Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gore and Glory.


Cleave to the moment
Acknowledging no credit
Create do not own

   One of the greatest lessons that I have perceived from reading the Tao Te Ching is that there is grace in a life well lived that claims nothing.  Meaning, the one who does most and claims least, sleeps best.

   Many people that I converse with about the message within the prose of the Tao Te Ching have questioned the relevance in our times and conditions.  Looking at it several different ways, I think I have the answer.  It is as relevant as we make it.  No message can have impact on us or the quality of our experience that we do not allow.  An other way to express this is to say that quality of life is much more an internal accomplishment than an external situation.

   The people I have encountered that seem to me to have the highest quality of life often have little in the way of worldly possessions and even less worldly attachments and hang ups.  They recognize and appreciate all that the world has to offer and only have what they need plus a few items that they use for activity, such as specific reading materials, perhaps a boat or camper.  An item that they use as part of activities that allow them to participate in life and relationships with the ones they love.  There are some souls that I have met that have had quite a lot in the way of worldly means and possessions that also have a very high quality of life yet, these souls to do find or define themselves in their possessions.  If fact, they hold little attachment to the possessions they may have accumulated.

   In my studies it has been said that the last hurdle to true self awareness or enlightenment is detachment.  I now believe that to be detachment from things, titles and stories not participation or enjoyment of life.  It may sound at odds with one another to be detached yet fully immersed in life.  Perhaps this is the greatest mystery of them all.  How do we become fully involved and participate at the highest levels in our lives without looking for ourselves it all?

   I would suggest that it takes perspective, a perspective that allow one to be completely at ease with who they are, no need for self image or justification.  No need to be anyone or anything to anyone.  Simply to thrill in living!  Possibly the greatest form of appreciation would be to love and enjoy life without demands or seeing anything in any of it other than life in it's own glory.

   I wish I could find who the quote is from, I've had no luck in my searches.  Someone once said, "Life is not fair but, it's worth doing."  There is a very good movie that Bill Murray did that I recommend, it's call "The Razor's Edge."  It's about a man who get's back from WWI and cannot find himself in his old life or in society, he set's off for Europe to discover what life is for.  Just a good film.  In one scene he was talking about a love he had and how he, at a certain point, thought that she was a reward for living a good life only to realize that the only reward for living well is life it'self.  

   I love the phrase, "life in all of it's gore and glory"  because it is!  Life is it's own reward and what an amazing award it can be!  Have you ever stopped just to admire the smile of an infant?  Have you taken time to notice the wonderful fragrance of your lovers hair?  Have you seen the glow of laughter in the eyes of your children?  I cannot imagine, even if I tried for a thousand lifetimes, that there could be any greater reward than the gift of love from someone, to spend time with them, to be wholly present with them.  Be it any situation, around a fire and sharing a simple conversation or meal, or just enjoying a nap with them.

   Is there any greater reward than to love deeply, to be loved and to share moments with those you share love with?

   May you find a precious moment or two with the ones you love today.  May you be there completely and immersed wholly in their presence.  

    Your children need your presence more than your presents.
Jesse Jackson

   Peace, love in the fullest and most of all, I wish for you today a golden moment with the ones your share love.

Billy B


  1. Nice post.Thank You. I love it when I'm fully engaged and know that the person I'm with is also.

  2. This is another great post. I agree. The more things you have, the more things have you! I have had some wonderful moments today spent freely with loved ones. It cost little, but the rewards were big!

  3. Time spent with family and friends is probably the greatest reward we can have. Of course, we need to build relationships that matter with them. ;D
    Thank you for your comments and the read.

  4. Another beautiful and inspiring post Billy. How true are the words you have left here for us to read.
    Much Peace & Blessings

  5. I got to spend a LOT of time with family this weekend. It was so great! I really loved your last quote.

  6. I so agree! Time is much more valuable than things :)