Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your Birthright.

   Wow! What a crazy week.  It's been hectic, it's been full to the brim and loaded with adventure.  The amazingly peaceful drive in the rain coming to work this morning was just a gem!  So glad for the beautiful scenery that greets me each day on my passage to and from work.

   I didn't even take pictures today, I just enjoyed the glorious views and listened to Bizet.  There are times that no music other than classical will do.

   Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday's drive in.

   This is looking west of our neigbhorhood as I leave for work.

   Here is the road that I leave our little town on each day as I head towards the freeway.

   Life is so beautiful.  Even in the midst of great trails and tribulation, the stunning power of nature to maintain beauty and to silence the fears in our hearts is only a glimpse away.  You need only calm your heart and mind.  Then take a minute to look, to see with open eyes, no judging and not carrying any baggage from the issues that challenge and test us for just the briefest of moments.  In that brief moment, weight will be lifted and you will be better able to apply perspective to the travails of the day.

   What marvelous scenes do you get to see?  I would love to see the world as you see it during these kinds of moments.

   Taking the personal out of the heart breaking situations and challenges, meaning that you get take a step back, a mile high perspective of "the" (not your) situation can add peace and a certain knowledge that it will work out and it will be OK.  No matter what the outcome, be persistent in doing what you can, accepting what you can't and being grateful for the life that IS you.

   Peace unto you.  The trials given you are for your ultimate good.  Do not let them weigh you down, take peace in the fact that you are a miracle of creation, Godseed with all the potential of the universe within you.  You are a perfect example of creation itself and without the life that is you, this very moment would not exist.  Immerse yourself in it! Revel in life itself!  Be all you can be and be joyful.  It's your birthright to be able to do so.

Billy B


  1. Thanks Billy. When I saw you in my comment box,I knew I needed to come by for a visit. This A to Z Challenge thing is whipping me good. I don't get to many of the other sites I would like to visit. This will be my first and last A to Z. It's been fun, but too much like a job.

  2. Beautiful post. I've been enjoying the partly cloudy weather out here lately. I keep taking pictures of clouds that look like things.

  3. Those are beautiful words, Billy. Touched and warmed my heart so. Yes, just like everybody else I too have my challenges and tribulations and it sure can weigh me down with its weight. I don't get to take wonderful long rides out in the country. But there's a lovely tall Indian tree outside my window just standing in front of my small patio. Whenever I feel the 'world' pressing down on me, I look to this tree.... green and lush, it's long pointed leaves swaying in the wind, its seemingly enjoyment of the sun's warmth, its simple pleasure of just being there ....and I begin to find my peace once more. Sometimes it makes me cry but I guess soothing healing tears of release and comfort. I think God gave me an angel in my solitary Indian tree. :-) Who says angels should come in human form?! :-)

    Awesome lines...... "Even in the midst of great trails and tribulation, the stunning power of nature to maintain beauty and to silence the fears in our hearts is only a glimpse away."

    Thank you for this lovely post. Blessings to you and yours.

  4. What a lovely and uplifting post. And picture.

  5. Beautiful pictures and extremely inspiring words.