Friday, March 23, 2012

Space within.

   Here is a picture looking over the Great Salt Lake from Salt Air towards Stansbury Island.  It looks like a scene from John Carter or similar to me. It's genuine and unaltered taken with my cell phone even though it looks like a digital image. I loved it and felt the need to share it with you.

   The ability of nature to create such fleeting beauty, beauty so amazing as to leave me speechless oft'times, has always amazed me and as I get older and gain perspective I feel the need to pay more attention to it so that I can remember it is not about me.  It's like being on a small boat way out in the ocean.  How can you not feel small and not be impressed by the shear beauty and power of nature?

   As I listened to one of the many CD's I have on my drive home last night (I recommend using your drive time as educational time, the rolling university, as some would say.), John C Maxwell was talking about how priorities put things in perspective.  How they allow you to sort through the minutia of daily life to know what should be given attention and what should be let go by the way side.  In this way, we can stay focused on the activities and endeavors that give us the highest return on our time, attention and effort.  To restate it, living our lives not the lives that others dictate for us.  We will still have the "required of us" and then the "on purpose" activities and then finally the "reward" activities. Balance must be had and when we stay focused on these simple guidelines, it can simplify life immensely.  Having the discipline to do it takes time and conscious effort to develop but rewards us and the ones we love ten fold over living in the proverbial fast lane.
   Another picture from only 5 minutes early than the first looking in a different direction.

   One of the priorities I have set in my life, one that could use a little more focus on, is remembering to create space.  To just pay attention to the quiet stillness within each day and allow that space to have presence.

   By giving this space presence and influence in daily life, the task of sorting through the demands of each day to know which ones should get attention and which ones shouldn't seems to be much easier and with much less conflict or confusion.  It grants perspective that would otherwise be hard to bring to bare.

   What simple activity allows you to find space and perspective in your life?  Does it allow you to focus on priorities?  Have you clearly defined your priorities?  If not, I suggest you take time and create some space within to ponder and consider what is most important and what gives you and your loved ones the biggest and best returns of your efforts and attention.

   My wish is that you have a marvelous day!  Filled with joy and presence.  That this presence creates joy for others.  

Peace, space within and marvelous moments to you this fine, beautiful day!

Billy B


  1. I think this is great, great advice. I try to make the most of every minute. Sometimes life gets busy, but there are definitely times where we need to set aside time to prioritize our lives and moments.

    The end result is that life is sweeter.

  2. Excellent advice. I've been trying to introduce a little bit of meditation in my daily life.

    By the way, the John Carter movie was GREAT! My soul mate and I went to see it about a week ago.

  3. Lovely words of wisdom, Billy B. This really resonated with me: “Balance must be had and when we stay focused on these simple guidelines, it can simplify life immensely.” So very true.

    As for space and perspective, I meditate daily. Going within helps immensely. Enjoying, truly appreciating, the wonders of nature gives me wings, yet keeps me grounded at the same time…balance. :)

  4. Yeah that is the best advice on can follow, even with the rat race, it is always good to take time out. With no balance one will wake up years later and realize they haven't done much at all.