Wednesday, March 28, 2012


  Here is a link that you should watch.  It's fun, it's true and it's only 3 minutes!

  It's from and I highly recommend that you check it out and sign up.  You will get to listen to the most amazing people currently live today!  Those who are difference makers and see what is possible for our race.  Let me know what your feelings are once you listen to a few.

 There is always something that we could say is holding us back.  They are usually excuses or paradigms that we have yet to be willing to get rid of for one reason or another.  Imagine your life with you out of the way!

 Isn't the art of motivation to help people get out of their own way?

Billy B

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  1. Awesome vid! There is one thing I am and that is persistant...I bug people!