Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A great day for GRATITUDE!

   One of the best ways ever discovered to assist with the quality of life, the moment or just about anytime is the act and expression of gratitude.

   All the effort of a lifetime is worth it every time I see a marvelous sunrise or sunset,  or to see love in my wife's eyes.  Everything I could ever endure is worth seeing and feeling how the whole world lights up when there is a smile in her eyes or to experience a quiet still morning when all is still at peace.

   Every conflict is resolved when sitting at rest, letting the mind be, feeling the pulse of life as it circulated through the body.  All the world is right when peace and stillness reigns for those few brief moments of meditation or quietude.

   Have you ever just sat and observed the world as it is early before everything is up and moving?  Just listening, feeling and watching?

   Was there anything that was not exactly as it was?  No "should be", no "right" or "wrong".  No need for judgement, labels or narration? 

   I imagine a day when it is possible to go the whole day in just such a state of marvel and gratitude. No need for judgment and no place for "right" or "wrong".  How much courage does it take to live that way?  One must be willing to let go completely of expectations or excepted "known"s.

   My prayer is for a moment just such as the morn above for the world. Where every kingdom, clan and soul could sit in marvel.  Being filled with gratitude for the glory of this world and the life granted them.  Perhaps a feeling of being small for just a moment could help us all.  Perhaps our leaders and those who claim to serve the people could do with a dose of being small in a vast world for a few minutes.

   Peace, my friends. It is the only real gift I can offer you.  I hope that in some way, it is enough.

Billy B.

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  1. Awesome Billy, I am counting my blessings and grateful for all that I have. Eventually I will get my positive attitude back, I hope!