Sunday, October 2, 2011

   Time for just a couple of pictures tonite.  I have been taking all of the scenery pics you see on the blog.  Nature amazes me and inspires me.  I feel very small when I view the sky most of the time.  It helps me to realize that though I am like a grain of sand in the big picture, my value, my purpose is no less significant than anyone  of the clouds, the mountains or the water that fills my lens.
   I hope you like them.  Not bad considering they have all been taken with a cellphone. I am lucky to live is a place of beautiful skies and marvelous horizons.  I think we all are blessed.  Just as the sky inspires me, so does the desert.  I will have pics of the surrounding desert soon.  The ocean, in fact, just about any of the many places you can think of, nature motivates me, stuns me and stirs me.

   Today, I had the priviledge of spending time with some good friends that I do not get to see very often and they took me to a movie that I would have never chosen on my own, yet it was a magnificent show. Sometimes was appears to be true simply is not.  We watched Money Ball, I thought it was going to be about baseball. I was wrong. Baseball is just the backdrop or the location, if you will for the real story.  Personal growth and having the courage to look beyond was is the "status quo" is the real story.  I recommend it.

   Being alive does not take much courage or effort. Living on the other hand, demands it.

   May you find peace in smallness, may you find strength is your own insignificance.

Billy B