Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prose for the moment

I read for a few minutes from the Tao Te Ching each morning, I am always impressed by the power of prose and what can be communicated in such few words.

Having always been attracted to prose, as you know a fan of the Haiku.  Perhaps today is a good day to share just a couple from my pen and see if their message rings true.

Smile and warm the soul
Lifting others from within
Sun only has more glow

Simple light
Opening eyes wide
Being there

Friends are all we are
Can you be more than heart strings
The grand sum of love

I hope that you can feel the power of connection with those around you.

May there be grace in the way you live today.  May the power of your smile light the way for others to take the chill off of their challenges this fine day.  May you have the power to love without prejudice.

Peace, love and warm smiles to you.

Billy B


  1. I forgot for a moment to thank everyone for visiting.

    Thank you! ;D

  2. Such a positive, warm, feeling to your prose, I LOVE it!

  3. Wonderful haiku's. For me, prose and poetry, both have an equal impact on my mind.