Friday, November 25, 2011


   Thank you so much to Gene Pool Diva and this awesome award that she gave me!  She has a really fun blog about family and something that most of us can appreciate because family is the one place where we are all allowed to be the messed up people that we are. ;D

   "Liebster" is a German word meaning dearest and the award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Here is how it works.

1 Show some love and link back to the one that gave you the award.  Diminishing Gene Pool

2 Reveal your Top 5 Blogs (with less than 200 followers) and let them know by leaving comments on their blogs.

3 Post the award on your blog.

4 Enjoy the love and support of the most supportive people on the web!
Here are my 5.

1.) Mainly Mug Ups is a great blog with both stories, folk tales and poetry.  I adore her writing style and it's hard to resist the charm of her blog.

2.) I Take the Pen is a fabulous little blog that will challenge you to write a quicky based off of some simple prompt words, she then hands out an award and an honorable mention based off the entries.  A fun way to challenge yourself!

3.) I know that I am breaking the rules because he has about 300 followers, I have to recommend him because he has a great blog that I pay attention to almost daily. Where Sky Meets Ground.  He was also very nice to give me the Lovely Blog Award and I appreciate his attention.  I hope you enjoy his blog as much as I do!

4.)  Skipping Stone Memories is one that I follow closely. Very down to earth, warm and friendly. Just feels like home kind of blog.

5.)  Casting Pearls is very thoughtful Christian oriented blog with a lot about family and down to earth values.  A very good vibe.

Honorable Mention!!! Em Dashes and Icecream.  Just go check it out, the rest will explain itself. ;D

   I hope that you get the chance to follow up on each one of them. If you like what you read, follow them! You will not be disappointed.

Peace, love and THANKSGIVING to all, warm beds, full bellies and appreciation to all!

Billy B


  1. Thanks so much Wily for thinking of me! I appreciate all you do to help me out and you know I love your blog, too. Congrats on winning this award.

  2. Thanks Wily. I followed your trail to some great blogs. Enjoy the season. -Kelly

  3. congrats on your award wily you certainly deserve it you have an awesome blog x

  4. congrats! Hope you had an awesome day :)

  5. Thank you everyone! I hope that everyone is recuperating from Thanksgiving well!


  6. Thank you so much for this award! I am enjoying your blog as well. I have added you to the sidebar of my blog so I can be sure not to miss any of your posts. Thanks again for the award and kind words. Happy weekend! :)

  7. Wily--

    Thanks so much for breaking the rules (:D) to include me. I'm not sure I'm worthy of your praise, but I certainly do appreciate it.

    Now I'm off to check out your other recommendations! :D