Tuesday, September 4, 2012


   I enjoyed a fabulous Labor Day with my wife and two youngest and I hope you enjoyed an incredible day with the ones you love!

   We really didn't do anything in particular other than to spend time together.  Whether it's walking around a local farmers market looking at the wares or sitting around a table playing games,  It's good to just spend some time with those that matter most.

   The seasons have started to change and the Praying Mantis are laying their eggs in preparation for the up and coming cold.  The wasps are starting move slowly in the mornings and there is appreciation for more savory and comfort foods.

   There always seems to be some need to give a message, a challenge, some sort of purpose to posting a new entry.  If there is one today, it's to appreciate the ones you love.  Even when they get under your skin and quarrel with you.  Those with whom you share your life, your successes and failures are the greatest gift outside of the peace within you.  They are your sanity when nothing else will do.  They are your salve when the sting of reality comes calling.  They are the stuff that stirs you up when you need a push to get out of your comfort zone.

   Make sure that you let the ones you love know that you do love them.  Help them realize that the "ties that bind" are strong indeed and that they are important to you.

   May you feel the power of connection today.  May you always appreciate the gift that others are to you.

Peace friends.  Peace to you and to yours.

Billy B.



  1. I agree Billy that just being with the people you love is one of the most important ways we can spend our time:)

  2. I was posting something similar (albeit in truncated fashion) on Twitter today. It was something to the effect of not being rude and greeting those, especially the ones we care for, with a smile even when our inner self tells us the day sucks.

  3. Thank you! I love everyone's comments. Quality of life comes from the way we interact with others more than any other factor. Wouldn't you agree? ;D