Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Obsessive Compulsive Searching

   I wonder how often we get caught up in Obsessive Compulsive Searching.  Meaning, are we doing things out of the habit of searching for more, grasping for something extra or the need to maintain a certain air or recognition.

   It has occurred to me that in the past, a good portion of my self image has been based on what I can do, accomplish or obtain.  When I was worked for the dealerships, there was a lot of self confidence necessary to be  one of the top sales people.  Acting the part, if you wish.

   Strangely, there are those rare souls that seem to be able to do what is needed without the need to be recognized, to receive compensation forwhat is done or as the Tao Te Ching puts it, "to create without possessing."

   As a species it seems that we are programmed to always be searching or striving for something.  I am not saying that it is all bad.  I do wonder if we don't miss the mark in striving for striving's sake.  Are we trying to "find" ourselves in accomplishment?  Self image seems to be a very powerful thing, especially if you feel you need to understand who or what you are to define "self".

   I have been listening again to one of my favorite CD sets from Eckhart Tolle, Findhorn Retreat.  He talks about accepting the stillness that already is within us.  That it cannot be "found", it's there already, we just can't perceive it because of the noise of thinking.  Makes sense.  One of the noises we may have to deal with is the need to strive, accomplish, acquire or be something more than we are already.

   Perhaps that is why I have less inclination to strive for "things" vs just evolving (although this is something I still have to deal with regularly).  As with my last entry.  It's not being lazy, it's living easy, not being in contention with life it'self.

   The creation of real enduring value is my purpose, my personal mission statement.  With this in mind, then perhaps this explains why I am so focused on perspective, doing and being instead of labels and accomplishments.  No title has ever rewarded me with peace, no check has given me love.

   I have no clue where I heard it however it has stuck with me.  "Compassion is the ability to see oneself in others."

   This perspective, this statement feels like it could easily disarm the need to justify oneself, the need to pursue endless searching for "something."  I am not saying there is error in doing, achieving or accomplishing.  I am suggesting that real meaning and rewards come not in what we do, they come in why we do what we do.

   May we feel at ease in our own skin this day.  May we put others at ease with who they are by accepting them as they are without judgement or preconception of who they should be.  To let others be as they are, perhaps they will find joy of being as well.

Peace and stillness to you and yours.

Billy B


  1. I think this is so important to look at the Whys. I agree that as we strive to better ourselves it is important to stop for a moment and just enjoy who we are at this moment. It is that saying that goes something like enjoy the ride while your getting to the destination.

  2. It's more fun to be a participant than just a passenger. Yes. Thank you for your comment and the visit!

  3. I totally agree with you. After spending the better part of my adult life in a hurry to get something or somewhere, I have finally realized that being in the moment is where the treasure lies. Great blog!

  4. Thank you! I appreciate it very much.

  5. The whole 'Joy is in the Journey' thing. If your constantly searching, you will probably miss the meaning to your life. Be in the moment. Enjoy all the pain and sorrow along with the joy and redemption.

    "Life is not tried, it is merely survived, if your standing outside the fire."-Garth Brooks

    Get in there and burn. Enjoy your perspective!

  6. I like what you said about WHY we are doing it. Life isn't worth it if we are always trying for the end goal. We should enjoy the moment we are in.

  7. The why's really are the key to life. I also can appreciate how some the best poems are bound to music. The music can give them even more to touch the heart! Blogging has turned out to be so rewarding!!! ;D

  8. Thank you very much Billy for your post, extremely interesting and thought provoking. I truly believe that if we try to live life for the external circumstances that we may come across, or simply for the rewards we may receive, or for the pursuit of fame, wealth, position or even reputation...we are definitely missing the boat by a long shot!!!! Everything that we human beings have to live successful and accomplished lives is already within us, it is just a matter of displaying it, bringing it out and sharing it with others. We are all Diamonds in the Rough, and as we continue to polish ourselves more and more, we will shine brighter every day, and our luminosity will certainly impact the life of many in this world. The secret to a successful and fulfilling life is not to conform to existing patterns of behaviors, or to do what others tell us, or to fit with the majority and go along with the crowds.......but follow your own heart's desire, to be very much in tune with your heart, for who we truly are is found in our own hearts. "Do what you love and love what you do" is a great statement and 100% true, let us follow it every day. Remember that when we do what we love and follow our hearts, then our lives will have true meaning and we will find our true purpose for being here!!!!

  9. Hello, I just realized that my profile picture has my head completely removed. I hope it is fixed.