look it in the eyes and ask, what can I do for today that no one else can?  How can I be the best possible me that today could every meet?

Peace, love, presence and gratitude be yours.

Billy B


I feel calm, I feel relaxed, I feel at peace.

I am calm, I am relaxed, I am at peace.

I feel safe, I feel loved, I am at one with the day.

My subconscious, the core of who I am is open to a suggestion I now give.

I am at peace, I am one with the day.  Today and I are co-creators!

Today is the kind of day you have always been hoping for!

Today is the beginning of something marvelous. 

I feel calm, I feel relaxed, I feel at peace.

I am calm, I am relaxed, I am at peace.

   Today is a great day to have just such a conversation with yourself.  Can you sit for just a moment, no dialogue, no narrator?  Just you and the day? And when you do, have just such a conversation with yourself.  Know that you are worth it and that creation has done all this so that you can bare witness of it's grace.

   Have you realized that today is such an amazing gift?  When you greet or meet anyone today, can you ask yourself what you can do for them?  Expecting nothing in return?  Knowing that you have already been blessed beyond compensation with such a marvelous day?

Peace, presence and gratitude be yours.

Billy B

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Quote of the month!!!

I heard one yesterday that I had to share.

   "Be patient.  Jesus said "Forgive them for they know not what they do."  He was being crucified. You are only being honked at."  Dale Carnegie Foundation.

I hope that you have a fabulous weekend with much love, laughter and light!

Billy B