Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day.

To all who have served and do serve. From me and my family and from our hearts, Thank you! Freedom from oppression and tyranny by those who would exercise dominion over others is the greatest gift than anyone can can give another. Thank you. You have our respect, our love and our thanksgiving. God bless and peace be yours.

May American never forget those who have served, those who have sacrificed and those who do.  May those who lead us remember that they have their current positions are in a role of service to those whom our armed forced have fought and died for.  Should they not serve the people well, the blood of those who died and are maimed and scared in the service of others will be held against them.  God bless those who serve us, in any capacity, that justice, honor and the freedoms of their people will ring true in their hearts and in their souls.

It is my prayer that all men will be free, that all men might know love, freedom, a home and family of their own and most of all, that they may know that they are loved and appreciated, their lives have purpose.

May all men recognize the value and worth of all souls.

Peace and love to all men.

Billy B

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A couple of photos.

   If you have been following my little blog for a while, you will know that I love a good storm. Stormy skies are so much more interesting and exciting than clear skies.  Maybe it't the romantic in me or just the fact that I know that life is messy and I do my best to find the beauty in life as it is.  I believe that there is greater adventure in the messy than the calm.

   I hope that you enjoy these couple of photos I took this morning and that you can find some joy and something to celebrate in the messiness that comes up in your life.

   Peace to you amidst your adventure.

Billy B

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Human Touch

the world spins in orderly fashion around a system of numbers and odds

there is purpose, cause and effect

to my simple perspective i know it

yet my eyes and heart cannot see it

pausing each day to ponder, consider and wonder on all that is my life

there seems to be magic all around

most seems to be much more than the sum of it's parts

as I see it here are the seven marvels  of mankind
the human voice able to move and stir the soul
the human heart that can fuel unquenchable love
the hand that can paint and draw that which has never been seen
the human spirit that will not yield 
the human touch that can heal heart, hearth and bone
the human eye to see beauty in the mundane 
the human soul to connect us all

in distant mountains red and yellow clad men

talk of interconnectedness and one whole

I appreciate you and your role in my life

as it plays out on the grand screen of creation

be good, be noble, be you

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


   I had a good look into your eyes today.  There was hope, passion and a glorious little fire.  I could smell the embers as they keep alive the purpose for which you were born.  Isn't it amazing that you let the noise of this world distract you so that you forget about that fire.

   You should feed this fire with effort, energy and your passion.  It will create momentum and force that will forever change the lives of those that you are meant to influence.  There are some, whose hearts are failing them.  Who cannot any longer feel the love that emanates from creation for them.  You can open their hearts, eyes and ears to all the beauty that lies around them.

   They are part of the great canvas that makes up your life.  Don't you want their colors to shine through?  Don't you want others to stand at the great bar of God and testify of the worth of your soul, your influence and your worth to the souls of men?

   Is the love that you have within you doing any good to your fellow brothers and sisters if when it is unnoticed or un-shared?

   No more glorious a day has ever broken upon God's great earth as this day!  The sun has cast forth it's light to warm the souls of men!  Now it is time for you to share your light.  Cast it forth that others might partake of it's grace, it's warmth and glory.  For this purpose, to bless the souls of others were you created.

   I am here to support you in this purpose, task and calling.  I am here to sing praises to the glory of your life well lived!  Go! Live!  Be part of the whole of creation and be not afraid of sadness or sullen days, they have not the power to crush your soul.  You are Godseed!

  Be all that you can be and know that for this reason you are!

Peace, good will and a great life to you.

Billy B

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In this moment.


   Hello Folks!  I hope that you are having a most fabulous spring!  Not to hot. Not to cold and definitely filled with potential!  I love this time of year and appreciate the promise of renewed life appearing all around us.

   Work has kept me very busy and I hope that this is the promise of a great year for business.  I will be gone until early next week doing some training with the company that I work for.  Please excuse my absence. ;D

   I was honored this week with a very special award from LettersFromLaunna.  The Versatile Blogger Award! I really need to take some time and do my due diligence here for her.  Sadly, it must wait so that I can complete the studying I must do for the up and coming training.

   I promise to provide you with a great blog entry and follow through on this  early next week when I can show it the due respect and time it deserves.

   For today, I will leave you with a few poetic words.  Stay happy! Stay joyful and appreciate the many blessings that you have!  May you see the immense importance and grace that you bring to this world.

Here stands the soul of one who loves.
Here resides a heart filled with purpose.

In the very moment you notice, you are born.
In the instant you become distracted you pass on.

Here in this minute you are a god able to participate in creation.
Here and now you are the one who knows what peace is.

In love you were brought to be.
In presence you become the fulfillment of creation.

Peace be unto you!
Billy B