Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stormy days within.

   The last week has been busy and challenging.  I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday while at work.  Maybe I should say I was reminded of a very valuable lesson and how there is always room to grow!

   I had a customer come in with a concern, it was obvious that he was not in a very good mood.  I was as polite and professional with him as I possibly could be, he had to leave his vehicle so that we could attend to it.  Later as I followed up with him to inform him when it would be done and that we were taking care of it, he was still very rude.  I would say that he was rude and insulting as he made everything feel like a personal attack.  I was still polite however, in my frustration after a few minutes I directed a subtle jab back at him so that, in my mind, I was putting him in his place.  Boy! Did I get a response!  His response was over the top and he flew into a rage, called the powers that be and made life just generally difficult for me for several hours.

  The lesson here is DON'T TAKE THINGS PERSONAL!  Yes, I allowed him to get to me and worse yet, by being anything but neutral, I allowed him to mess with my day on a whole different level.  Just imagine how much easier it would have been to keep my simple little comment, no matter how politely stated or subtle I thought it was to myself and never let it become personal for just those few seconds.

   It's not personal. Whatever his issue or challenge that day. It was his, I was in the wrong in several ways.  First, I let him effect me. I took it personal. Second, I allowed my self to feed the flames of his bad humor.  Lastly, I allowed myself to get involved instead of keeping my professional wits about me.

   In life, sometimes the best rule is to keep our own peace, and rest in it no matter what the storms around us.  This is perhaps the best way to be a pillar to those who need us most.  Agreed this gentleman was probably looking for someone to go off on.  The problem, it should not have been me and it was my fault that it happened the way it did.  My bad, time to learn, move on and not let it happen again.

   What do you do to keep the peace within you from being disturbed by others?  How do you maintain presence when others are truly caught up in their story and drama?

   My desire for each of you is that you have a Marvelous Day!  One where the love and peace that is you, is present and untouched by the disrupted souls of others.

Peace, love and a truly GREAT DAY to you.

Billy B

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Worthy of love.

   I apologize to those who are used to me posting almost everyday. This time of year get's very busy for my house.  Thanksgiving, birthdays and the many family gatherings.  I hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  It's always good to get together and enjoy good food and family.

  Today in church the person who prepared the lesson brought up some very important points that I thought would be good to pass along.  She asked the question, how do we show love for our children?  There were many answers to this question of course, the one that struck me is that just like God allows each one of go through our challenges and struggles, he still loves us and has provided us with instruction, direction and the privilege of being able to communicate with him.  Do we remember to love our children by letting them be themselves?  Accepting them as individuals and teaching them love and respect for themselves?

   I know that when our children where younger it is easy to think that we can decide everything for them. Sadly, they don't learn much or even independence this way.  Just as God loves us so much as to let us learn our own lessons, we must also love our children enough to let them learn for themselves and still love and accept them even when they make decisions that will have outcomes different than we would chose for them.

   Some have challenged us as we have raised our children to be freethinkers and often times, non-conformists. Hopefully we have taught them to love and accept themselves for who they are and for their individuality.  My sincerest desire is that they love live, themselves and have respect for life and for others as we have for them.

  As parents, we sacrifice much for their well being, heart and soul, energy and effort, money and time.  It is these sacrifices that build the next generation.  Let's hope that we have taught them well to respect the value of their own lives and to the lives of others.

   I challenge you to look at your own life, ask yourself, what blessings do I have that show God's love for me?  How can repay him for all the blessings we receive.  I know that I can never repay him even with a lifetime's effort, I can only hope to pass what love I have received on to others.

   I am thankful for each one of you who read and consider my words and thoughts.  Thank you for visiting.  If I may ask, pass the love on.  Let someone know today how thankful you are for them, for them being just exactly who they are and that they are worthy of love.

   May your heart be swollen with gratitude this beautiful day.  May you warm the heart of another.  Most of all, may you know that you are loved and that you are worthy of that love!

Peace, love and good will be yours.

Billy B

Friday, November 25, 2011


   Thank you so much to Gene Pool Diva and this awesome award that she gave me!  She has a really fun blog about family and something that most of us can appreciate because family is the one place where we are all allowed to be the messed up people that we are. ;D

   "Liebster" is a German word meaning dearest and the award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Here is how it works.

