Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Immediate Decisions.

   Within each and everyone of us there are struggles that go on.  Sometimes those struggles are very apparent and sometimes not.  In my youth, for whatever reason, perhaps because I do come across quite different than most people around me, (more so as a child) I was very insecure and dealt with many self doubt issues.  I think most of us do in one way or another or at one or more points in our lives.

   I read daily from many tomes of wisdom, I have realized that most of the messages they all seem to be trying to share with us is to help each one of us find our place in creation.  Helping us to see ourselves in the bigger picture and learning to be comfortable with it.  Understanding that can help, a lot.  The challenge lies in realizing it for ourselves.  One of the most amazing things about human nature is that we can accomplish so much even when we don't know how just because we believe that we can or even more bizarre, just because we didn't realize we couldn't.  I know people who have done the nearly impossible and felt as if it was "nothing really" just because it seemed quite possible to them or that they didn't understand it to be otherwise.

   How do we break free of these internal limiting factors?  A good question, a very good question.  I cannot claim to have some magic kernel of knowledge here, only to know what has worked for me in those instances where I have.  There is a a quote or statement about how "It is not about how much you know.  It is about how much you believe!".  I would agree whole heartedly.  I would also like to say that there is some truth to the "fake it till your make it" club of thinking.  Both have worked for me in the past.  

   I now face a bunch of new challenges as my paradigm has gone through a dramatic change lately.  I can feel old beliefs trying to fight their way to the surface.  I understand what a poison they could be to me and the new path I have started.  Knowing does seem to be half the battle, sadly not always the easy side. I do believe in the power of decision.  I also know that for me, sometimes it takes turning a decision into habit to get the results that I require or need.

  As an example, when I wanted to start meditating each morning.  I knew it was good for me and I had made the decision to do it, however I could not seem to get up early enough to enjoy solitude in the house many mornings until I made it into a habit.  Many of the blessing and peace that I experience from meditation in the mornings really only came once the habit had formed.

   Are there situations that no matter how much you do your best to "commit" to a decision you cannot pull it off until you form a habit of it?  Are there little differences that will help you to complete a decision on a more immediate basis?  How do you complete your decisions?

   I will leave you with one last one that was immediate for me.  Soon after my lovely bride and I were married, say only six months or so.  A very attractive and charming women I had pursued in the past (who by the way had never showed any interest in me), once she knew I had married, approached me and started to flirt and come on to me quite a bit.   I remember thinking how odd that she would show interest now.  Mostly, I was a bit mad as to think that she thought something had changed to make me more attractive to her.  It took only  few moments to realize I had to make a decision.  I knew in my heart that I would never forgive myself if I strayed, I never wanted to face my beautiful wife and have to admit to any such travesty.  I made a decision that I would never stray.  That was that, although it did not eliminate temptations, as they will still come along, there is no question in my mind about them and they bare me no real credence or interest.  This one is dramatic, I agree.  It is cut and dry because the decision was never in doubt once made.

   Are there decisions like this for you?

   May we all find the key to living life on purpose.  May you find the one decision that will allow you to be completely at peace with your own, very important and immeasurably wonderful and valuable life.

Peace and love be yours.

Billy B



  1. My pastor once told me, that we're human, we have negative or thougts that we know in our hearts may not be "right." But what makes the difference, is whether we act out on those thoughts or not. I tend to smile a lot, and people may take that like I don't care, but, I don't like holding negative things in, such a waste. I TRY my darndest to remember, if I leave it all in God's hands, that it will be OK :)
    Much Peace and Blessings Billy~

  2. Yes, I would agree. I look at us sometimes as having programming and we have a lot of control over that programming if we chose. We can eliminate the bad programming with good programming if we chose.

    Thank you for your comment and for visiting ;D I love it!