Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Urgent, not important.

"The world is a spiritual vessel that cannot be controlled....

Sometimes you lead
Sometimes you follow
Sometimes you are stifled
Sometimes you breathe easy
Sometimes you are strong
Sometimes you are weak
Sometimes you destroy
And sometimes you are destroyed

Hence the sage shuns excess
Shuns grandiosity
Shuns arrogance"

Lao Tzu

   I wish that my prose could communicate so much in so little.  I have been pondering the seeming contradictions of Taoist teachings.  To have, let go as an example.

   A magazine article I read several years ago still sticks with me.  It is from Sail magazine, the author wrote about someone with uncommon wisdom, that when in a situation that seemed to demand immediate action, he would sit back and consider if any action at all was really necessary.  The article has stuck with me as I learned about prioritizing using a simple system.

1. Important, not urgent.
2. Urgent, not important.
3. Not urgent, not important.
4. Important, and urgent.

   Under this basic system it is easier to sort out what needs immediate action or attention and what does not.  Some things are Urgent, but not Important. Usually something to delegate or even not attend to at all.  Say a phone call that feels like you need to tell someone something but, if considered will make little or no change or impact.  Important but not Urgent, spending time with family.  VERY Important but does not appear Urgent.  This needs consideration and planning to make sure it happens or we will end up treating it like we should the Urgent but, not Important issues.

  What system do you use to prioritize the details and actions of your life?  Do we always get them right?  I know that in my human state, I often misread such things and may even assign them the wrong priority.  I have spend years and still need to spend time correcting my priorities when it comes to family.

   I recommend that we all have a way to sort out the priorities that life hands us.  This blog has become Important, not Urgent.  My employment is both Urgent and Important, even if I feel that I should be doing something else.  Time to meditate each morning, Important, not Urgent yet, so very necessary.  Keeping employees on task,  Urgent and Important.

   When I use this little system to prioritize the tasks required of me, I am much more productive in attending to my responsibilities.  I need to make sure to use it in capacities outside of work, as well.

   May each one of us, find and live the core details of our daily lives.  May we each learn to attend to the Important and not listen to those things that demand being Urgent, not Important.

   Peace, Love, Family and wisdom to you all.  May you live deeply this day and love completely this moment.

Billy B


  1. I tend to want to switch priorities--I guess to make important ones feel more manageable while using less important ones to feel more productive. So this is good advice!

  2. Juggling priorities in today's busy life can get quite hard at times, this blog post certainly helped, so thanks honey :)
    Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog on your comment "you are welcome"
    Eve :)