Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Currents Deeper within.

 I had to use this picture just to give myself some hope of warmer weather, meaning we are currently experiencing the first snow storm of the season here in Salt Lake City today.  I'm not against the seasons,  I'm just better equipped to shed heat instead of retain it.

   I have to acknowledge that I am in the midst of a challenge this day.  I awoke this morning and could immediately sense the irritation under the surface and that it would be there looking for an opportunity to rear it's ugly head today..  So today's challenge is to keep in touch with the stillness and peace that lies deeper within.

   There are many different little techniques that can help with this.  You probably already have a couple of your own.  I usually start with breathing exercises and go from there if needed.  Reading from the Tao Te Ching is one that has helped when not much else does.  In dire circumstances, riding a bicycle is amazingly effective when weather and time allow.

  Today, like many of us, I will be tested to keep a connection with peace and my core.  I may lose it for brief moments however,  I am so thankful that I can perceive when it happens now!  Not to many years ago, it would just be a bad day.  Now, peace can still have it's say, the storm can stir the surface and I can control the currents deep within.

   May you find your peace within.  May love rule over chaos and irritation in your life.

   Peace, above all else, peace from within.  A wellspring of joy and a foundation of love in your life and the lives of those in your circle of influence.

Billy B


  1. What a nice post. Thank you very much. Picture looks like where I live. Don't envy you the early snow. I spent way to much of my life living at altitudes over a mile high, (once at 10,300' above sea level). Now I enjoy the beach.

  2. This is a cool thing that needs to happen is learning when the bad days are coming so that we can prepare for them and adjust to them. I think recognition is the first step.

  3. Thank you for your comments! Today is a great day!!! ;D