Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Conversations with myself.

   Every morning I take time to have some important conversations with myself to properly prepare for the day.  I can tell you from experience that when I forget or get to busy to do this, it has a very big impact on the quality of my day. 

   Now I understand that you are asking yourselves about my state of mind when I say conversations with myself so, let me explain just a little bit.  Some call it "self talk", many call it "positive affirmations" and other names exist that you maybe aware of.  I like the term "mantras" or simply "conversations with myself".  I enjoy making people wonder, get's them thinking!

   I take time every morning to confirm the quality of the day, the quality of my presence and the experience I am going to have with the day.  I prepare myself to see and enjoy how great the day really is!  These conversations have proven so important that on those days that these morning conversations have amazing energy and incredible positive force (once you do this regularly you will understand what a "great" one is), these are the days that take off and the most surprising and positive things happen!  On the days that I just don't put much into it or I just don't feel it when I go through these morning exercises, I tend to struggle or not be able to hold my emotions in check as well.  One could say, I have a bad hair day when the morning conversations do not go well.

   Each one of us has tactics and methods to help create the positive energy we need in our day to have a good day, to be able to get the things done that require our attention or to reach our goals or even to step it up and get that little bit of extra out of the day we are looking for.  This is mine and I would like to suggest that it works for just about everyone that I have met that has ever really given it a go.

   Here is my challenge to you.  Write down what kind of day you want to have, something real, write it down and a positive statement that says it clearly and simply, don't hesitate to go a little beyond.  Take these few statements, say about 4 or 5.  Clear your head for just about 10 minutes early as your day is just getting started and repeat them to yourself in a very positive upbeat way until you can "feel" them.  Take the positive energy and move forward with your day!


"Today is a great day!  Great things happen and I find it easy to be filled with joy and love for everyone I meet today!  It is very easy for me to be a positive influence in the lives of others today!  I feel great positive karma in my life today!  What a great day!"

   I will repeat that 4 or 5 times, maybe more if I am really feeling it or feel that I need a little bit more convincing.  Once you can really feel it, you will know what I mean after a practicing this for a couple of weeks, it can make a HUGE difference in your life.  

   Our minds are like computers in the fact that they follow their programming pretty closely, The great thing is that we can change the programming if we want to. This is one of the best ways I have found.  

   Give it a try, tell me if you feel it works or if I just took up 10 minutes of your morning to make you feel silly.  Either way, let me know.  I would love to hear from you and to find out if you are like me.  After all, I would love to find out that you are in control of your programming. ;D

   Put it to the test. In the end, it could make a positive impact in your life!

   May you find joy, love and peace in your life.  May you find great power in being able to have a conversation with yourself each morning!

Power to those who listen to positive thoughts!

Billy B


  1. I call mine, "My morning talks with God." Every morning right after I pour my coffee, I step out back, and pray. I read the devotional and Bible- The days I wake LATE, and am in such a rush that I don't even get my coffee, (which is rare, thank goodness, but has happened) it DOES throw my day off. May you find the love and joy in your daily life Billy :)

  2. Hi, Thanks for sharing. I always wake up with a smile and said to myself " thank GOD that I'm given another day to live. And looking forward to a beautiful day."
    Life is short, no time for jealousy, hatred or live in sorrow.
    May you have a beautiful day.

  3. hi there,
    Very inspirational post today honey. Certainly makes you realise you should stop for at least 5 mins each day and just be thankful for life and surroundings and most of all loved ones.
    best wishes eve.x

  4. Thank you for the read. I take time for my prayers each morning as well. I would be lost without connecting everyday.

    Yes, good coffee helps ;D

    Thank you for the comments!

  5. Thanks Billy,I could use the reminder. Maybe I would not get into so much trouble if I did more self-affirmation. God loves me anyway. That's why he lets me find the angels, or they find me. Which ever, it works.

    Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  6. Dear WBC, tag, you're it. You have another award waiting for you on my blog. Pick it up, visit the little darling or head to greener pastures. Just wanted to say well done. Cheers -Kelly

  7. Thank you! (Sincere HUG)... I will follow up on it here very soon. ;D

  8. This is a great reminder for me. Thanks, WilyBCool.