1 Show some love and link back to the one that gave you the award.  Diminishing Gene Pool

2 Reveal your Top 5 Blogs (with less than 200 followers) and let them know by leaving comments on their blogs.

3 Post the award on your blog.

4 Enjoy the love and support of the most supportive people on the web!
Here are my 5.

1.) Mainly Mug Ups is a great blog with both stories, folk tales and poetry.  I adore her writing style and it's hard to resist the charm of her blog.

2.) I Take the Pen is a fabulous little blog that will challenge you to write a quicky based off of some simple prompt words, she then hands out an award and an honorable mention based off the entries.  A fun way to challenge yourself!

3.) I know that I am breaking the rules because he has about 300 followers, I have to recommend him because he has a great blog that I pay attention to almost daily. Where Sky Meets Ground.  He was also very nice to give me the Lovely Blog Award and I appreciate his attention.  I hope you enjoy his blog as much as I do!

4.)  Skipping Stone Memories is one that I follow closely. Very down to earth, warm and friendly. Just feels like home kind of blog.

5.)  Casting Pearls is very thoughtful Christian oriented blog with a lot about family and down to earth values.  A very good vibe.

Honorable Mention!!! Em Dashes and Icecream.  Just go check it out, the rest will explain itself. ;D

   I hope that you get the chance to follow up on each one of them. If you like what you read, follow them! You will not be disappointed.

Peace, love and THANKSGIVING to all, warm beds, full bellies and appreciation to all!

Billy B

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Conversations with myself.

   Every morning I take time to have some important conversations with myself to properly prepare for the day.  I can tell you from experience that when I forget or get to busy to do this, it has a very big impact on the quality of my day. 

   Now I understand that you are asking yourselves about my state of mind when I say conversations with myself so, let me explain just a little bit.  Some call it "self talk", many call it "positive affirmations" and other names exist that you maybe aware of.  I like the term "mantras" or simply "conversations with myself".  I enjoy making people wonder, get's them thinking!

   I take time every morning to confirm the quality of the day, the quality of my presence and the experience I am going to have with the day.  I prepare myself to see and enjoy how great the day really is!  These conversations have proven so important that on those days that these morning conversations have amazing energy and incredible positive force (once you do this regularly you will understand what a "great" one is), these are the days that take off and the most surprising and positive things happen!  On the days that I just don't put much into it or I just don't feel it when I go through these morning exercises, I tend to struggle or not be able to hold my emotions in check as well.  One could say, I have a bad hair day when the morning conversations do not go well.

   Each one of us has tactics and methods to help create the positive energy we need in our day to have a good day, to be able to get the things done that require our attention or to reach our goals or even to step it up and get that little bit of extra out of the day we are looking for.  This is mine and I would like to suggest that it works for just about everyone that I have met that has ever really given it a go.

   Here is my challenge to you.  Write down what kind of day you want to have, something real, write it down and a positive statement that says it clearly and simply, don't hesitate to go a little beyond.  Take these few statements, say about 4 or 5.  Clear your head for just about 10 minutes early as your day is just getting started and repeat them to yourself in a very positive upbeat way until you can "feel" them.  Take the positive energy and move forward with your day!


"Today is a great day!  Great things happen and I find it easy to be filled with joy and love for everyone I meet today!  It is very easy for me to be a positive influence in the lives of others today!  I feel great positive karma in my life today!  What a great day!"

   I will repeat that 4 or 5 times, maybe more if I am really feeling it or feel that I need a little bit more convincing.  Once you can really feel it, you will know what I mean after a practicing this for a couple of weeks, it can make a HUGE difference in your life.  

   Our minds are like computers in the fact that they follow their programming pretty closely, The great thing is that we can change the programming if we want to. This is one of the best ways I have found.  

   Give it a try, tell me if you feel it works or if I just took up 10 minutes of your morning to make you feel silly.  Either way, let me know.  I would love to hear from you and to find out if you are like me.  After all, I would love to find out that you are in control of your programming. ;D

   Put it to the test. In the end, it could make a positive impact in your life!

   May you find joy, love and peace in your life.  May you find great power in being able to have a conversation with yourself each morning!

Power to those who listen to positive thoughts!

Billy B

Monday, November 21, 2011



   I met a young lady recently that I have to admit could not see the miracle that she is!  I was truly humbled to realize that she has struggled with the value that creation placed in her and in her opportunity to experience life. 

   Do we realize that there is so much value in our presence here, this day, right where you are, that your are here!  If you were not meant to be here, today, you wouldn't be.  Creation/God does not chose by chance or by role of the dice as to whether you should be here.

