Monday, November 21, 2011



   I met a young lady recently that I have to admit could not see the miracle that she is!  I was truly humbled to realize that she has struggled with the value that creation placed in her and in her opportunity to experience life. 

   Do we realize that there is so much value in our presence here, this day, right where you are, that your are here!  If you were not meant to be here, today, you wouldn't be.  Creation/God does not chose by chance or by role of the dice as to whether you should be here.

   Just like the picture above represents to me, we are adventurers!  Sent here to figure out for what purpose we are here for and to fulfill that purpose.  We all have such amazing talents and gifts!  We are here to share those gifts and talents with others, to create value and joy, to bring love into the lives of others.

   This beautiful young lady has so much talent within her.  It is my wish that she discovers how much talent is within her and those gifts that help us create love and joy in the lives of others.  It is my sincere wish for all of us.  There is greatness inherent to each and everyone of us.  We are godseed, children of creation.  We are here to evolve beyond the ego and to move past self centered life (Ego-centric) and to live selfless or live nonego-centric lives.  

   How do you move beyond the doubts that limit your productivity, your relationships and your experience in life?  How do we help others to see the potential within themselves?  For those of us with children, how do we install love and respect for oneself in our children?  How can we help others to love themselves until we do? (You can take this question several ways, as intended.)

   May we all see and realize our own sacred nature, may we help to increase awareness of this within everyone we meet.  Most of all, let's not let anyone, ever, ever consider looking for a way out because they do not see the value in their own life, their own existence and presence in this life.  The only real tragedy is when we let someone believe in a lack of value in themselves.  They did not fail, we did.  

Peace, Love, Joy and sharing to you and those you meet.

Billy B


  1. Nicely said. Thanks.

    I sincerely appreciate your comment at my site today.

  2. I've seen this time and again and I've also been this person time and again. I think the most important question you asked is if we can show other how to be loved if we don't love ourselves. Whenever I ask myself how I would teach my children to do something I remember that they aren't going to do it if I don't do it. It's as simple as that :) Have a great day!

  3. It amazes me the incredible people that I meet who don't even see it! It breaks my heart and tears me up when they refuse to see it.

    Thank you for your comments!