Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's own reward.

   This is from an entry I made on facebook, it felt relevant to what this blog was all about.

   "Love is the greatest motivator in life. You will spend most of your life either looking for it, protecting and defending it, building it, running from it or destroying it. In every relationship, there will be days that you will not like the person you love. The real test of anyone's character is whether you will listen to the shouts of dislike or do you listen to the whisper of love ever present in the background.
   Love is the one thing in life that will only grow when shared and exposed to the risks of rejection, misunderstanding and indifference but, it also rewards those who are patience, long suffering and willing to put love out there and face the risks. Love rewards those who share it fearlessly. Love, in the end, is it's own reward." 

   My challenge to you is to decide for yourself, which is more important to you, defending and protecting who you imagine yourself to be or do you risk you self image to find out who you can become?

   Peace, friends.  May a life filled with love be your ultimate reward.

Billy B

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A large project.


   Hello everyone!  I have been absent lately as a large project has been taking a lot of time to address lately.  I will have a great new entry very soon and hopefully, the time it takes to start posting 3+ times a week again here withing in the next little while.

   Great things are happening in the world currently.  There is a beautiful day all around you and the only ingredient that you need supply for it to become the most incredible day you could ever imagine is your presence!

   Wishing you the very best participation in today and the many, many blessings that will come from it!  Hold fast to your dreams.  Should they be of good intent and in alignment with your purpose, there is no one and nothing in creation that can deny you if you will just apply your presence, your patience and your passion to it.

   You are cradled in the love of creation. Peace be unto you and great joy to those who feel your presence.

Billy B

Sunday, June 10, 2012

   Today.  A place in your life that will never cease to exist.  The one time and place where everything happens. Do we appreciate Today for what it is?  I know that in my life there are many different things that will attempt to grab my attention and draw me away.  Is Today anything more or less than the one opportunity we have?  Just as someone once said.  "No one can steal your peace. Only you can give it away."  It is the same with Today.

  Do you dare immerse yourself so completely in Today that you become an integral part of the day?

   I know that it may sound extreme, I believe that stressing over something you have no control or effect over in the moment is more extreme and a lot less sane.

   I know this.  Today is a marvelous gift that is given to you and me. Let's go and participate!

   I wish you all the most incredible of days.  One that at the end of, you can say "It was a good day to be alive."

   Have fun!

Billy B

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Overlooking forests to argue about trees.

   Something that has been on my mind lately is remembering to be grateful for what we have.  Here in the west, there is this cultural belief that we must always be seeking more, creating something newer, better, bigger and that somehow our happiness should be tied to it.

   Eckhart Tolle said that "Happiness seems quite shallow in comparison to joy."

   As I listen to the debates of the up and coming Presidential Election, there is this tenancy to hear people in great discussion and even arguments about various topics, that to me, seem like they have chosen to overlook forests to argue about individual trees.  Our current administration has this overall behavior that seems to say "Spend and acquire debt without retribution.  Spend how I want, damn the consequences." This would seem to me to be a fundamental issue that demands to be addressed, a forest if you will.  Yet many people feel quite content to overlook this and debate or argue about specific policies and points of view that feel much more like individual trees.

   I am not saying that some of these topics may not matter, I am saying and suggesting that they do not matter near so much as the basics that determine the overall well being of our country and it's people.  Do we have the right to argue about whether people who love each other should be allowed to marry or not when we cannot even feed our country's children?  Or is it acceptable to argue about whether the government should provide healthcare to the masses when more families than ever are homeless?

   I know that there are many people that read my blog and not all are from America, I'm sure that the same issues face them as they consider who should represent their people in their lands as well.  On a scale that may matter even more, do we ignore the bigger issues in our own lives to battle over details and specific ideas?

   I have discovered that whenever there is disquiet in my heart about my life, it usually is because I have forgotten to be thankful and grateful for the many blessings, liberties and joys that currently make up my life.  I could complain if I wanted to about not earning what I used to.  It is by my own choices that I do not make what I used to.  There is something to be said about quality of life versus the quantity of time spend earning.

   Yes, I would rather be out speaking and writing to the masses about how passionate I am about the value of individual lives and souls.  Yes I would rather be out heading or furthering some cause that effects humanity as a whole and  yes, one could call many of my life's activities mundane.  That does not mean that there is not great cause, reward or joy in the mundane, in the everyday, in the life of a simple family that get's to spend time together.

   I am grateful for life! for love! for family and for our basic freedoms!  I am thankful for you and the time you take to read my banter about life and living.  Most of all, I am grateful.  Grateful to be here, now experiencing life with all of it's joy and pain, all of it's ups and downs and with everyone of you.

   Do you take time to be grateful?  Do you find joy in the mundane? Can you, look within your heart and say that there is purpose in each day lived?

   I challenge you to be grateful.  To thank someone today for being who they are and most of all, for being part of your life.

   I wish each one of you great joy, great love and great challenges to overcome. May we do this together.


Billy B