Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life without Judgment.

   It is not ours to judge this day either good or bad. It is ours to live this day to the fullest!  

   Understanding what a Self Evident Life is, means that we accept that we do not need to justify ourselves, our lives, our situations and circumstances.  All we "need" to do is live.  Live it to the fullest!  Make the most of it and by accepting the day as it is (meaning that by judging it we cannot make it a different day or prevent it from being).  The day waits for no man.

   God or Creation did not create this day so that we might judge it, define it or even to label it.  It is and we are in the midst of it.  All that is asked of us is to be a participant or co-creator of the day.  Let's see what we can make of it!

   In other words, instead of taking life personal, make it the biggest and best adventure you can! To get the most out of it, make it an adventure about helping someone or creating real value for others.  You will be amazed at the rewards and blessings that flow to you naturally for doing it!

   I cannot tell you how to live your life or for what purpose you were given your gifts, talents and personality.  I can tell you that you were born to live!  That by living life and accepting as it is, you win!  We win!  The whole of creation wins!!!

   Be wary of judgment, when you judge someone it most often will say more about you than it ever will about the one you are judging.  This would also go for how you judge the day.

   May you live a great day!  May you share this marvelous experience with others!  Do not forget to include the ones you love it this great day.

Peace and love from the very foundation of who I am.

Billy B