   Just like the picture above represents to me, we are adventurers!  Sent here to figure out for what purpose we are here for and to fulfill that purpose.  We all have such amazing talents and gifts!  We are here to share those gifts and talents with others, to create value and joy, to bring love into the lives of others.

   This beautiful young lady has so much talent within her.  It is my wish that she discovers how much talent is within her and those gifts that help us create love and joy in the lives of others.  It is my sincere wish for all of us.  There is greatness inherent to each and everyone of us.  We are godseed, children of creation.  We are here to evolve beyond the ego and to move past self centered life (Ego-centric) and to live selfless or live nonego-centric lives.  

   How do you move beyond the doubts that limit your productivity, your relationships and your experience in life?  How do we help others to see the potential within themselves?  For those of us with children, how do we install love and respect for oneself in our children?  How can we help others to love themselves until we do? (You can take this question several ways, as intended.)

   May we all see and realize our own sacred nature, may we help to increase awareness of this within everyone we meet.  Most of all, let's not let anyone, ever, ever consider looking for a way out because they do not see the value in their own life, their own existence and presence in this life.  The only real tragedy is when we let someone believe in a lack of value in themselves.  They did not fail, we did.  

Peace, Love, Joy and sharing to you and those you meet.

Billy B

Saturday, November 19, 2011



In moment of silence and ease
Joy fills the space between me and thee

When you don't feel you can
Even when passion has left your hand

There is no doubt from my soul
That you are the one that I love whole

When you feel all is naught and bunk
Your beauty still stuns and causes my heart to jump

Know that all that you are or will be
Is everything that I would ever want or need

Don't believe that life has failed your wish
Your loving glance is all that it takes to steal my breath

You are the one for whom it is all done
There is no other that holds sway over what is won

When you feel all is breaking and undone
Of all in the world know that you are the one

I wrote this for my wife.
Love you babes.

Peace and Joy,
Billy B

Friday, November 18, 2011

Today's Sunrise.

   Thought I would share with you the sunrise I experienced this morning. ;D

Peace and Joy.

Billy B

Warm sun fills the sky
Touching the hearts and closed eyes
Starting great new day

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gratitude Meditation.

   Keeping with the spirit of the season,  I thought it would be good to show some gratitude and thanks giving for the many, many blessings in my life and share a simple meditation that allows one to perform a quick "check up from the neck up" if you will.

   Make a short list, say about a dozen, of the the things that you are grateful for.  Take a few minutes to feel thankful for and ponder what blessings each one of the items on your list brings into your life.  As you feel the appreciation and gratitude, you will feel a release of stress as the complications, situations and challenges in your life become insignificant compared to your blessings.

Here is my list.

My lovely wife, best friend and companion.
My dear friends that wear the title of my children.
Breath, health and activity.
Employment and professional purpose to give refinement and reflection to my days.
The privilege to meet new people each day and to become acquainted with their marvelous points of view.
My many online friends whose blogs I read and enjoy, the many visits and comments they make on mine.
The friends who challenge me to find new ways to communicate this fire that burns within me, to share ideas and vision with others about the immense and magical event we share called LIFE!

   Remember, problems only exist in your head where you can't do anything about them.  Situations are what you have when you are faced with a challenge in the present moment.  Don't confuse problems with situations.  One is in your head, one is what you deal with and work through in your daily life.

   May you find out how blessed you are as you make your list.  May you show love and appreciation to God/Creation and others for your many, many blessings!  May you find peace in the acknowledgement of your blessings.  May you be in awe of the innumerable blessings you never even realize!!!

  What is the most unusual item that turned up on your list?

Peace, Love and Gratitude to you, your family and those within the circle of your presence.

Billy B.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


  There is a debate that always seems to wage on about ethics.  This doesn't really make sense to me, let me explain why.  When it comes to being impeccable with our words it should start with those we have relationships with.  The one with whom we have a relationship that has the most impact on the quality of life we lead is with ourselves.

   In my experience, this is where the breakdown starts and it always amazes me that this is where most people have the biggest issue in being honest and open.  We tell ourselves the most amazing things to support what we want to believe or to justify what we want to see or don't want to see or believe.

   Isn't utterly stunning what we let ourselves believe?  I wonder why?  Are we afraid that something will change if we see/believe things differently that would effect how we value ourselves or others, or even stranger, would it effect the way we value items, titles or recognition that alters our self image or selfworth if we accept things as they are instead of as we want?

