Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Please do not feed the fears.

   One of my friends posted an image on Facebook the other day that I really like.  I do not know the exact source of the image, I can tell you that the more I ponder it, the more I like it!
   The one thing I have learned about the mind is that if you sit and listen to it's ramblings, labeling and spoutings is that it is utterly insane!  With that in mind (very tongue in cheek), here is the question of the day...

   Why do we give voice or credence to our fears?

   I know from my experience that there have been many times that I knew I had a potentially unpleasant encounter, meeting, customer, situation or otherwise coming and I would just run the whole thing over in my head many times and slowly (not always slowly, for that sake) it would grow into something worthy of SoapOpera screenplay!  Everything would be blown out of proportion and nothing was reasonable anymore. Other than the silly justifications my mind had invented to explain why it had gone there in the first place, non of it would apply to real life.  Thank heavens I am bad at listening to or acting upon such things.

  I believe this is why mob rule is so dangerous.  All of the voices of the mind, get together and start acting out the insanity!

   More to the point.  Do we really need to provide these fears with any food for more thought?  I've found that I can't reason with such things, it's like trying to carry on a conversation with someone who just won't listen.  We who have children know what this is like in real life, it's worse when it's just in your head.

  I love the quote, even though I do not know the author "Get out of your head and into your heart."  When we live from our core, the mind has less sway on our actions and by listening to the background chatter less, living becomes much easier.  We move from being an armchair spectator to being a participant in our own lives!

   When we fail to realize that we are not our minds, then we allow ourselves to believe that we are that insane collection of thoughts and observations going on in our heads.  When we realize that Jean Paul Sartre had it backwards, "I think therefor I am." because it really is "I am, therefor I think."  It becomes easy to see that the mind is a tool of our current state of living. It is not who we are.

   May you be able to sit back and observe the thinker within today. You may just laugh!

Peace and good humor to each and everyone of you today!

Billy B

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