Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gratitude Meditation.

   Keeping with the spirit of the season,  I thought it would be good to show some gratitude and thanks giving for the many, many blessings in my life and share a simple meditation that allows one to perform a quick "check up from the neck up" if you will.

   Make a short list, say about a dozen, of the the things that you are grateful for.  Take a few minutes to feel thankful for and ponder what blessings each one of the items on your list brings into your life.  As you feel the appreciation and gratitude, you will feel a release of stress as the complications, situations and challenges in your life become insignificant compared to your blessings.

Here is my list.

My lovely wife, best friend and companion.
My dear friends that wear the title of my children.
Breath, health and activity.
Employment and professional purpose to give refinement and reflection to my days.
The privilege to meet new people each day and to become acquainted with their marvelous points of view.
My many online friends whose blogs I read and enjoy, the many visits and comments they make on mine.
The friends who challenge me to find new ways to communicate this fire that burns within me, to share ideas and vision with others about the immense and magical event we share called LIFE!

   Remember, problems only exist in your head where you can't do anything about them.  Situations are what you have when you are faced with a challenge in the present moment.  Don't confuse problems with situations.  One is in your head, one is what you deal with and work through in your daily life.

   May you find out how blessed you are as you make your list.  May you show love and appreciation to God/Creation and others for your many, many blessings!  May you find peace in the acknowledgement of your blessings.  May you be in awe of the innumerable blessings you never even realize!!!

  What is the most unusual item that turned up on your list?

Peace, Love and Gratitude to you, your family and those within the circle of your presence.

Billy B.


  1. I'm not sure if awards are your thing, but I've given you one over at my place. Thanks for keeping things so groovy! :D

  2. Lovely post as usual.

    Most important thing I heard today was on the YouTube in your margin.

    Cassandra Barney said: "Be where your feet are."Wow, that blew me away.

    For me gratitude is all about that, being present, being engaged, and being in love.

    Congrats on the award. You do have a 'Lovely Blog'.

  3. Thank you for the honor! I am humbled and appreciate the award!

    The best thing about this blog is the followers. They have been awesome and make up a large part of it (for me at least).

    I will make sure to check out the other blogs on your list. Everyone can check out his blog at