Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Choose your Temptations Wisely.

   In life there can always be distractions.  Some pleasant and some not.  The difference is hard to tell. yet in the end we do get to choose what distractions we entertain with our attention and thoughts.

   For me there is always sailing.  It fascinates me.  I truly wish I could devote more time to it and not compromise the responsibilities that I have accepted/created.  It is also very easy for me to disappear into a good read and not surface again for a whole day or night.

   Although both of these can be very productive as sailing provides me with some of the greatest recreational  joy and release I have ever found, so a good book can help me to expand my perspectives, understanding and knowledge, there is also the possibility of trying to lose myself in these activities as well.  More precisely, escapism.  I know that it can be good to get away a little bit however, anything can be taken to far and then we compromise living for immersion (hiding) in some distraction or imaginary life that is not our own.

   Who doesn't enjoy some type of recreational activity, be it sitting around a firepit with friends or family, bowling, biking or whatever?  Does it mean that this is the only way that we can live?  Some might call it working to live.  I would suggest the we should be able to live life while performing any of the tasks or activities we need to participate in.  As in the last blog entry, "carrying water, chopping wood."  Even the mundane can be rewarding and still get our full attention and presence.

   So far I have only mentioned the good and not usually destructive distractions that are available to us.  We all understand that there are distractions that assault us and have no positive effects or outcomes.  We don't need to go into that here.  I try to keep things as positive as possible here.  Should you have a problem with one of these, I recommend you seek help to overcome such things, you only will when you want to.

   In one sense or another the understanding that life must have balance exists within each of us.  Only we are capable of determining what that balance is.  I spent years being a workaholic so for me recreation is becoming more important all the time.  Sadly, I know that I still have much room to grow in this area as I spend way to much time at work.  This blog is in fact here for you to read because I felt the need to start growing skills and opportunities to find a way to live my life more on purpose and still be able to provide for my family's financial needs.

   It is my sincere desire that each one of us find the balance between what is critical to a quality life and critical to sustaining the physical and emotional needs of ourselves and our families.  By doing so, I wish you peace, joy and communion with the ones that you love.

   May you share love with those around you.  May you find purpose in your activities and intentions this day.  May others be inspired by the joy that permeates your presence.

Peace and great living to you all.

Billy B


  1. Nice post. Trying to do exactly that today. See my post on

  2. I think this is an excellent thought about how we should just live as opposed to working to live. This is an interesting thought that I will ponder on. Escapism has its place but when taken to far it can destroy our lives.