Friday, March 30, 2012

Vulnerability and the need to be creative.

   In the life of every human there is a creative streak that must get out or be expressed.  I believe that we, being Godseed for the lack of any better term, must exercise the creative juices and forces from which we came.

   I have recently taken a strong liking and affection for  There is so much here that seems to meet the needs of our modern day world.

  It response to one of the talks on video there, I wrote the following.

"The creative process is this fragile connection to the eternal and all of it's mystery.  A glimpse of it's power and majesty for just the briefest of moments.  Being exposed to it gives us such amazing gifts for a brief period of time.  Every time we are exposed to it makes us more vulnerable to the arrows of the human psyche that cannot understand it or grasp it and so without realizing, it tries to dis-effectuate what it cannot come to terms with.  Thus the creative soul will always, in and effort to return to the source of these gifts, render themselves even more vulnerable.  It's like an addiction or being an addict almost.  I wouldn't change a thing about it as this also weakens the power of the ego and the human psyche that so often afflicts our race with violence and that need to be right over the more noble parts of being the selfsame children of creation."

   Here is the video and I would recommend to anyone with a creative lean.  Particularly those who feel the need to express themselves through the written word.  I hope you enjoy it.

   Tell me your thoughts.  Do you agree?  Do you see it differently?  I would love to hear your point of view.

Billy B

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