Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One of those kinds of day.

   It's one of those kinds of day.  One where I am at peace, at ease and most of all just glad to be here.  It is my sincere hope and joy that you may feel the same way.

   As the days go by, I have noticed a trend.  The more one becomes less attached, emotionally, to what is going on, the more one can enjoy the beauty, the joy and the moment itself as they are less distracted by or less likely to make it personal.  It seems like it would be quite the opposite yet, standing back a pace, on the inside, makes participation easier and more enjoyable.  Most of all, there is less "mind stuff" going on so that real immersion is much more complete.

   Life is not personal, it just feels that way.  It is beauty, even amongst destruction.  It is creation in the midst of dissolution.  It is a moment that was created and you have the privilege of being here to experience it first hand.  Like watching the great masters create their works only, you get to participate.

   Peace, joy and a marvelous time be yours this fine day.  I hope that you to can be the brush by which a great master piece is created.

Billy B

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fearing nothing at all.

   The simple and pure joy of being content with your own life and owning the life that is yours is one of the greatest rewards any of us can ever receive.  It comes from acceptance.  From being wherever you are.

   Here is where it get's complicated.  Most people fear the simplicity or contentment with simplicity.  They fear that they will lose who they think they are or have become by letting go of mental constructs, titles and accomplishment versus just being who they are!

   "Happiness is not having much and being content with little."  Marguarite Gardiner

   I feel that many people cannot accept that living in such a way is a lifestyle choice.  It does not mean living in squalor or poverty, although poverty is open to interpretation.  We're talking about simplicity by choice and not poverty by oppression or circumstance.  I can say however, that I have lived among people who were very poor, economically yet, were very happy and joyful in life as they did not see their economic standing as a burden or oppression.  To them it is as it is.  They do not fight against it, instead they live the life they have they best they can!

   Is that so very hard?  For many of us, yes.  In the west, here we are raised believing that we have to have "more".  More stuff, more accomplishment, more than our ancestors, more house, more money and always be working towards "more".  Instead we could teach that the ultimate goal would be to live "well".  Meaning that living to fullest our situation, our life versus accumulating more than we need or will ever be able to use effectively.

   Here is my challenge today.  Look at the day and what it offers to the humble and simple.  Do you need more than that?  Can you take just a moment to sit back, breathe deeply and feel at ease.  Does stuff make a difference in such a moment?  How can you simplify and by so doing, slow down and live better?

   Peace, simplicity and joy be yours.  May you find greater life in living.

Billy B


Saturday, July 14, 2012

   Thank you everyone for your patience while I was absent dealing with all the commotion going on lately!

source, sailboatlistings.com

   There has been a lot going on and a lot holding in the wings to get their chance at making a showing of their own.  I have been working furiously to be ready for somethings that are coming and hopefully, some brand new adventures to have.  As most of you know if you follow my ramblings, I am very passionate about bringing value to others.  I believe with my whole heart that there is more that I can do that will have an enduring positive impact on the lives of others and more especially, humanity.  We as a race and species have some growing up to do, some evolving to work out and some real love to share.

   With holding love is the one way to ensure it's demise. Love and Hate share a very similar fate and character.  They are the only things that will grow only by sharing them.  When you share love it grows, same with hate.  What kind of a world do we want to live in?  Which will have a positive effect on our lives and the lives of those around us?

   When we hold on to love and refuse to share it, it will dwindle, fade and eventually sleep until something happens (usually someone sharing love with us) to awaken it.

   Here is my challenge to you.  Who can you share love with today that desperately needs it?  Who's very life could be changed by a little bit of care or concern?  The world is in your hands and it is up to you to make sure that the rainbows are seen, the birds are heard and that presence is brought to the table.  Are you up to the task?

   I have no doubts that you are.  May the power of your presence be your constant companion today.

With love, light and laughter.
Billy B