Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day.

To all who have served and do serve. From me and my family and from our hearts, Thank you! Freedom from oppression and tyranny by those who would exercise dominion over others is the greatest gift than anyone can can give another. Thank you. You have our respect, our love and our thanksgiving. God bless and peace be yours.

May American never forget those who have served, those who have sacrificed and those who do.  May those who lead us remember that they have their current positions are in a role of service to those whom our armed forced have fought and died for.  Should they not serve the people well, the blood of those who died and are maimed and scared in the service of others will be held against them.  God bless those who serve us, in any capacity, that justice, honor and the freedoms of their people will ring true in their hearts and in their souls.

It is my prayer that all men will be free, that all men might know love, freedom, a home and family of their own and most of all, that they may know that they are loved and appreciated, their lives have purpose.

May all men recognize the value and worth of all souls.

Peace and love to all men.

Billy B


  1. Right now I ask God not to forsake those who are living in exile.
    At the same time thank you for living in a free country where I can express my ideology and philosophy of life.

  2. I love your prayer and I agree whole heartedly... :)