Monday, April 9, 2012


   I hope you all had a marvelous Easter Weekend!  We had a house full of visitors and the BBQ going most of the day!  There was great deserts and fabulous foods!  Most of all, there was great communication and no less then four generations present most of the day.

   Although there may always be challenges and miscommunications, there is a great importance to family.   Family is the make it or break it point of society for any culture, it's what made Rome great and what caused Rome's fall.  Few people can function to their fullest capacity without meaningful relationships.  It's the mortar that holds our lives together and forms our intentions and purposes in life.  The saddest and poorest of men, are those who have lost the ability to connect with other human beings on a personal level.  They are the ones we, as a whole, regret and fear.

   Can you imagine not having anyone you feel the need to protect, make proud or to stay connected with?  Could you imagine wanting to spend much time with anyone who had no need for connection with anyone?  It's the social nature of humans that in large part makes us great.  It's the same social nature and skills that can make our efforts truly worth pursuing.

   In a world that is very quickly outgrowing self centered living, it is altruism that will save us as a species and maybe even our planet.  Only by becoming non-ego centric can we hope to reverse the momentum of humanities self destructive habits and behaviors.

   What do you see as being the catalyst to creating real positive change in our world?  Does it happen on the outside or the inside?  Does it change the goals of humanity or does it change the reasons for humanity?

   I wish each one of you great times with the ones you love and even greater vision and purpose to your days.

Billy B


  1. Hi Willy, glad to hear that you had a marvelous and a Blessed Easter.
    Thank you for sharing your thought, be back to read again.

    Have a great week ahead. Regards to you and all at home.

  2. Sounds like a blast! Glad you had a great Easter with family!