Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Quickie.

   I only have a couple of minutes today and felt that I needed to leave a brief message.  Many people in the west seem to have the mistaken belief that when the Buddha said "Live life easy" that meant lay about and do nothing.

   Whether it is Christ, Buddha, Gandhi or any of the many great teachers, it is the stillness within that shows outwardly.  In other words.  "Live life easy." means to live life without struggling against it.  Jesus said "Do not kick against the pricks."  Same thing in essence.   Good work itself is it's own reward and there is much that can come from working thoughtfully or completely.

   One old Chinese chant was "Chopping wood, carrying water."  These were essential tasks in a pre-modern world. for sustaining everyday life.  The chant or saying is meant to convey that there can be great peace and even release in doing even the mundane well.

   Today I weeded a badly over grown sand pit that used to be where we had a swing set.  Although my arms may itch from the weeds, there is great peace from doing work and being present throughout.  Now on to other tasks and honey-do's!

Thank you for being,  thank you for your presence.  Peace and stillness within be yours.

Billy B


  1. This is so important to understand even though I am not even close to mastering it ... yet :)

  2. I love the peace that comes from doing a job well, and actually being able to SEE what you've done.

  3. "Life life easy." Great quote.

    BTW, I nominated this blog with the Versatile Blogger Award.

  4. Thank you! Thank you everyone for your comments and participation. I am very honored. ;D

  5. You have received an honorable mention award on my blog. Stop by to claim it.