Wednesday, November 2, 2011


   One of my sons is Autistic.  His life has been one of the greatest blessings anyone could ever imagine in my life.  Not perhaps, in the ways that you might think either.  He has proven to be one of the easiest children to raise in many aspects.  Very mild mannered, clear headed and incredibly selfless.  Yes, there have been challenges and there may still be some to come however, the real blessing he brings to my life is that of no ego.

   He lives free from the need to justify himself, to defend himself.  Why lie when you have no need to protect who you imagine yourself to be?  I have known immense peace simply because I have seen what the state of no ego is like and experienced it's magic first hand.  To be around my son is to be with someone who is completely genuine and without airs.

   Why do we (I ask myself this rhetorically) need to feel like we are right?  Why do we at times feel we need to prove that we are wrong or right or anything?  It seems that no matter what, most of the humans I have ever met, have a deep attachment to what we believe is our personal story.  That what has happened (whether simple perception or reality) needs to be explainable in a story.  That we are convinced in some way that the story is who we are.

   So, the question begs to be asked, if the story changed, would we cease to be who we are?  If the story went away, do we go away too?  This is where the logic of the ego starts to fall apart.  The problem is, that like all egos, when proven wrong they become belligerent or hide behind an opinion or obstinate stance on the subject or some subject  (not that it matters as long as it feels justified about it).

  Ok, so it sounds like I'm talking in circles.  This is how it sounds should you take a step back and listen to the conversations of mind.

   Do you know someone who is without ego?  What kind of example or blessing have they been in your life? Have you really noticed?  Some would criticize individuals like my son or others who some would call a "fool".  Referring to characters within the world of theatrics and fiction.  Yet, how can we.  Our goal is to return to the states of no ego, to evolve beyond our ego centric existence.  In and effort to live freely experiencing life live!  Not by experiencing it through the narration of the mind.

  Ultimately, our goal is to get to the point where the mind takes it's proper place as a tool of our current existence and not something that we mistake for "who we are."

   May you be completely at ease in your own skin.  May this peace and one-ness of being permeate your presence so that others are blessed by it.  Most of all, may you be selfless, without a false self image, willing to assist others simply because they are.

Peace and balance to you.

Billy B


  1. I think ego goes hand-in-hand with insecurities. Insecurities seem to be human nature, so we feel we need to prove something. We defend our thoughts, our beliefs to hide our inner uncertainty.

    Many people have voiced their blessings in knowing an autistic child, or a mentally disabled child, because they have no inhibitions. They’re open and “live freely experiencing life”.

    Nice post, Billy.

  2. Hi there,
    I am just popping in from Alex's insecure writers group and it's taking me to get around everybody's blogs and say "hi". I will pop by your blog as often as I can. Nice to "meet" you.
    Eve. :)

  3. Thank you for the visit! I appreciate your comments and thank you everyone for stopping by!