Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One of those kinds of day.

   It's one of those kinds of day.  One where I am at peace, at ease and most of all just glad to be here.  It is my sincere hope and joy that you may feel the same way.

   As the days go by, I have noticed a trend.  The more one becomes less attached, emotionally, to what is going on, the more one can enjoy the beauty, the joy and the moment itself as they are less distracted by or less likely to make it personal.  It seems like it would be quite the opposite yet, standing back a pace, on the inside, makes participation easier and more enjoyable.  Most of all, there is less "mind stuff" going on so that real immersion is much more complete.

   Life is not personal, it just feels that way.  It is beauty, even amongst destruction.  It is creation in the midst of dissolution.  It is a moment that was created and you have the privilege of being here to experience it first hand.  Like watching the great masters create their works only, you get to participate.

   Peace, joy and a marvelous time be yours this fine day.  I hope that you to can be the brush by which a great master piece is created.

Billy B


  1. Such beautiful thoughts and worded so lovely. I do agree we have to take a little more time and just enjoy the beauty around us, it is abundant;)

  2. It's great to have "one of those days". :D

  3. I just wanted to tell you that you inspire me with everything you post:)

  4. I am still around. Just hiding in the background while I attend to some important details. ;D