Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Canvas and Paint.

Ghosts past gently by
Time and hours
A lifetime it seems

   In the aftermath created by the challenges of a day not seen as it should be, Patience silently sat in humble attire gently putting pieces of herself back together.  Just like assembling a puzzle that was familiar and yet having only half of the picture on the box cover, there was some exploring and excitement to see what it would become.  There is this possibility that once assembled, it might be different than before the day that upset and tumbled the neatness of what was.  
   The old recipe seemed gone now so a new one must be forged just as it seemed pertinent to keep up appearances and maintain some flavor of it's root.  Patience wondered if there wasn't some good in being disheveled.

   The little work above came to me last night.  It woke me from my sleep and demanded some attention so I quickly wrote it down.  I hope you liked it now that I could put the pieces in order and make it flow.  I have rarely shared these gems that come to me in the least of hours.  Usually I have not bothered to write them down, I just work them through in my head until they feel good and sleep as it something that needed grooming had come up and then been happily dealt with.  Perhaps I should write them down from now on.  I have recently made the effort to keep pen and paper beside my bed.

   Do you have moments of inspiration that demand attention?  Do they feel urgent or critical or do they appear more as whispers or feelings?  Do you find that listening to them makes a difference?

   I hope that you find a muse this beautiful day.  My wish is that this muse will have a very positive impact on the day and the experience that is yours.  May colors, tastes and sound be an inspiration and may life flow like a great play that inspires and helps you feel so many glorious colors for your canvas called today!

Peace, love and life!


  1. love those moments of creative clarity. a3

  2. I have just started keeping pen and paper near, though my problem is time actually sit down and write.