   Being honest with ourselves could be so simple as to admit when mistakes are made and not looking to blame.  Owning your own situation does not mean putting ourselves down either.  Integrity with ourselves also includes accepting ourselves as human, as imperfect beings and no different from anyone or anything else.  If you aren't making mistakes then you aren't doing much.

   Having an open or transparent relationship with ourselves would also include allowing us to accept that our perspective is limited and that the world does not see things as we do, so we take being right and wrong out of the value scale.  We simply are miracles of creation.  What an amazing miracle we are!  If we are miracles then so is everyone else.  With that said, perhaps a little personal internal honestly could go a long way.

   How can being completely honest about our place in the whole of things, accepting insignificance, have a positive influence on self image?  How could it help eliminate prejudice and assumption about others?  Do we have the right to tell ourselves untruths about our world if it limits our beliefs and value about others?

   Does it parallel Self centered vs. Selfless?

   I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Am I being to eccentric here?

   May you find a loving and real relationship with you.  May you have a good laugh at your own belief systems today.  (It's refreshing and liberating, I promise.)

Peace and good laughs to you and yours,

Billy B

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Urgent, not important.

"The world is a spiritual vessel that cannot be controlled....

Sometimes you lead
Sometimes you follow
Sometimes you are stifled
Sometimes you breathe easy
Sometimes you are strong
Sometimes you are weak
Sometimes you destroy
And sometimes you are destroyed

Hence the sage shuns excess
Shuns grandiosity
Shuns arrogance"

Lao Tzu

   I wish that my prose could communicate so much in so little.  I have been pondering the seeming contradictions of Taoist teachings.  To have, let go as an example.

   A magazine article I read several years ago still sticks with me.  It is from Sail magazine, the author wrote about someone with uncommon wisdom, that when in a situation that seemed to demand immediate action, he would sit back and consider if any action at all was really necessary.  The article has stuck with me as I learned about prioritizing using a simple system.

1. Important, not urgent.
2. Urgent, not important.
3. Not urgent, not important.
4. Important, and urgent.

   Under this basic system it is easier to sort out what needs immediate action or attention and what does not.  Some things are Urgent, but not Important. Usually something to delegate or even not attend to at all.  Say a phone call that feels like you need to tell someone something but, if considered will make little or no change or impact.  Important but not Urgent, spending time with family.  VERY Important but does not appear Urgent.  This needs consideration and planning to make sure it happens or we will end up treating it like we should the Urgent but, not Important issues.

  What system do you use to prioritize the details and actions of your life?  Do we always get them right?  I know that in my human state, I often misread such things and may even assign them the wrong priority.  I have spend years and still need to spend time correcting my priorities when it comes to family.

   I recommend that we all have a way to sort out the priorities that life hands us.  This blog has become Important, not Urgent.  My employment is both Urgent and Important, even if I feel that I should be doing something else.  Time to meditate each morning, Important, not Urgent yet, so very necessary.  Keeping employees on task,  Urgent and Important.

   When I use this little system to prioritize the tasks required of me, I am much more productive in attending to my responsibilities.  I need to make sure to use it in capacities outside of work, as well.

   May each one of us, find and live the core details of our daily lives.  May we each learn to attend to the Important and not listen to those things that demand being Urgent, not Important.

   Peace, Love, Family and wisdom to you all.  May you live deeply this day and love completely this moment.

Billy B

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gore and Glory.


Cleave to the moment
Acknowledging no credit
Create do not own

   One of the greatest lessons that I have perceived from reading the Tao Te Ching is that there is grace in a life well lived that claims nothing.  Meaning, the one who does most and claims least, sleeps best.

   Many people that I converse with about the message within the prose of the Tao Te Ching have questioned the relevance in our times and conditions.  Looking at it several different ways, I think I have the answer.  It is as relevant as we make it.  No message can have impact on us or the quality of our experience that we do not allow.  An other way to express this is to say that quality of life is much more an internal accomplishment than an external situation.

   The people I have encountered that seem to me to have the highest quality of life often have little in the way of worldly possessions and even less worldly attachments and hang ups.  They recognize and appreciate all that the world has to offer and only have what they need plus a few items that they use for activity, such as specific reading materials, perhaps a boat or camper.  An item that they use as part of activities that allow them to participate in life and relationships with the ones they love.  There are some souls that I have met that have had quite a lot in the way of worldly means and possessions that also have a very high quality of life yet, these souls to do find or define themselves in their possessions.  If fact, they hold little attachment to the possessions they may have accumulated.

