Friday, October 28, 2011

One Bite at a Time.

   How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

   Personal progression is about doing and being as often as possible until you are and do without thought or methods required to remind you.

   Enlightened people, meaning people with a lot of presence in their everyday lives, got that way by being present in the first place and then repeating it more and more often until it is becomes, more or less, their predominate state of being.  I'm not talking enlightened masters, that  is something different and very rare.  I'm talking about everyday people like you and me, who have moved beyond the drama and found the joy within, that comes from living and being present most of the time.

   There are so many ways to look at this.  One of my favorite quotes does so from a bass-ackwards point of view.  "I became insane with long terrible intervals of sanity." Edgar Allen Poe.  I would agree with him in that what the world calls sanity can really be quite a dreaded and troublesome experience.  The more childlike I become the more those who know me might question my sanity, yet the more at peace and present I am.  Contradictions, I know.

   Part of this, I believe comes from not taking myself nearly so serious.  The less weight I put on the opinions and judgments of the mind, the free-er and more joyful my life.  After all, life is not personal.  The less personal I make it the more I am able to jump in and participate and enjoy without needing to demand certain outcomes or feel that the outcome reflects on me or my worth!

   This revelation is slow in coming for me, however the more it does, the greater my presence, peace and joy.  Most of all, the more love I am able to share with those around me.  (Even if they think me half-mad,  I believe they are finding me more tolerable as well.)

   May we all, find the space that is us in the everyday.  May joy fill your day to the point it overflows into the lives of others.  My you lose the desire to find yourself in things or actions.

  Great joy and peace unto you and to those who's presence you share this day!

Billy B




  1. Sanity is over-rated. I agree that spreading joy is important, too. I like to make those around me laugh.

  2. In one of my favorite CD's I listen to, there is a discussion on how someone at peace with their life is often times viewed as a fool. Funny how the "normal" world is so quick to discredit that which doesn't reinforce their self seriousness. LOL! Wow, to many big words. ;D

  3. I think not taking ourselves too seriously is a great point. If we allow ourselves to make mistakes and to do it the wrong way then we allow ourselves to also do things the right way.