Saturday, October 1, 2011

Non Egocentric.

   I read, a lot!  I can't help it. The desire to learn and to view the world from other perspectives is unquenchable in me.  Cannot/would not change it.

   I'm reading a short book that a friend sent me. In it I found some very wise bits.  It talks about a man who asked everyone questions, questions about themselves, their perspective, their whys and most of all what could they do about it.  This person absolutely avoided "telling" anyone anything.  He is known in the book as a very wise teacher.

   The more I read, the more this rings true.  have you ever met someone who is so good at making it all about you? Or, making it all about whom ever they meet?  I am beginning to "see" this finally.  After years of reading it and trying to do this in conversation and greetings, it is starting to be, instead of just being known.

   How do we make it all about someone else when we meet them?  I know the practices, ask questions, listen, remember names (still a very hard thing for me, just doesn't come easy to remember names) yet it is more than just the acts or rituals that make it really happen.  So what is the key ingredient to this recipe of success?

  I can only make a few recommendations as I am not yet a master of such things.  I do believe very strongly that if I can master one basic principle that the rest will just fall into place.  The principle of genuine heart felt interest and curiosity for anyone you meet.  Not just as to what, more as to who.  What makes this individual so unique and incredible that God wants them here?  What makes them tick and what is the gift they were given to bless the lives of others?  How do they see the world?

  Finding these questions in your own heart each time you meet a new person or anyone, even if you have met them a thousand times before, is a real paradigm shift from how we are raised.  For some reason we are trained from youth to be self centered, not intentionally I believe.  Just because that is how the majority lives.

  Breaking the mold, not always easy and in this case the rewards are greater than we can ever imagine. Anyone I have met that has done it, lives a truly blessed and amazing life with opportunities that do not come from egocentric paradigms.

   May you meet someone today that just sparks your curiosity and interest.  May you find great joy in doing so.  The world will change, blessings will come for you and all involved.

  Love for your hearts and strength for your souls.

Billy B

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