   In my studies it has been said that the last hurdle to true self awareness or enlightenment is detachment.  I now believe that to be detachment from things, titles and stories not participation or enjoyment of life.  It may sound at odds with one another to be detached yet fully immersed in life.  Perhaps this is the greatest mystery of them all.  How do we become fully involved and participate at the highest levels in our lives without looking for ourselves it all?

   I would suggest that it takes perspective, a perspective that allow one to be completely at ease with who they are, no need for self image or justification.  No need to be anyone or anything to anyone.  Simply to thrill in living!  Possibly the greatest form of appreciation would be to love and enjoy life without demands or seeing anything in any of it other than life in it's own glory.

   I wish I could find who the quote is from, I've had no luck in my searches.  Someone once said, "Life is not fair but, it's worth doing."  There is a very good movie that Bill Murray did that I recommend, it's call "The Razor's Edge."  It's about a man who get's back from WWI and cannot find himself in his old life or in society, he set's off for Europe to discover what life is for.  Just a good film.  In one scene he was talking about a love he had and how he, at a certain point, thought that she was a reward for living a good life only to realize that the only reward for living well is life it'self.  

   I love the phrase, "life in all of it's gore and glory"  because it is!  Life is it's own reward and what an amazing award it can be!  Have you ever stopped just to admire the smile of an infant?  Have you taken time to notice the wonderful fragrance of your lovers hair?  Have you seen the glow of laughter in the eyes of your children?  I cannot imagine, even if I tried for a thousand lifetimes, that there could be any greater reward than the gift of love from someone, to spend time with them, to be wholly present with them.  Be it any situation, around a fire and sharing a simple conversation or meal, or just enjoying a nap with them.

   Is there any greater reward than to love deeply, to be loved and to share moments with those you share love with?

   May you find a precious moment or two with the ones you love today.  May you be there completely and immersed wholly in their presence.  

    Your children need your presence more than your presents.
Jesse Jackson

   Peace, love in the fullest and most of all, I wish for you today a golden moment with the ones your share love.

Billy B

Friday, November 11, 2011


   We know that there are many freedoms accorded us because of the sacrifice of those who came before us. Today is Veterans Day and we show thanks to the many women and men that have served to keep us a free people.  People who have certain rights and privileges.

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

   There are a lot of quotes that can easily show support for what blessings and freedoms are ours because of the service of those that have come before us and for those who serve today to preserve it.  Whether we agree with the current political leaders or not, their service is just as honorable.  It would be a shame and disgrace for us to forget the blessings that most of the world today enjoys because of those who fought for causes greater than themselves.  Most great countries around the world have lost many generations of men and women to establish and protect the rights of others.

   To them, all of them, whether here or elsewhere, I raise a salute of thanksgiving and admiration.  Thank you for your service, your sacrifice and for your examples of being willing to do what was required of you.  Even when you yourself would not be able to partake or enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

   Thank you.

   May peace and brotherly love reign.  May man overcome his need to enforce his ideals with violence.  May we, as a species evolve beyond violence and strife.  One day, I pray, children will grow up, grow old and pass on never knowing the horrors and tragedy of war.

   This is my prayer and salute to all who have, do and will serve to protect the rights and liberties of others.

Billy B

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Immediate Decisions.

   Within each and everyone of us there are struggles that go on.  Sometimes those struggles are very apparent and sometimes not.  In my youth, for whatever reason, perhaps because I do come across quite different than most people around me, (more so as a child) I was very insecure and dealt with many self doubt issues.  I think most of us do in one way or another or at one or more points in our lives.

   I read daily from many tomes of wisdom, I have realized that most of the messages they all seem to be trying to share with us is to help each one of us find our place in creation.  Helping us to see ourselves in the bigger picture and learning to be comfortable with it.  Understanding that can help, a lot.  The challenge lies in realizing it for ourselves.  One of the most amazing things about human nature is that we can accomplish so much even when we don't know how just because we believe that we can or even more bizarre, just because we didn't realize we couldn't.  I know people who have done the nearly impossible and felt as if it was "nothing really" just because it seemed quite possible to them or that they didn't understand it to be otherwise.

   How do we break free of these internal limiting factors?  A good question, a very good question.  I cannot claim to have some magic kernel of knowledge here, only to know what has worked for me in those instances where I have.  There is a a quote or statement about how "It is not about how much you know.  It is about how much you believe!".  I would agree whole heartedly.  I would also like to say that there is some truth to the "fake it till your make it" club of thinking.  Both have worked for me in the past.  

