Saturday, May 19, 2012

Human Touch

the world spins in orderly fashion around a system of numbers and odds

there is purpose, cause and effect

to my simple perspective i know it

yet my eyes and heart cannot see it

pausing each day to ponder, consider and wonder on all that is my life

there seems to be magic all around

most seems to be much more than the sum of it's parts

as I see it here are the seven marvels  of mankind
the human voice able to move and stir the soul
the human heart that can fuel unquenchable love
the hand that can paint and draw that which has never been seen
the human spirit that will not yield 
the human touch that can heal heart, hearth and bone
the human eye to see beauty in the mundane 
the human soul to connect us all

in distant mountains red and yellow clad men

talk of interconnectedness and one whole

I appreciate you and your role in my life

as it plays out on the grand screen of creation

be good, be noble, be you


  1. How beautiful it is to come across a soul who stands in awe of life.... existence... all of creation. Bless this soul, O Lord, for he sees your work... magical and magnificent. Blessings!

  2. Thank you folks! I really appreciate your thoughts. ;D