Thursday, March 22, 2012

With or without hope.

   There is a distinct need for hope in life.  We as humans, mechanically run on the same things that all mammals run on.  However, we also have a spiritual or mental function that has far greater and reaching impact on our ability to function than any other mammal that I am aware of.  I could be wrong here as I am no animal psychology specialist.  I can only speak from my experience and understanding and I have found that even with the correct food and environment, we as humans will atrophy and die without certain mental/spiritual environmental requirements.

   There is no more dangerous human and no greater waste of human life than a soul without hope.  This is probably why future has such a strong pull emotionally for us.

   One of the reasons that I enjoy and do my best everyday to watch sun up is because it is the physical representation of hope.  The promise of a new day.  Beauty and power beyond that of my mortal body that promises no matter what, there are always new beginnings, new opportunities.  In life, yes there are mulligans to a certain extent.  No matter who I was the day before, I have the privilege and position of a new day.  So do you.

   Do you realize that being successful in life is simply the process of being the best you can more than being less than you can over a certain number of days?  Meaning, do not mistake the rewards of being successful over time with being successful for just one day or just one week.  Each day, you can decide for your self, do you step up or step out?  Step up enough over a given period of time and the consequences are different (usually in a pleasant way) than the consequences of stepping out consistently.  You get to decide which consequences you would rather have.  It is the hope of positive consequences that keeps us, as human beings, going.

   If there was no hope, why do you get out of bed each day?  Unlike an animal who's instinct is to get up and attend to basic functions, we are not so simple.  What do you hope for?  How does it effect your everyday actions, motivations and relationships?  If you could change the outcome of your everyday actions, which is easier to start your change with, your hopes and expectations or your habits.  Can you really change your habits without duress and not change the expected outcome first?

   What is your motivating factor to everyday life?  Do you have a plan or do you just get up to address feed, function and sleep each day?

   For me, there is always the hope that I can make a difference, in my own life and in the lives of others.  That it is all not for naught,  There is this underlying belief that there is purpose and in the end, the hope that the purpose is worthy of the effort and whatever outcome I can manage with my efforts and energies.

   My wish for you is that you will see when others are loosing hope and be able to transfer a little bit of your hope to them.  That your hope will burn so brightly in your life as to make the lives of others better.  My hope is that you will find your purpose and live life to it's fullest!

Peace, love and sincere meaningful hope to you and yours.



  1. This was great writing! I try to pass on a bit of myself to others everyday and live by that.

  2. Lovely, Billy. This part really says it all:

    "For me, there is always the hope that I can make a difference, in my own life and in the lives of others."

    Amen. :)

  3. I tend to vacillate between feelings of there being no meaning to life and feelings of there being deep meaning to life. It varies with my moods. When I'm feeling that there is no meaning to life - that it all seems like a big accident accompanied with biological-only evolution - I feel desperate. ...and then there are the days where I feel almost certain there is spiritual meaning.