Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Best Day!

   Today, I apologize to you who stop by regularly that I have not been able to get my entries in on a timely manner lately.  I am needing to re-arrange my schedule and habits some so that I can devote the time to it each day.  I feel it is very important to get what is in me out where others can participate and enjoy.

   Of every lesson that I have ever learned, I have learned that one has more leverage for change in our daily lives than anything else when it comes to practices and efforts.   It is consistency.  Any noteworthy practice, if given it's due over a period of time, be it weeks, months or a lifetime can create results that would be impossible by any other means.  Example, an athlete repeats  an action over and over again  in sessions over a periods of years and get's to the point that the action is now habit, thoughtless, automatic, and with this acquired muscle memory the athlete can now focus on refining the details and the outcome of the effort so that they no long have to think about or place any concentration on the action itself.  IE,  A pro basketball player making foul shots.  When you don't have to think about hand placement and foot placement or the order of movements only on the aim, the outcome.

   The question is, how does that apply to our own lives.  I'm no pro athlete, nor will I be however, I am human and have the desire to create good works and positive impact.  Reading from great works each day.  The reading becomes habit, the words themselves may with consistency fall to the wayside so the I may focus on the message, the spirit of the work or perhaps the effect it will have on my day and the effectiveness of my efforts.  Another one could be meditation or prayer (I will treat them both as the same thing for this instance). Through practice, repetition and patience of use, consistently over time one can get to the point that attention does not need to be placed on the act of meditation/prayer.  One can focus on the feeling, the intentions and the outcome or purpose of the effort.  Great masters of the human race have achieved marvels from the Buddha to Christ, to St. Augustine to everyday people who have been able to connect to the brilliance and inspiration that underlies every noble deed and life through consistent effort.

   Just as I became very good at one point in my selling because I practiced, studied and participated daily in the act there of, so can I at being a positive influence to others by practicing, studying and participating in creating good will, broader horizons, love for all humanity and open mindedness each and every day.

   Here are several items I give daily attention and consistent effort to;   Love, love one another.   Stillness, being still at my core so that I may not be whisked away into reaction instead of considerate action.  Peace, no conflict within or without.  Do not take things personally, so that I may be a participant instead of a passenger in my daily life.

   What items do you focus on daily that increases the value of your daily life?  Is there specific ones that you feel should get more attention or that you should do that your are not currently practicing consistently?  How can this have a negative effect if the wrong item is given consistent attention?

   It is my hope that through intention and consistency you are able to improve the quality of your daily life and the lives of those within your influence.   I pray for great peace, great presence and love in your lives.

   Today is the best day to start something good!

Billy B



  1. Several things I learned to release to obtain a better, more positive life are these: negativity, bitterness, and unforgiveness. These corrode the container that holds them. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post.

  2. I hold LOVE... For God, My famikly and friends
    I hold FORGIVENESS... Its such a waste of energy to keep negativity inside
    And I hold FAITH... to count my daily blessings, and to be thankful.

    Great Blog!

    Also - I gave you an award on my blog today! Come by and grab it when you can :)

  3. Thank you guys! I always love the feedback. ;D