Thursday, November 3, 2011

When you say nothing at all.

 "Hear with your ears and listen with your whole body."

   Although I do not know where this quote comes from, I have heard it several times in my life and have only begin to understand it in the last couple of years.

   Another one is "There is no greater gift you can give someone than your presence."  I know that Jesse Jackson said something similar to it about your presence being the greatest present you can give your kids.  Still very much along the same lines.  Although I am going to follow more general lines right now.

   I find that there are many times that I am having a conversation with someone only to notice that I may have wondered from the point, internally.  I am always embarrassed when I catch myself.  This is one of the disciplines I have been working on for years now.  I believe it is because of something that can be the kiss of death for any conversation, when we believe we already know what is being said and where it is going.  When we assume, we lose the right to experience anything new in a conversation, to experience the joy of surprise because we quit being engaged.

   Do we have the right to determine that someone has said all they can say on any given subject?  Are words all that we share when we converse?  When we talk about quality time with our kids, is it different words or a different level of presence?  I've noticed that the best quality time I spend with my kids and the ones I love, fewer words are exchanged, or maybe I just listen a lot of the time.  How many times have you had an important conversation with your spouse or significant other and barely exchanged any words?  A look, a glance, a smile or just the curl of the corner of their mouth is all that is needed to communicate something.

  One of my favorite songs is by Alison Krause "When you say nothing at all."  It is very romanticized yet, it can be so very true!

  How much courage does it take to eliminate the protective barriers we put up to communicate on this level with someone?  To give someone complete presence, all assumptions must be eliminated and we get to bask in the glow of their presence, their sound and aura, their spirit.  It's the nuances and communication that goes far beyond the capacity of words that really communicates, it's up to us to chose at what level we chose to commune with someone.  Do we do it on just the surface, words?  Do you prefer to commune on the level of intellect?  Not that this is bad, or do we chose to commune with others on the level or heart or even soul?

  I claim no perfection.  It is probably obvious to those who know me that I have so much yet to learn here.  I bring this up because I am now able to notice some of these things.  Perhaps one day I will become a great communicator and be able to fulfill my life wish and goal.  My purpose.  To create real enduring value for others and for humanity.

   May you notice the brightness is someones eyes that you converse with today.  May you be inspired by the meaning and not the words of another.  May you inspire someone by your intentions and your presence this marvelous day!

Love, hugs and peace.

Billy B



  1. I think I enjoy communicating the most with my heart. Whether I'm right or wrong, at least I'm being true to myself...and sometimes silence is the best way to convey feelings.

  2. Hi wily,
    Thank you so much for stopping by by blog, always great to meet a fellow blogger and writer :)
    I agree totally with Bea above, I too like to communicate with my heart, but I'm also very guarded, I only communicate my heart with my loved ones. Great blog post. Very deep.
    Eve. :)

  3. Thank you for your visits and your comments. Bea and Eve, I try to get to each new post. ;D

    Have an awesome weekend!!