Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sometimes you have to look to see the rainbow.

   It can be so easy to get caught up in life and the many duties and necessities of daily life.  Sometime there are amazing blessings or even miracles going on around us and we don't even notice them.

   I was taking a couple of pictures (it's turning fall and fall skies always draw me in) and noticed only when I paused to see which direction might have the best view, there had been a rainbow faintly showing right in front of me.

   I learned a new word recently, phone-ography, the other day.  We, meaning my wife and kids and I, where walking through a gallery in Trolley Square and saw this little sign that talked about the creative works of people who where using cell phones for artistic images. Funny, I used mine just because that's all I could really carry with me.  There were images of amazing beauty and grace that hung there.  Talent has a way of showing through no matter what the medium.

   What do you think is probably going on around you that you may not have noticed?  Or, what did you notice only after a while that drew you in and centered you just a little?  Can taking just a minute to appreciate beauty, no matter it's form serve a good purpose in your life?  If so, how can you share that with others?

   Source Forum.woodenboats.com

   In the adventure known as life, there are many experiences I have failed to appreciate and just as many that could use more than what I have given them.  I know this, there is only one day each month you can truly appreciate life, today.  I hope that you will take advantage of this marvelous day and show some love for the beauty and joy around you and within you.

   To you and those around you I give the gift appreciation.  Your presence here this day is a blessing.  The best kind of blessing that creation can offer.  You are the miracle that is today.

Billy B.


  1. Billy another awesome uplifting post, amazing:)

  2. How lovely this piece is! Thank you. I needed to read something like this today. Blessings to you and your loved ones.