Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Morning!

   Good morning!  I hope that all of your are having a great and marvelous day!  The picture above is from yesterday and has nothing to do with the weather outside today.  For if I did include a picture of today's weather you would think that I had moved to Seattle or someplace similar.

   Never the less, in my heart it is a beautiful kind of day!  There is joy, color, taste, texture and smell that all lead to one conclusion and one conclusion only, It is a marvelous day!

   Although there is a certain tendency some rainy days to go into zombie mode, that just isn't the case today.  In fact there is an invigorating energy going on deep down and moving towards the surface with some tenacity.  I hope you can feel it too!  It's just to good not to share.

      I wish you each a fabulous day that starts from somewhere inside the best parts of you, gaining momentum until it breaks forth into the light of day bringing a smile and deep abiding joy to you and those within the circle of your glow.

Peace, joy and may your cup runneth over. ;D

Billy B



  1. I am having a wonderful day... I enjoy your blog, very uplifting

  2. Hi willy, good afternoon to you. How was your day?
    Thank you for sharing your morning message, the 2nd picture look great.

    BTW, I'm surprise you're using Baoding balls for 17 years? So you must be very good at rolling it? I just started, so half the time I'm chasing after the balls all over the house. LOL

    Have a great day. Regards

  3. You're not good until you can roll 3 in each hand. ;D Not saying that it's easy, somedays, it's not worth trying. A friend introduced them to me a long time ago. Thank you for the comments!

  4. Wow! Thanks for that! I hope my day is just like you described. I love the clouds in that last picture! I plan to have a fabulous day amidst the rain that is here, too. I hope you do, too!

  5. Thank you for posting on my blog, I agree... we can all have a wonderful day even if the weather isn't perfect out there. We can make it wonderful inside us:)

  6. It's rainy here too, but it's spring! Soon our days will be filled with blue skies. I wish you a fabulous day too! :)

    -- Susan

  7. No matter if the sun comes up or is the rain that runs the day, it is important to play hard every day!