   I now face a bunch of new challenges as my paradigm has gone through a dramatic change lately.  I can feel old beliefs trying to fight their way to the surface.  I understand what a poison they could be to me and the new path I have started.  Knowing does seem to be half the battle, sadly not always the easy side. I do believe in the power of decision.  I also know that for me, sometimes it takes turning a decision into habit to get the results that I require or need.

  As an example, when I wanted to start meditating each morning.  I knew it was good for me and I had made the decision to do it, however I could not seem to get up early enough to enjoy solitude in the house many mornings until I made it into a habit.  Many of the blessing and peace that I experience from meditation in the mornings really only came once the habit had formed.

   Are there situations that no matter how much you do your best to "commit" to a decision you cannot pull it off until you form a habit of it?  Are there little differences that will help you to complete a decision on a more immediate basis?  How do you complete your decisions?

   I will leave you with one last one that was immediate for me.  Soon after my lovely bride and I were married, say only six months or so.  A very attractive and charming women I had pursued in the past (who by the way had never showed any interest in me), once she knew I had married, approached me and started to flirt and come on to me quite a bit.   I remember thinking how odd that she would show interest now.  Mostly, I was a bit mad as to think that she thought something had changed to make me more attractive to her.  It took only  few moments to realize I had to make a decision.  I knew in my heart that I would never forgive myself if I strayed, I never wanted to face my beautiful wife and have to admit to any such travesty.  I made a decision that I would never stray.  That was that, although it did not eliminate temptations, as they will still come along, there is no question in my mind about them and they bare me no real credence or interest.  This one is dramatic, I agree.  It is cut and dry because the decision was never in doubt once made.

   Are there decisions like this for you?

   May we all find the key to living life on purpose.  May you find the one decision that will allow you to be completely at peace with your own, very important and immeasurably wonderful and valuable life.

Peace and love be yours.

Billy B


Prose for the moment

I read for a few minutes from the Tao Te Ching each morning, I am always impressed by the power of prose and what can be communicated in such few words.

Having always been attracted to prose, as you know a fan of the Haiku.  Perhaps today is a good day to share just a couple from my pen and see if their message rings true.

Smile and warm the soul
Lifting others from within
Sun only has more glow

Simple light
Opening eyes wide
Being there

Friends are all we are
Can you be more than heart strings
The grand sum of love

I hope that you can feel the power of connection with those around you.

May there be grace in the way you live today.  May the power of your smile light the way for others to take the chill off of their challenges this fine day.  May you have the power to love without prejudice.

Peace, love and warm smiles to you.

Billy B

Monday, November 7, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

   First of all, I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! to Michelle My Bell and her marvelous little blog The Ramblings of a Peacock for the award!  I'm sure that if you have been by her blog you will agree that she has fun with it and definitely does her part to re-enforce the importance of family.

   I also wanted to say THANK YOU to several new followers and for those who visit regularly,  I enjoy more than anything reading your comments and getting feedback on my entries.  HOWDEE!

   It is my turn to chose several blogs I have discovered recently and give this very nice award.  This is so hard for me because there are so many great blogs out there and I have such varied tastes I barely have time to read the ones I want to!!!

Some of these are ones that I may have already mentioned.  Forgive me if I have.

1. Twain Wannabe (recently published author)
2. Whispers in the Windows (lovely poems when she does)
3. Inside Insights (her personal spiritual journey in a wonderful written style)
4. Bake-Me-Away (don't go here unless you are ok with food addictions....*smile* )
She is now posting her recipes on Misty Mornings
5. MainlyMugUps (probably have shown appreciation for her before, read her Clug stories, just fun.)
6. Skipping Stone Memories (she found me first, great blog!)
7. Diminishing Gene Pool (for when you need a laugh about life in a family setting)
8. 'Poetry'  (pretty much the name says it all ;)

Take time to visit these and follow the ones you enjoy!  It's important to support the creative side of life and those who honor the creative spirit within us all!

Remember, be a participant in your own life, not a passenger!

One more Haiku... just cause I love them and feel like one.

Create with all your heart
Live with your whole soul immersed
No sideline will do

Love, peace and joy to you all!

