Thursday, October 6, 2011


   Knowing your limits is sometimes just an excuse for not living your dreams.

   The pic above is from someone selling a boat on  We all need dreams. Without dreams, there is little else except fear that will motivate mankind.  Fear is a powerful motivator but, to what ends?

   Dreams can create things that no fear can imagine. What kind of motivation would you rather have?

   I will keep it short and sweet today.  You chose what your greatest motivators and and your greatest limiting factors in life are.  Your greatest limiting factors are not and will not be money or means, they will be your beliefs.  Life has proven time and time again that what you possess is potential, nothing more as everything else is just borrowed. For you truly own nothing except time and talent. What you do with it is determined by what you believe.

   What are your dreams?  How will they come true?  Do you "see" yourself living them?

   May you find hope in the new day.  May that hope create action.  May that action create confidence and conviction.  Then the only thing that can stop you, will be you.

With love and peace.

Billy B


  1. I actually already feel as if I am living my dreams. I think that is the first step to accomplishing everything I want to in life :)

  2. I love it! It's part of See, Do, Be. See yourself doing, Do what you see yourself doing, You will be what you see!