Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's own reward.

   This is from an entry I made on facebook, it felt relevant to what this blog was all about.

   "Love is the greatest motivator in life. You will spend most of your life either looking for it, protecting and defending it, building it, running from it or destroying it. In every relationship, there will be days that you will not like the person you love. The real test of anyone's character is whether you will listen to the shouts of dislike or do you listen to the whisper of love ever present in the background.
   Love is the one thing in life that will only grow when shared and exposed to the risks of rejection, misunderstanding and indifference but, it also rewards those who are patience, long suffering and willing to put love out there and face the risks. Love rewards those who share it fearlessly. Love, in the end, is it's own reward." 

   My challenge to you is to decide for yourself, which is more important to you, defending and protecting who you imagine yourself to be or do you risk you self image to find out who you can become?

   Peace, friends.  May a life filled with love be your ultimate reward.

Billy B


  1. I believe in defending and protecting love... yes I know it's not always easy, sometimes it is downright hard but it is always worth it.

    Thanks for this great post Billy B

  2. Such a great post! I am a defender...