Billy B

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Haiku for you

I wanted to thank Michelle My Bell for giving me the "One Lovely Blog Award"!!!  I really appreciate it!  I will take time to follow up it here in the very near future.  Be sure to visit her blog by clicking the link on the award.  She is very family focused and that is awesome!

Although I do not have time today, I definitely want to keep this ball rolling! ;D

Today, being a fan of the art of Haiku, I felt I would leave one for you, my friends who come and visit me regularly.

Thank you each one for your time and consideration.

Billy B

Peace faith and courage
Pieces of stillness within
A time with you friend

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Best Day!

   Today, I apologize to you who stop by regularly that I have not been able to get my entries in on a timely manner lately.  I am needing to re-arrange my schedule and habits some so that I can devote the time to it each day.  I feel it is very important to get what is in me out where others can participate and enjoy.

   Of every lesson that I have ever learned, I have learned that one has more leverage for change in our daily lives than anything else when it comes to practices and efforts.   It is consistency.  Any noteworthy practice, if given it's due over a period of time, be it weeks, months or a lifetime can create results that would be impossible by any other means.  Example, an athlete repeats  an action over and over again  in sessions over a periods of years and get's to the point that the action is now habit, thoughtless, automatic, and with this acquired muscle memory the athlete can now focus on refining the details and the outcome of the effort so that they no long have to think about or place any concentration on the action itself.  IE,  A pro basketball player making foul shots.  When you don't have to think about hand placement and foot placement or the order of movements only on the aim, the outcome.

   The question is, how does that apply to our own lives.  I'm no pro athlete, nor will I be however, I am human and have the desire to create good works and positive impact.  Reading from great works each day.  The reading becomes habit, the words themselves may with consistency fall to the wayside so the I may focus on the message, the spirit of the work or perhaps the effect it will have on my day and the effectiveness of my efforts.  Another one could be meditation or prayer (I will treat them both as the same thing for this instance). Through practice, repetition and patience of use, consistently over time one can get to the point that attention does not need to be placed on the act of meditation/prayer.  One can focus on the feeling, the intentions and the outcome or purpose of the effort.  Great masters of the human race have achieved marvels from the Buddha to Christ, to St. Augustine to everyday people who have been able to connect to the brilliance and inspiration that underlies every noble deed and life through consistent effort.

   Just as I became very good at one point in my selling because I practiced, studied and participated daily in the act there of, so can I at being a positive influence to others by practicing, studying and participating in creating good will, broader horizons, love for all humanity and open mindedness each and every day.

   Here are several items I give daily attention and consistent effort to;   Love, love one another.   Stillness, being still at my core so that I may not be whisked away into reaction instead of considerate action.  Peace, no conflict within or without.  Do not take things personally, so that I may be a participant instead of a passenger in my daily life.

   What items do you focus on daily that increases the value of your daily life?  Is there specific ones that you feel should get more attention or that you should do that your are not currently practicing consistently?  How can this have a negative effect if the wrong item is given consistent attention?

   It is my hope that through intention and consistency you are able to improve the quality of your daily life and the lives of those within your influence.   I pray for great peace, great presence and love in your lives.

   Today is the best day to start something good!

Billy B


Thursday, November 3, 2011

When you say nothing at all.

 "Hear with your ears and listen with your whole body."

   Although I do not know where this quote comes from, I have heard it several times in my life and have only begin to understand it in the last couple of years.

   Another one is "There is no greater gift you can give someone than your presence."  I know that Jesse Jackson said something similar to it about your presence being the greatest present you can give your kids.  Still very much along the same lines.  Although I am going to follow more general lines right now.

   I find that there are many times that I am having a conversation with someone only to notice that I may have wondered from the point, internally.  I am always embarrassed when I catch myself.  This is one of the disciplines I have been working on for years now.  I believe it is because of something that can be the kiss of death for any conversation, when we believe we already know what is being said and where it is going.  When we assume, we lose the right to experience anything new in a conversation, to experience the joy of surprise because we quit being engaged.

   Do we have the right to determine that someone has said all they can say on any given subject?  Are words all that we share when we converse?  When we talk about quality time with our kids, is it different words or a different level of presence?  I've noticed that the best quality time I spend with my kids and the ones I love, fewer words are exchanged, or maybe I just listen a lot of the time.  How many times have you had an important conversation with your spouse or significant other and barely exchanged any words?  A look, a glance, a smile or just the curl of the corner of their mouth is all that is needed to communicate something.

  One of my favorite songs is by Alison Krause "When you say nothing at all."  It is very romanticized yet, it can be so very true!

