Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo haiku

Gace fills heart and soul
Space renewed
The gap comes full turn

Just a photo haiku for you. ;D

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stop and Smell.

    There is joy in the very moment that you forget thought and immerse yourself in the moment.  I feel that something would be missing in my life if I did not have access to nature in some way.  It grounds me and gives me moments to reflect and just be where the world is without man's constructs.  Be it mental or physical.

    I have discovered that in my own life, there is benefit gained in connecting with nature, with creation that is not part of the human mind.  Feeling the wind, hearing the birds, smelling the earth in all of it's wonder and diversity.

    Do you take time to "stop and smell"?  I wonder what would happen in the world if we could get 75% of the world's population to get out of their head and into nature just once a week?

    Is there a place that has some magic to it that pulls you out of your world and into the moment everytime you visit?

    This is a short entry.  I challenge you to take just a couple moments to get out of your head and into being present wherever you are for just 5 minutes this weekend.  Share the joy that shines through with someone else.

    Have a great weekend and be at peace with who you are.

Billy B

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Morning!

   Good morning!  I hope that all of your are having a great and marvelous day!  The picture above is from yesterday and has nothing to do with the weather outside today.  For if I did include a picture of today's weather you would think that I had moved to Seattle or someplace similar.

   Never the less, in my heart it is a beautiful kind of day!  There is joy, color, taste, texture and smell that all lead to one conclusion and one conclusion only, It is a marvelous day!

   Although there is a certain tendency some rainy days to go into zombie mode, that just isn't the case today.  In fact there is an invigorating energy going on deep down and moving towards the surface with some tenacity.  I hope you can feel it too!  It's just to good not to share.

      I wish you each a fabulous day that starts from somewhere inside the best parts of you, gaining momentum until it breaks forth into the light of day bringing a smile and deep abiding joy to you and those within the circle of your glow.

Peace, joy and may your cup runneth over. ;D

Billy B


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your Birthright.

   Wow! What a crazy week.  It's been hectic, it's been full to the brim and loaded with adventure.  The amazingly peaceful drive in the rain coming to work this morning was just a gem!  So glad for the beautiful scenery that greets me each day on my passage to and from work.

   I didn't even take pictures today, I just enjoyed the glorious views and listened to Bizet.  There are times that no music other than classical will do.

   Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday's drive in.

   This is looking west of our neigbhorhood as I leave for work.

   Here is the road that I leave our little town on each day as I head towards the freeway.

   Life is so beautiful.  Even in the midst of great trails and tribulation, the stunning power of nature to maintain beauty and to silence the fears in our hearts is only a glimpse away.  You need only calm your heart and mind.  Then take a minute to look, to see with open eyes, no judging and not carrying any baggage from the issues that challenge and test us for just the briefest of moments.  In that brief moment, weight will be lifted and you will be better able to apply perspective to the travails of the day.

   What marvelous scenes do you get to see?  I would love to see the world as you see it during these kinds of moments.

   Taking the personal out of the heart breaking situations and challenges, meaning that you get take a step back, a mile high perspective of "the" (not your) situation can add peace and a certain knowledge that it will work out and it will be OK.  No matter what the outcome, be persistent in doing what you can, accepting what you can't and being grateful for the life that IS you.

   Peace unto you.  The trials given you are for your ultimate good.  Do not let them weigh you down, take peace in the fact that you are a miracle of creation, Godseed with all the potential of the universe within you.  You are a perfect example of creation itself and without the life that is you, this very moment would not exist.  Immerse yourself in it! Revel in life itself!  Be all you can be and be joyful.  It's your birthright to be able to do so.

Billy B

Monday, April 9, 2012


   I hope you all had a marvelous Easter Weekend!  We had a house full of visitors and the BBQ going most of the day!  There was great deserts and fabulous foods!  Most of all, there was great communication and no less then four generations present most of the day.

   Although there may always be challenges and miscommunications, there is a great importance to family.   Family is the make it or break it point of society for any culture, it's what made Rome great and what caused Rome's fall.  Few people can function to their fullest capacity without meaningful relationships.  It's the mortar that holds our lives together and forms our intentions and purposes in life.  The saddest and poorest of men, are those who have lost the ability to connect with other human beings on a personal level.  They are the ones we, as a whole, regret and fear.

   Can you imagine not having anyone you feel the need to protect, make proud or to stay connected with?  Could you imagine wanting to spend much time with anyone who had no need for connection with anyone?  It's the social nature of humans that in large part makes us great.  It's the same social nature and skills that can make our efforts truly worth pursuing.

   In a world that is very quickly outgrowing self centered living, it is altruism that will save us as a species and maybe even our planet.  Only by becoming non-ego centric can we hope to reverse the momentum of humanities self destructive habits and behaviors.

   What do you see as being the catalyst to creating real positive change in our world?  Does it happen on the outside or the inside?  Does it change the goals of humanity or does it change the reasons for humanity?

   I wish each one of you great times with the ones you love and even greater vision and purpose to your days.

Billy B

Friday, April 6, 2012

Stewardship and Karma

In long even sun's shadows hidden from careful inspection
a glorious and simply thing

All the beauty, all the stirrings, noise, contrast, silence
and unseen details

What has gone on long before us certain facts

"Nothing is personal"
Whispers gently through the floral life around

In the midst of roaring falls
or in the wrinkles of heat deformed vision

With imagination and power to act
comes stewardship and karma

Without over manipulation can we craft great living

Is it possible to create and live full
and still be keepers of it all

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Canvas and Paint.

Ghosts past gently by
Time and hours
A lifetime it seems

   In the aftermath created by the challenges of a day not seen as it should be, Patience silently sat in humble attire gently putting pieces of herself back together.  Just like assembling a puzzle that was familiar and yet having only half of the picture on the box cover, there was some exploring and excitement to see what it would become.  There is this possibility that once assembled, it might be different than before the day that upset and tumbled the neatness of what was.  
   The old recipe seemed gone now so a new one must be forged just as it seemed pertinent to keep up appearances and maintain some flavor of it's root.  Patience wondered if there wasn't some good in being disheveled.

   The little work above came to me last night.  It woke me from my sleep and demanded some attention so I quickly wrote it down.  I hope you liked it now that I could put the pieces in order and make it flow.  I have rarely shared these gems that come to me in the least of hours.  Usually I have not bothered to write them down, I just work them through in my head until they feel good and sleep as it something that needed grooming had come up and then been happily dealt with.  Perhaps I should write them down from now on.  I have recently made the effort to keep pen and paper beside my bed.

   Do you have moments of inspiration that demand attention?  Do they feel urgent or critical or do they appear more as whispers or feelings?  Do you find that listening to them makes a difference?

   I hope that you find a muse this beautiful day.  My wish is that this muse will have a very positive impact on the day and the experience that is yours.  May colors, tastes and sound be an inspiration and may life flow like a great play that inspires and helps you feel so many glorious colors for your canvas called today!

Peace, love and life!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Rebel Within.

This that disturbance that throws me off center.
The one that disturbs the heart and gut.

It is the angst the is there and ready to pounce.
It hides just around the corner and snickers at efforts to be calm.

This is the why behind my troubles.
The one reason I do not just smile and wait with patience.

Behind the locked door of my conscious thoughts lurks
   A part of me that won't be quiet.

There is something inside of me that wants to duke it out
   Just to prove it can.

I breathe and create space for it to have it's tantrum,
   Knowing it will just take time.

Time to let the struggle work it's way out.
Time to let the pent up frustrations deal in their own way.

In the end all with be as it should.
In due time the storm will calm.