Thursday, September 27, 2012

Accepting the day.

   Accepting the day into your heart is the first step in becoming a co-creator with life.  There is no map, no predetermined outcome to this day.  A wise man once said that the only thing you have control over in life is how you choose to perceive and react to what is.  Only then do you have some control over the elements around you by first mastering the inner elements.

   Lao Tzu (The Tao Te Ching) tells us that the man that has mastered his inner world is the only one that really has mastered anything.  Even the greatest of skills and talents mean nothing if you cannot apply them in a constructive manner.

   I would suggest that the ultimate calling of man is to leave things better than he finds them.  Our lives are short, yet the impact of our actions can last for millennia.  What enduring impact do we chose to leave behind?

   Men do not have the privilege of seeing how much they really do impact the young lives gifted us as a mother does.  We do not see the reality of how our actions shape the future even beyond our lifespan.  My wife has explained to me over and over again how important it is to build a family that wants to be together so that beyond our days, they will still desire to be together.

   Did you realize that you can effect the quality of life for other individuals you will never know?  Your legacy, even if they do not know your name, will be felt long into the future depending on the choices you make now.

   Our world is on the brink of great and terrible things.  Powerful men, some with good intentions and many with poor intentions will decide the fate of millions if we as individuals do not keep the foundations in good order.  The foundation of any nation is the family, the homes where the character of the people are shaped and formed.

   Can you see it any other way?  Would you have it any other way?

   What can you do in your everyday relationships and interactions that will create more positive energy for our world?

   I hope and pray for those we have elected to lead.  I hope and pray that the people of every nation will chose wisely the ones they follow.

   Peace to you and those around you.  Compared to joy, happiness is a pretty shallow thing.  Joy comes to those who live at peace with the world in which they are a part of.

Billy B


  1. I agree with you Billy, the family is the cornerstone of our future. We are allowing issues of the world to tear us apart....

    I pledge to spend more time with my family and friends:)