Friday, October 14, 2011

Brotherly Love

   There has always been something about an image that shows peace and tranquility that stirs me.  Something deep down feels connected with these two things.  I wish I could share that feeling with all who would listen.  

   A feeling that has become more prevalent in society, as a general rule, is how often we forget that each person is not the same as us and does not seen things just as we do.  Meaning, when we forget to consider another's viewpoint, we segregate ourselves from the power and presence of brotherly love and the connections with others that makes life so enjoyable to participate in.  Such as sharing, appreciation, love,  personal connections and communion with our fellow beings.

   When will we, as a people, give up the need to feel important and focus on making others feel important?  In my opinion, most of the challenges that our country is facing right now and all of the division in our government  is caused because we as a people have forgotten to love our brother as ourselves.  The golden rule in it's most basic form.  How often, as a people have we chosen self service over service to others.  This is a general statement and not aimed at anyone individual, not even our politicians because they are just a reflection of our our country's current attitudes and perceptions.  When we as a people change, so will they.  When we as a people let go of our ego and the need to feel justified then will our society as a whole begin to become a real world power for good, again.

   Some might see this as a political statement or entry for my blog. I would suggest otherwise.  It's really about perspective.  About how we view the world and our value scale for those around us or even those we may not be able to see.  Knowing how important and what a miracle each one of us is, gives perspective that increases the expression of brotherly love.  I believe, that when we doubt or have fears about our own self worth then we become self serving because we lose perspective, the big picture is no longer in view.

   So, the question becomes, how to we bring big picture thinking back into view or restore our non-egocentric perspective?  I personally like meditation or reading materials that inspire me to be more than just an individual.  During the Blog Hop this month I am giving away a copy of the Tao Te Ching, one of the oldest and most influential documents of human history and very much focused on having a social conscience.  It is both poetry and spiritual instruction.  (Not using the words religious instruction as it works with all faiths and spiritual belief systems.)  Such sources or your own preferred methods and practices that allow one to re-center ourselves, IE; "Get out of your head and into your heart."  grants us the peace to accept ourselves and others as we are.

   It is my sincere wish that we will all accept everyone around us spiritual beings and not as labels.  That each one of us will know peace that comes from the core and is a wellspring of goodwill and brotherly love.

   May you see "brothers" today where before you saw "others".  May peace bloom in the garden of your life.

Peace of soul and mind to all,

Billy B


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