Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where you are, who you are.

   There is a song from Nickelback "If today was your last day."  I have to admit that it stirs me on a deep level and never fails to make me think or feel that I should be doing more.

   Sometimes, without intention or desire, I feel so much of the despair of the world for the misguided efforts and mis-aligned behavior of humankind.  I know that I cannot by mere thought or simple deed correct all or most of these wrongs and injuries.  I know though, that the only way I know how to make a difference is to do what I can and not give up.  

   Perhaps by simply doing what I can each day, God will grant me just enough to touch the hearts of a few who might be able to touch the hearts of more and somehow make a difference on a bigger level.  I know that it is not my responsibility to change the world, only to do what I can.

   I wish I knew how to explain why I should feel obligated to help correct the mistakes of the past or to try and prevent the mistakes that are to come.  I am in no ways perfect yet, I have felt an amazing thrill, a rush, if you will when I see the lights come on it someone's eyes! When they consider something they haven't before or the horizons of their current perspective broaden!

  I know that when I was first expanding my own horizons on how I viewed others and the world it'self, it was so exiting I could not even put it into words.  How can I encourage others to look beyond themselves or their current perception?  So far, I have had the best results with love.  I do my sincerest to simply love and accept people as they are, who they are and where they are in their lives.  I do my best then to plant seeds and see if they grow.

  This is my rant today is perhaps me on my pitty pot.  I want to do more!  I desire with all my heart and everything I am to be a positive influence for mankind!  If I could do anything, it would be to soften the hearts of men towards their brothers and help them realize that when you judge another, you say more about the limits of your own perspective and soul than you ever will about them.

  I do ask that as you read my ramblings and rantings, that you do not take any of it personally.  That you consider I am as human as any of us and that my only wish is to have some positive impact when it's all said and done.  That I can come to the end of my time in this shell knowing, as Paul said, "I fought the good fight."

   Peace and love to all.  May you find purpose in your life and have every opportunity to fulfill it.

Billy B


  1. You say things in a very sensitive way that I don't think people will be offended by. This is your blog, don't be afraid to speak your mind! If people don't like it, then you didn't want to be blogger friends in the first place, trust me on this. Give it time and people will flock becasue they who you are as a person no need to apologize! I guess that's my rant for the day, lol!