  How much courage does it take to eliminate the protective barriers we put up to communicate on this level with someone?  To give someone complete presence, all assumptions must be eliminated and we get to bask in the glow of their presence, their sound and aura, their spirit.  It's the nuances and communication that goes far beyond the capacity of words that really communicates, it's up to us to chose at what level we chose to commune with someone.  Do we do it on just the surface, words?  Do you prefer to commune on the level of intellect?  Not that this is bad, or do we chose to commune with others on the level or heart or even soul?

  I claim no perfection.  It is probably obvious to those who know me that I have so much yet to learn here.  I bring this up because I am now able to notice some of these things.  Perhaps one day I will become a great communicator and be able to fulfill my life wish and goal.  My purpose.  To create real enduring value for others and for humanity.

   May you notice the brightness is someones eyes that you converse with today.  May you be inspired by the meaning and not the words of another.  May you inspire someone by your intentions and your presence this marvelous day!

Love, hugs and peace.

Billy B


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


   One of my sons is Autistic.  His life has been one of the greatest blessings anyone could ever imagine in my life.  Not perhaps, in the ways that you might think either.  He has proven to be one of the easiest children to raise in many aspects.  Very mild mannered, clear headed and incredibly selfless.  Yes, there have been challenges and there may still be some to come however, the real blessing he brings to my life is that of no ego.

   He lives free from the need to justify himself, to defend himself.  Why lie when you have no need to protect who you imagine yourself to be?  I have known immense peace simply because I have seen what the state of no ego is like and experienced it's magic first hand.  To be around my son is to be with someone who is completely genuine and without airs.

   Why do we (I ask myself this rhetorically) need to feel like we are right?  Why do we at times feel we need to prove that we are wrong or right or anything?  It seems that no matter what, most of the humans I have ever met, have a deep attachment to what we believe is our personal story.  That what has happened (whether simple perception or reality) needs to be explainable in a story.  That we are convinced in some way that the story is who we are.

   So, the question begs to be asked, if the story changed, would we cease to be who we are?  If the story went away, do we go away too?  This is where the logic of the ego starts to fall apart.  The problem is, that like all egos, when proven wrong they become belligerent or hide behind an opinion or obstinate stance on the subject or some subject  (not that it matters as long as it feels justified about it).

  Ok, so it sounds like I'm talking in circles.  This is how it sounds should you take a step back and listen to the conversations of mind.

   Do you know someone who is without ego?  What kind of example or blessing have they been in your life? Have you really noticed?  Some would criticize individuals like my son or others who some would call a "fool".  Referring to characters within the world of theatrics and fiction.  Yet, how can we.  Our goal is to return to the states of no ego, to evolve beyond our ego centric existence.  In and effort to live freely experiencing life live!  Not by experiencing it through the narration of the mind.

  Ultimately, our goal is to get to the point where the mind takes it's proper place as a tool of our current existence and not something that we mistake for "who we are."

   May you be completely at ease in your own skin.  May this peace and one-ness of being permeate your presence so that others are blessed by it.  Most of all, may you be selfless, without a false self image, willing to assist others simply because they are.

Peace and balance to you.

Billy B

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Currents Deeper within.

 I had to use this picture just to give myself some hope of warmer weather, meaning we are currently experiencing the first snow storm of the season here in Salt Lake City today.  I'm not against the seasons,  I'm just better equipped to shed heat instead of retain it.

   I have to acknowledge that I am in the midst of a challenge this day.  I awoke this morning and could immediately sense the irritation under the surface and that it would be there looking for an opportunity to rear it's ugly head today..  So today's challenge is to keep in touch with the stillness and peace that lies deeper within.

   There are many different little techniques that can help with this.  You probably already have a couple of your own.  I usually start with breathing exercises and go from there if needed.  Reading from the Tao Te Ching is one that has helped when not much else does.  In dire circumstances, riding a bicycle is amazingly effective when weather and time allow.

  Today, like many of us, I will be tested to keep a connection with peace and my core.  I may lose it for brief moments however,  I am so thankful that I can perceive when it happens now!  Not to many years ago, it would just be a bad day.  Now, peace can still have it's say, the storm can stir the surface and I can control the currents deep within.

   May you find your peace within.  May love rule over chaos and irritation in your life.

   Peace, above all else, peace from within.  A wellspring of joy and a foundation of love in your life and the lives of those in your circle of influence.

Billy B