Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting more than you imagined.

   A tweet inspired me today.  "You can be self centered and get what you want or you can be non-egocentric and get more than you imagined."

   I have been asked to give a short presentation to a group of Technologists today about how technology is no excuse for poor people skills.  As I have prepared for this little presentation, I realized that sometimes our poor people skills is caused by us listening to the wrong voice within.  Meaning that being self serving, (intentionally or unintentionally) we assume that others know what we are thinking or see things just as we do.

   You know what happens when we assume, we make an ....... out of "u" and "me".

   I agree that technology has become very important to us all whether we realize it or not.  The question is, do we allow it to complicate our lives or do we use it to allow us to focus on what matters most.

   There are people who will get attention because of what they will do for it and there are people who will get attention because of what they do.  Do we understand the true measure of intention?  Do we realize that the true rewards we receive is determined by our intentions?

   When self serving, we get our own reward immediately.  Just as Jesus said of those that pray on the street corners, they get exactly what they wanted.  Instant gratification in essence.  When we serve others with real intention (not simply as a hired hand or by obligation) then there are rewards that come from sources you could never access through self service.  Such as love, appreciation and loyalty, these are the rewards and blessings that come through selfless service.

   I am not perfect, nor would I suggest that I know more than anyone else.  I have learned from my own experiences that when we look beyond ourselves and seek the well being of others, our eyes are opened to a life that becomes a magical work of art that can stir the souls of men to even greater causes and greater good.   To put it another way, selfless service creates big picture thinking and big picture results.

   Who wouldn't want to be part of something bigger than themselves?

   May you find yourself in the service of others this day.  May you see the canvas of your life intermingled with the greater cause of humanity.

   Peace and Big Picture living for each and every one of you.

Billy B

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